Parts List

1000 Machine Shop Work
10002 Cylinder Evaluation – Non-Repairable
10003 Service call for hydraulic system evaluation and repair
11001 Providing service to ensure a Saftronic Variable Frequency Drive was approved by the City of Wichita Falls for Pump Replacement project. Meetings with City engineers over project for site location and application requirements.
2001 Engineering Services
A50P60-4 Semicond. Fuse, 500 VAC, 60 Amp, 0.81′ OD, 3.19′ L #A50P60-4
Cut off Charge Cut off Charge
Drive Repair Repair and evaluation of VFD
Drive Service Call Drive Service Call
Drive Start-up Drive Start-up
Test Bench Set Up Test Bench Set Up(wiring, connecting motors to inverters)
water jet water jet holes added to boxes
#40 C/L #40 roller chain connecting link
457738 4/2 way , electropneumatic/air spring & mechanical spring, flow control. 24vDC
1/4×1-1/2 Washer Plated Steel, 1/4×1-1/2
1001 Hose Assy 1′ x 15′ w/NPT ends Wingfoot
1001101-12 Wire 12 Ga stranded Blk
1002-1 Hose Assy 1.5′ x 20′ w/NPT ends
1003 Hose Assy 2′ x 4′ w/ NPT ends (suction/discharge)
1004 Hose Assy 3′ x 20 w/NPT end & female camlock
100B-9 Sprocket Sprocket 100B-9 stock bore
100B09 Sprocket 100B-9 bore 1.563 w/.375 Kwy
100BS9H X1 SHEAVE #100BS9H X1
100R126FS Hose Assembly 1.5 in with female swivel ends, 26 inches OAL
100R152FS Hose Assembly 1.5 in with female swivel ends, 52 inches OAL
101D-254A case, -30-0 psi, unfilled, 2.5′ pressure gauge
102D158F Pressure Gauge 1-1/2′ Dia BC Dry, 1/8 NPT, 0-160 psi Stainless/Brass
10T5-2305 Timing Belt usp #10T5-2305
110090 Electric Motor 2 Hp 1800 RPM, 230 VAC 1-phase, TEFC #110090
112361 OTECO Gate Valve Model 72, 2′ Threaded Subs #112361
115 / 230 TEFC Electric Motor 2 HP 115/230 TEFC 1-phase
1168-04 Poly tube fitting
1186-2×6 2.3 Band Clamps 1186-2×6
1186-2×8 Band Clamps 1186-2×6
1186-4×8 Band Clamp 1186-4×8
1186-4×8 4.4 Band Clamp 1186-4×8
1186-6×6 6.5 Band Clamp 1186-6×6
1186-6×8 Band Clamp 1186-6×8
1186FCx12x6 Band Clamp full circle
1186x12x6 Band Clamp
1212 Anti-Seaze Bond-Loc 1 Lb
12331MKLL 120VAC/2HP 9240VAC/1HP0 VFD, FINCOR #12331MKLL
128857 Dodge Bearing, Part# FC-DLM-107, 1 7/16′
13-399891 Brushes DC Motor
130-56T-BP Kimray 1′ Back Pressure valve
13501292 Brushes DC Motor
137XU 4′ Flange Horizontal swing check valve 4′ flange 137XU
137XU 6′ Flange Horizontal swing check valve 6′ flange 137XU
143-04-D-BE Butterfly Valve Iron Lug Body 4′ Locking Handle
143-06-BE Butterfly Valve Iron Lug Body 6′ Locking Handle
14DP32A*81 27A SIEMENS STARTER #14DP32A*81
152880-2 AIRFLOW SENSOR #152880-2
16T5-0690 Timing Belt Metric 16mm #T5-0690
1826 Box heater hose 5/8 x 50 ft
1827 Box heater hose 3/4 x 50 ft
1922V751 V Belt Variable Speed #1922V751
196672 Drive Isolation Transformer
1AVL34 Variable Pitch Sheave 1-Groove 3′ Dia 5/8 Bore #1AVL34-5/8
1AVP34 Variable Pitch Pulley 3/4 Bore 1-groove\n#1AVP34
1B70SDS AMEC 1 Groove A/B 6.6 #1B70SDS
1VP34 Variable Pitch Pulley 3/4 bore
1VP50 5/8 Sheave Variable Pitch Dia 5/8 Type B
1VP50 7/8 Sheave Variable Pitch 4.75 Dia 7/8 Type B
2/3V2.65JA 2 Groove Sheave 2.65′ Dia
2/3V5.3SH 2 Groove 3V5.0SH Sheave
200-1CX101200-1CX CHAIN #200-1CX101200-1CX
201L-254P 2 1/2′ 0/3000 1/4’LM LF #201L-254P
201L-404CC Compound Pressure Gauge 4′ Dia -30 to +30 psi, #201L-404CC Liquid Filled 1/4′
202L-254F 2-1/2 Dia pressure gauge 0-160 psi, liquid filled, CBM #202L-254F
202L-404CC -30 +30 psi liquid filled pressure gauges 4′ diameter panel mount with center back mount stainless steel case with
2030X8 Tube Fitting 2030 X 8 1/2′
22072RSIKC3 Tapered Double Sealed Bearing SKF 22072RSIKC3
2207K2RS Bearing Sleeves SKF #2207K2RS
2305-T5-15 Kevlar 2305 mm Timing Belt Urethan/Kelvar endless
230XL037G 1/5 Timing Belt 1/5 Pitch
2331-P1 DC Drive 1/2 HP 115 VAC Non-Regen
2331MK11 DC Drive 1/2 HP 115 VAC Non-Regen #2331MK11
23V4.12 23V4.12 SH QD Sheave
240DL037 Timing Belt double sided
240DXL037 double sided timing belt
240XL037 double sided belt timing
2520 T & B 1/2.1T & B 1/2.125-250 Cord Conn (25/100) #2520
257-000-020 rotary union 3/4 npt water service
2570×1 Gate valve 1′ Threaded conventional port P/N#2570
25T5-2120 Metric Positive Drive Belt 2575-2120
25T5-2120USP Metric Positive Drive Belt 25T5-2120USP
25T5-700 Metric Positive Drive Belt 25T5-700
25W1005 H 02L 0-15PSI 1/4′ NPT GAUGE #25W1005 H 02L
285L050G 3/8 Timing Belt 3/8
2A10.6SK 2 groove sheave10.6 dia shaft
2B110 Driven Pulley
2B12.4 2B12.4
2B154SK Sheave 2-groove 15.4 SK
2B184SK Sheave 2-groove 18.4′ Dia A/B Combination #2B184SK
2B3.6 Sheave 2-Groove3.6′ Dia #2B3.6
2B4.0SH 2 Groove 4.0′ dia sheave
2B4.2SH Sheave 2-Groove 4.2′ dia
2B4.6 2-Groove Sheave 4.6′ dia #2B4.6
2B44SH Sheave # 2B44SH
2B48SDS 2 Groove Sheave 4.8′ Dia #2B48SDS
2B5.0SDS 2-Groove Sheave 5.0 dia. # 2B5.0SDS
2B5.2SDS Heavy Duty QD Sheave, 2 groove, 4.80 diameter, solid
2b5.6SDS 2 Groove 5.6′ dia
2B54SDS Sheave 2-groove 5.4 SDS
2B56 Driver Pulley
2B58SDS 2 Groove Sheave SDS Bushing 5.8′ Dia ‘B Series’ #2B58SDS
2b6.0 QD Sheave 2 Groove 6.2 Dia #2B6.0
2B6.2SDS QD Sheave 2 Groove 6.2 Dia #2B6.2SDS
2B6.4SDS Heavy Duty QD Sheave, 2 groove, 6.0 diameter, web
2B6.6SDS Heavy Duty QD Sheave, 2 groove, 6.2 diameter #2B6.6SDS
2B6.8SDS Sheave 6.8′ dia #2B68SDS
2B7.0 Heavy Duty QD Sheave 2 Groove 7.0′ Dia A-B Combination #2B7.0SDS
2b8.6SK 2 Groove 8.6′ dia
2B9.4 Sheave 2-Groove 9.4′ dia
2C16.0SF 2 Groove sheave with a 16.0′ diameter #2C16.0SF
2LD x1/8′ orifice Armstrong traps w/ 1/8′ orifice
2W818 enclosure NEMA 1 16 Ga
2W821 enclosure inner panel
3-B51 V-Belt #3-B51
3/3v5.0SDS Sheave 3 Groove 3V Series 5.0′ Dia SDS Hub #3/3v5.0SDS
3/3v6.5 Sheave 3 Groove 3V Series 6.5′ Dia Hub #3/3v6.5
300H100G 1/2 Timing Belt 1/2 Pitch
301L-402R 0-5000PSI 1/2′ NPT GAUGE #301L-402R
302DFW-254E 2 1/2′ dia 1/4 bottom port stainless steel 0-100 psi, 302DFW-254E
32-BLK-2208-69L Air Valve 1/8′ #32-BLK-2208-69L
32DZ5153 Controller 32DZ5153
3326V478 Variable speed drive #3326V478
345LO50G 3/8 Timing Belt 3/8 Pitch
35BS12X3/4 SHEAVE #35BS12X3/4
35BS12X5/8 SHEAVE #35BS12X5/8
35BS16X1 SHEAVE #35BS16X1
35BS20X5/8 SHEAVE #35BS20X5/8
367L050 Bando positive drive timing belt #367L050
37FN3002A01 Motor Fan for 20 Hp 460v motor
3B8.0 Sheave 3B8.0
3C10.5E 3-Groove Sheave 10.5′ dia
3C24.0E 3-Groove Sheave 24.0′ Dia,#3C240E
3L240 Dura Flex GL FHP
3PK760 Cam Shaft Belt 3PK760
3RT1015-18B01 Contractor, electric, 7 amp, 24 volt DC coil, Siemens #3RT1015-18B01
3RT1016-1AK61 Contractor electric 9 amp, 120 volt coil Siemens #3RT1016-1AK61
3RT1325-1AK60 Coil
3RU1126-4CB0 Overload, 17-22 range, 3RU1126-4CB0
3SB3500-2AP11 2-Position Selector Switch maintained
4-5VX800 Power Ace Cog Combo 4 Rib V-Belt #4-5VX800
4-8V1250 Power Ace Cog Combo 4 Rib V-Belt #4-8V1250
400OHDLUBE 400 Over Head Door lube, spray can
40×240 chain #40×240
414466RG15020 Standard port carbon Steel SVF ball valves
4578 14M 170 XA Positive Drive Timing Belt with Kelvar cords #4578 14M 170 XA
46182712-001 Honeywell Ribbon Cartridge for Honeywell Chart Recorder #46182712-001
48L100 Timing Belt Pulley 48 tooth
4B8.0 Sheave 4B8.0
4C10.5E 4-Groove Sheave 10.5′ Dia, #4C105E
4L220 Duraflex GL FHP V-Belt #4L220
4L230 Duraflex GL FHP V-Belt #4L230
4L240 Duraflex GL FHP V-Belt #4L240
4L280 Duraflex GL FHP V Belt #4L280
4L290 Duraflex GL FHP V-belt #4L290
4L360 Duraflex GL FHP V Belt #4L360
4UJE4 aftercooler,1/3 HP
4WX97 Timer face plate
4ZM13 Air Regulator 1/4′ NPT
50-1RCL Connecting Link for #50 Roller Chain #50RCL-1
50110 Baldwin Filter #BF971
50B12Fx1-1/4 Sprocket Finished Bore #50 Chain 12 Tooth Bore 1-1/4′ Type B #50B12Fx1-1/4
50B12Fx3/4 Sprocket Finished Bore #50 Chain 12 Tooth Bore 3/4′ Type B #50B12Fx3/4
50B24Fx1-1/4 Sprocket Finished Bore #50 Chain 24 Tooth Bore 1-1/4′ Type B #50B24Sx1-1/4′
50B40Sx1-1/4 Sprocket Finished Bore #50 Chain 40 Tooth Bore 1-1/4′ Type B #50B40Sx1-1/4
53042RS dbl. row bearing
53052RS Double Row Bearing #5305-2RS
5412 ESFRS080804 Fiberglass enclosure (8.5×8.5×4.125)\nscrew cover, Nema 4X
5412ESFRH121005 Eurobex NEMA 4X Fiberglass Enclosure Hinged 12 x 10 x 5 #5412ESFRH121005
568-117 901 BUNA ORING SAMPLES #568-117
5A050 box square
5L380 Duraflex GL FHP V-belt #5L380
5L410 Duraflex GL FHP V Belt #5L410
5PK1110 Belt #5PK1110
5WG93 Pressure Gauge 160 PSI 1/8′ CBM
6/B74SF 6 Groove Sheave 7.4 Dia Type B #6/B74
600L050U Bando positive drive urethane belt, 0.75 width, 0.375 Pitch Dia.
601X8 Tube Fitting 601 X 8 1/2′
60BS10x1 #60BS10x1
60BS12H X 1-3/8 SHEAVE #60BS12H X 1-3/8
60M2L040A0100 Air Cylinder 60M2L040A0100
6202-Z Bearing #6202-Z
626-10-CH-F Pressure Transmitter
626-30-GH-P1-E1 Pressure Transducer 5′ Hg-0′ 0-10vDC
63042RS Bearing Single Row,Radial Gulf #63042RS
63052RSC3 Koyo Ball Bearing # 6305-2RSC3
63272 band clamps
63380 band clamp 18-20
634ES-4 Adj Pressure Transmitter Factory 4-20mA output
675 Clamp 675 2-bolt hose clamp
6C717 Enclosure
6C757 Hole seal oil tight
6EP1331-1SH03 S 100-240Vac, 1.3MP, 24Vdc Power Supply
6EP13311SH02 24 VDC Siemens Power Supply 1.3 Amp, 100-240 Vac input, 24 VDC output #6EP13311SH02
6PY50 timer interval 120 Vac
75D73070H Contactor, Magnetic, Siemens 480 Volt # 75D73070H
80-1Rx10ft. Roller chain Riveted, single strand, #80-1R.
80-226441 Brushes DC Motor
80-316242 Brushes DC Motor
80-317521 Brushes DC Motor
80-3rx 10ft Roller chain Riveted, triple strand, #80-rx, 10 ft length.
80-9 Sprockets Sprocket 80-9 Bore 1.563 w/.75 Kwy
800TJ20 Allen Bradley Switch # 800TJ20
8215G30 Valve soleniod
8262G22 ASCO 1/4′ 2 WAY N/C VALVE #8262G22
8330060 Transformer 120v Prim 24 v Secondary 1 phase 40 va #8330060
840-001 AC Tech remote keypad with panel mounting bezel (NEMA 4) #840-001
841-003 Dynamic Resistor 2 Hp 240 Vac
842-001 Dynamic Braking Board 240 Vac 2 Hp
844-001 VFD din rail mounting bracket
844-200 SCM/SCL Series Remote Keypad Operator Interface #844-200
89 #89 Magnetek electric motor
9035018TF1 DC Motor 1/2 HP 1800 RMP 56C frame RINCOR
8/6/9315 Fitting SAE 1/2 x 3/8
9BF1J2E0 Pump Cent with 5 Hp Motor 208/230/460
A112-718NI LMI metering pump
A16148CH 16x14x8
A25P-HL-300 2.5′ 0-330PSI High Pressure Kill, poly
A25T-350-10ft temp Kill thermocouple type-J, 160ft lead, poly
A58 Power King MULTI #A58
AAAQ1024-1 Exhaust Arm Flexible 14 Ft
AAAQ1024-2 Fans for Exhaust Arms
AAMA3535 Red Lion Signal Conditioner
AC20-N02-3CZ SMC 3-way Solenoid Valve 12 VDC, 1/4′ NPT N.O. Orifice 1.5 mm, P/N# AC20-N02-3CZ
AGECON-A Custom Designed Sun Shield
AK28 Sheave with 7/8′ Bore #AK28
ALFD29911N-G-120V IDEC Push Button, Illuminated Green, 30 mm, 120 volt #ALFD29911N-G-120V
APLSP6B0 Red Lion Read Out Display Panel
ASD33L20N IDEC Selector Switch 3 position, spring center, lever, 30 mm 2 no contacts #ASD33L20N
AT1-18-56C Electric Motor 1 HP 230/460 TEFC 3-phase c-face
AT12-18-56CB Electric Motor 1/2 Hp, 230/460, 1800 rpm, 3-phase, 56C, TEFC #AT12-18-56CB
AT13-18-56CB Electric Motor 1/3 Hp, 230/460, 1800 rpm, 3-phase, 56C, TEFC #AT13-18-56CB
AT2-18-56C Electric Motor 2 HP 230/460 TEFC AT2-18-56C
B050MBT 713 RK 208/230/460 Volt, 115/24V Sec., Contin. 50VA Transformer P/N B050MBT 713 RK
B100MBT713RK 100VA 208/230/460-120-24 # B100MBT713RK
B204LB100 0-100 PSI GAUGE #B204LB100
B22-BZS-T1-01 Name Plate ‘Stop’ for round 22mm
B22-BZS-T1-02 Name Plate ‘Start’ for round 22mm
B22-BZS-T1-61 Name Plate ‘HOA’ for 22mm
B22-BZS-T1-88 Name Plate ‘On Off’ for 22 mm
B37 Baldwin Filter #B37
B84466ATSE10 Steel threaded full port
BEV6666RTSE SVF 1′ NPT Stainless Steel Ball Valve
BH2L22R gear motor
BHFW18R-010TF2 Brother Gear Motor #BHFW18R-010TF2
BMD-GG Pushbutton Green 22mm BMD-55
BMD-GR Pushbutton Red 22mm BMD-GR
BMK-1S Selector Switch 2-position 22mm
BMK-3S Selector Switch 3-position 22mm Maintained #BMK-3S
BSK-1S-10 Switch BSK-1S-10
BSK-3S-11 Switch #BSK-3S-11
BT367-S Baldwin Filter #BT367-S
BUSHINGS:E 1-1/2 E QD Bushing #E 1-1/2
BUSHINGS:E 2-1/4 E QD Bushing #E 2-1/4
BUSHINGS:JA 1-1/8 JA QD Bushing #JA 1-1/8
BUSHINGS:SD-5/8 SD QD Bushing #SD 5/8
BUSHINGS:SDS 1-1/4 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 1-1/4
BUSHINGS:SDS 1-1/8 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 1-1/8
BUSHINGS:SDS 1-3/8 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 1-3/8
BUSHINGS:SDS 1-5/8 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 1-5/8
BUSHINGS:SDS 1-7/8 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 1-7/8
BUSHINGS:SDS 3/4 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 3/4
BUSHINGS:SDS 7/8 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 7/8
BUSHINGS:SF 1-1/2 SF QD Bushing #SF 1-1/2
BUSHINGS:SH-5/8 SH QD Bushing #SH 5/8
BUSHINGS:SH 1-1/4 SH QD Bushing #SH 1-1/4
BUSHINGS:SH 1-3/8 SH QD Bushing #SH 1-3/8
BUSHINGS:SH 1 1/8 SH QD Bushing #SH 1-1/8
BUSHINGS:SH 7/8 SH QD Bushing #SH 7/8
BUSHINGS:SK 1-1/2 SK QD Bushing #SK 1-1/2
BUSHINGS:SK 1-1/4 SK QD Bushing #SK 1- 1/4
BUSHINGS:SK 1-15/16 SK QD Bushing #SK 1-15/16
BUSHINGS:SK 1-3/8 SK QD Bushing #SK 1-3/8
BUSHINGS:SK 1-7/8 SK QD Bushing SK 1-7/8
BUSHINGS:SK 1 1/8 SK QD Bushing #SK 1-1/8
BUSHINGS:SK 7/8 SK QD Bushing #SK 7/8
BV2M102 Blk. Stl. Ball Valve, 1/2′, 250 PSI
BV2M103 Blk. Stl. Ball Valve, 3/4′, 250 PSI
BV2M104 Bak. Stl ball Valve, 1′, 250 PSI
BV2M107 Blk. Stl. Ball valve, 2′, 250 PSI
BX-85 V-Belt #BX-85
BX80 V belt
BZU-33 Name Plate ‘On Off’ B30-BZU-33
CA-27140-2 Hose Assy 1′ x 36′ Stainless Steel male NPT
CA-271410-2 Hose Assembly 1′ x 36′ Stainless Steel male NPT
CA-271410-6 Hose Assy 3′ x 24′ Stainless Steel male NPT
CA-271414-4 Hose Assy 1′ x 48′ Stainless Steel male NPT
ca288423-1 hose assembly
CB40A3PC Mini Circuit Breaker, 40Amp, 3 Pole, ‘C’ Trip P/N CB40A3PC
CK-5 Hose repair kit
COAX-2750 Heat pump / condenser coil Trombone
COC Cutoff charge for rail
D-117 Fasco motor blower
DC 2023 Coupler female 1/4 x 3/8 NPT DC 2023
DC 2044 Coupling – Female 1/4 x 3/8 Hose Barb DC 2044
DCP 2103 Coupling Male 1/4 x 3/8 NPT DCP 2103
DCP 2144 Coupling Male 1/4 x 3/8 Hose Barb DCP 2144
DSI37XUF Gate Valve 6′ Flanged #150 DSI37XUF Carbon Steel
E D05-3BE 1SDRG EEC Main Disconnect, Front Panel,1 Padlock, Rated Current 16 Amps, Red/Yellow operator handle. #E D05-3BE 1SDRG
E91SULC10 Mini Circuit Breaker 10 Amp 1-pole, #E91SULC10
E91SULC25 Mini Circuit Breaker 25 Amp, 1 Pole #E91SULC25
ED3-3BE-3SD-RG EEC Disconnect 63A, 460vAC, 3P, P/N#ED3-3BE-3SD-RG
ED3-3BE-S4-RG Enclosed disconnect Series D S4 # ED3-3BE-S4-RG
EEPM1RA Lenze EPM Programmer #EEPM1RA
EEPM2BA Lenze EPM Module Pack Gray #EEPM2BA
Ell-100-300lbs 1′ 90deg, 300 lbs, malleable iron
Ell-75-300lbs 3/4′ 90deg, 300 lbs, malleable iron
ERS-26 Warner Electric holding brake, 24vDC, 17.6 W
ESV751N015XB SMVector Drive, 1 Hp, 120/240 1-phase #ESV751N015XB
Fan37 Yaskawa fan
FC4A-C24R2 I DEC Micro Smart PLC 100-240V AC 24 I/O FC4A-C24R2
FC4A-L03A1 out 0-10vDC 4-20mA Analog IN/OUT module
FC4A-PT1 I DEC Clock Module #FC4A-PT1
FJ361-A24208-F Electric Control Enclosure w/ fused disconnect 30 amp, 600 volt, FJ361-A24208-F
FL1B-M08C2R2 110/240VAC/DC, 41/40 Relay Out
FL1E-B12RCA Idec Smart Relay, 24VAC/DC, 8 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs.
G3LC22-015L Gearmotor 15: 1 1/2 Hp 230 Vac
GC620 DIXON 0-160PSI GAUGE #GC620\n
GRP207-20 D-LOC Pillow Block Bearing 1.25 # 207-1.25\n
GRP208-24 D-LOC Pillow Block Bearing 1.5 #208-1.5
GV-BX110DV GV-H.264 IP Camera 1.3M, Box D/N(with Varifocal lens)
H307C-30MM 30 MM Bearing Sleeves
HA1L-M1C58-G #HA1L-M1C58-G
HDR325-60/1-145TC-1 74 WWE SPEED REDUCER #HDR325-60/1-145TC-1 74
HFUF6x40 Suction Hose 6′ x 40′
HN14 Steel hex nut (50 ct. bag)
Hose Assembly Hose assembly 1/4 x 100 ft npt ends
HSUP.6 Green Suction Hose, 6′ x 20′, PVC
HSW-75200 Air & Water Hose, Red Rubber 200 PSI, 3/4′ I.D. #HSW-75200
HTWR014 Twinline hose 1/4 x 100 ft
HW-F01 IDEC contact block NC #HW-f01
HW-F10 IDEC Contact Block NO #HW-F10
HW1A-L1-G IDEC pushbutton color cap Green #HW1A-L1_g
HW1A-L1-S IDEC Pushbutton color cap, Blue #HW1A-L1-S
HW4B-M1-B IDEC Pushbutton momentary black flush #HW4B-M1-B
HW4B-M1F10-R IDEC Pushbutton, Non-Illuminated, Red, Metal Bezel, Momentary, 1 NO, #HW4B-M1F10-R
HW4B-Y2R IDEC Pushbutton, momentary black flush #HW4B-Y2R
HW4L-M1F10-QD-G-120 IDEC Pushbutton, Illuminated, Green, Flush, Round, Full Voltage LED, 1 NO, 120 VAC #HW4B-M1F10-QD-G-120
HW4L-M1F10-R IDEC Pushbutton, Non-Illuminated, Red, Metal Bezel, Momentary, 1 NO, #HW4B-M1F10-R
HW4L-MF0 IDEC Pushbutton illuminated, momentary, guarded # HW4L-MF0
HW4L-MiF10-QD-S-120 IDEC Pushbutton, Illuminated, Blue, Flush, Round, Full Voltage LED, 1 NO, 120 VAC #HW4B-M1F10-QD-S-120
HW4S-2T IDEC Selector switch, 2 position maintained #HW4S-2T
HW4S-2TF10 IDEC 2-Position Selector Switch Maintained, Metal,Knob, 1 NO/1NC #HW4S-2TF10
HW4S-33TF11 IDEC 3-Position Selector Switch, Spring Return, Metal, Knob, 1 NO/1 NC #HW4S-33TF11
Inverter Drive 18 Pulse 600 HP 1800 pulse Inverter Drive Reference Quotation #0507A4396
IPP2-460 Pump panel Siemens NEMA 2 #IPP2-460 460 VOLT
IPPI-230 Pump/Fan panel 7.5 HP 230/460 IPPI-230
J-4.0 QD Busing Type J with 4.0 bore
KQ2H07-00 SMC Union straight air fitting 1/4×1/4 P/N# KQ2H07-00
KQ2H07-35S SMC Male straight connector 1/4×1/4NPT P/N# KQ2H07-35S\n(includes sealant)
KQ2L07-34S SMC Fitting Elbow # KQ2L07-34S
KQ2S04-M6 Plastic pushlock straightmetric M6 x 4mm OD tube
KQ2T07-00 SMC Union Tee Fitting 1/4×1/4×1/4 P/N# KQ2T07-00
KQ2T11-00 3/8′ TEE, Pnuematic Push Lock Fitting P/N=KQ2T11-00
L-00×1-1/8 L-099 Jaw Coupling Half 1-1/8 Bore
L-090 Spider L090 Spider insert Buna
L-095×7/8 L-095 Jaw Coupling Half 7/8 bore
L-099×1-1/8 L-099 Jaw Coupling Half 1-1/8 bore
L-099×7/8 L-099 Jaw Coupling Half 7/8 bore
L-100 Buna Spider Buna Spider L-100
L-100×1-1/8′ L-100 Jaw Coupling Half 1-1/8′ bore
L-110 coupling
L-110×1-1/4 L-110 Coupling Half 1-1/4 Bore
L-190 Jaw Coupling Half L-190 2′ bore
L-190 1.875 Jaw Coupling Half L-190 1-7/8
L – 100UW Endless Timing Belt 1.0 width
L070 Buna Spider Jaw-Coupling L070 Buna Spider
L070x1/2 Flexible Jaw Coupling half #L070x1/2, Bore 1/2′ with Kwy
L070x5/8 Flexible Jaw Coupling half #L070x5/8 Bore 5/8′ with Kwy
L075 Jaw Coupling L075 bore.75
L075 Buna Spider Jaw-Coupling L075 Buna Spider
L075x.625 Jaw Coupling L075 Bore .625
L095 Buna Spider Buna Spider L095
L095x1-1/8 L-095 Jaw Coupling Half 1-1/8′ bore
L095x3/4 L-095 Jaw Coupling Half 3/4′ bore
L095x5/8 Jaw-Coupling Half L-095×5/8
L095x7/8 Jaw-Coupling Half L095x7/8
L099-1 1/8 Jaw Coupling half L099-1 1/8
L099-5/8 coupling half
L099-7/8 Jaw-Coupling L099 7/8 Bore
L099 Buna Spider Jaw-Coupling L099 Buna Spider
L100x1-3/8 L-100 Jaw Coupling Half 1-3/8′ bore
L110 Buna Spider L110 Buna Spider
L110x1-5/8 L110 Coupling Half 1-5/8 Bore
L190 Buna Spider L190 Buna Spider Insert
L190x1-3/8 Flexible Jaw Coupling Half L190 Series 1-7/8′ Bore #L190x1-7/8
L190x1-5/8 Flexible Jaw Coupling Half L190 Series 1-5/8′ Bore #L190x1-5/8
L200-004HFU Hitachi Micro Drive .50 Hp 460 Vac #L200-004HFU
L200-004NFU Hitachi AC Inverter, 1/3 Hp, 1-phase, 200-240 Vac NEMA1 L200-002NFU
L200-015NFU Micro Drive 2HP 1 Phase 200-240volts #L200-015NFU
L200-15NFU Micro Drive 2HP 1phase 200-240volts L200-15NFU
LD-LF-3R-GN LED alarm light, continuous
LS07.10-NSW 1/3 HP Motor contactor
LS37K.22T-A AEG AC Contactor Open Type, Aux Contact, Adjustable overloads, 120 Vac coil, #LS37K.22T-A
M-4.937 QD Bushing type M with 4.937 bore
M091-LE09GD Superior electric motor #M091-LE09GD
M110SC Inverter Drive 1 Hp 120/240 1 Phase NEMA 4 M1110SC
M1210B M1210B NEMA 1 240V 3Ph Inverter Drive
M121OSC Inverter 208/240 Vac 1-phase 1 Hp
M1220B Inverter 2 Hp, 3-Phase input, 200/240 Vac, NEMA 1#M1220B
M1220SC M1220SC 240V 1 Ph 2HP Inverter Drive
M1220SCJ M1220SCJ 1 Phase 220 V NEMA4 w/2 HP DB
M1250B M1250B 5HP 220 VAC NEMA 1 Inverter Drive 3 Phase
M1313BAH15 Right Angle Gear Reducer 15:1 ratio 56C
M14100C AC Tech Industrial VFD 10 HP,460 VAC, 3- phase NEMA4 #M14100C
M14200B M14200B 20 HP 460 VAC Inverter Drive
M1513BAH05 Right Angle Gear Reducer 5:1 56C M1513BAH05
M2013BAH1 Right Angle Gear Reducer 10:1 56C M2013BAH10C
Magnetek #89 motor fan coil part # mot1875
ME81SC10 Mini Breaker 10 Amp, 1 Pole ME81SC10
ME81SC25 Mini Breaker Amp, 1 Pole
MS002A Norgren EXH. Silencer # MS002A
MTOML71C4 Metric Motor .75 HP
N-04 Standard Locknut Steel Locknut #N-04
N-05 Locknut Part #N-05
NS-04 Standard Locknut SST Locknut #NS-04
NS-06 Standard Locknut SST Locknut #NS-06
NSS 1680 Spur Gear 5 1/8 OD 80 Teeth 14.5 P.A.\n1/2′ Steel
OPE-SR mini Digital Operator # OPE-SR mini
OPLFC-30V 30’hG-0′ panel mount pressure gauge
OSM7 10 ton flat plate Heat exchanger
P-601280 Donaldson Hydraulic Filter # P-601280
P168 14 M 170 Positive Drive Sprocket 144 tooth #P168 14M 179-J
P18A7201 Electric Motor w/brake 5 Hp 208/240 TEFC 1800rpm
P26L050-SH Timing Belt Pulley 3/8′ Pitch 0.50 wide, P26L050 w/QD Hub
P56 14M 179-J Positive Drive Sprocket 56 tooth #P56 14M 179-J
P72L050-SD Timing Belt Pulley 3/8 Pitch 72 Tooth P72L050 Pitch Dia 8.594
Power Ace Cog V-Belts- INVENTORY
Power Ace Cog V-Belts-:3VX400 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX400
Power Ace Cog V-Belts-:5VX450 Power Ace Cog V Belt #5VX450
Power Ace Combo V Belts INVENTORY
Power Ace V-Belts- INVENTORY
Power Ace V-Belts-:3V710 Power Ace V-Belt #3V710
Power Ace V-Belts-:8V1500 Power Ace V Belt #8V1500
Power King Cog V-Belt:3VX800 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX800
Power King Cog V-Belt:AX-32 Power King Cog V-belt #AX-32
Power King Cog V-Belt:AX-41 Power King Cog V-Belt #AX-41
Power King V-Belts INVENTORY GROUP\n
Power King V-Belts:A-120 Power King V-Belt #A-120
Power King V-Belts:A-28 Power King V-Belt #A-28
Power King V-Belts:A-30 Power King V-Belt #A-30
Power King V-Belts:A-33 Power King V-Belt #A-33
Power King V-Belts:A-37 Power King V-Belt #A-37
Power King V-Belts:A-38 Power King V-Belt #A-38
Power King V-Belts:A-39 Power King V-Belt #A-39
Power King V-Belts:A-43 Power King V-Belt #A-43
Power King V-Belts:A-44 Power King V-Belt #A-44
Power King V-Belts:A-46 Power King V-Belt #A-46
Power King V-Belts:A-53 Power King V-Belt #A-53
Power King V-Belts:A-55 Power King V-Belt #A-55
Power King V-Belts:A-59 Power King V-Belt #A-59
Power King V-Belts:A-60 Power King V-Belt #A-60
Power King V-Belts:A-64 Power King V-Belt #A-64
Power King V-Belts:A-66 Power King V-Belt #A-66
Power King V-Belts:A-67 Power King V-Belt #A-67
Power King V-Belts:A-68 Power King V-Belt #A-68
Power King V-Belts:A-71 Power King V-Belt #A-71
Power King V-Belts:A-72 Power King V-Belt #A-72
Power King V-Belts:A-73 Power King V-Belt #A-73
Power King V-Belts:A-75 Power King V-Belt #A-75
Power King V-Belts:A-85 Power King V-Belt #A-85
Power King V-Belts:A-96 Power King V-Belt #A-96
Power King V-Belts:B-112 Power King V-Belt #B-112
Power King V-Belts:B-116 Power King V-Belt #B-116
Power King V-Belts:B-175 Power King V-Belt #B-175
Power King V-Belts:B-210 Power King V-Belt #B-210
Power King V-Belts:B-34 Power King V-Belt #B-34
Power King V-Belts:B-35 Power King V-Belt #B-35
Power King V-Belts:B-36 Power King V-Belt #B-36
Power King V-Belts:B-37 Power King V-Belt #B-37
Power King V-Belts:B-40 Power King V-Belt #B-40
Power King V-Belts:B-53 Power King V-Belt #B-53
Power King V-Belts:B-57 Power King V-Belt #B-57
Power King V-Belts:B-60 Power King V-Belt #B-60
Power King V-Belts:B-66 Power King V-Belt #B-66
Power King V-Belts:B-67 Power King V-Belt #B-67
Power King V-Belts:B-68 Power King V-Belt #B-68
Power King V-Belts:B-71 Power King V-Belt #B-71
Power King V-Belts:B-73 Power King V-Belt #B-73
Power King V-Belts:B-75 Power King V-Belt #B-75
Power King V-Belts:B-77 Power King V-Belt #B-77
Power King V-Belts:B-78 Power King V-Belt #B-78
Power King V-Belts:B-80 Power King V-belt #B-80
Power King V-Belts:B-82 Power King V-Belt #B-82
Power King V-Belts:B-85 Power King V-Belt #B-85
Power King V-Belts:B-86 Power King V-Belt #B-86
Power King V-Belts:B-87 Power King V-Belt #B-87
Power King V-Belts:B-90 Power King V-Belt #B-90
Power King V-Belts:B-93 Power King V-Belt #B-93
Power King V-Belts:B-97 Power King V-Belt #B-97
Power King V-Belts:C-105 Power King V-Belt #C-105
Power King V-Belts:C-112 Power King V-Belt #C-112
Power King V-Belts:C-240 Power King V-Belt #C-240
Power King V-Belts:C-330 Power King V-Belt #C-330
Power King V-Belts:C-450 Power King V-Belt #C-450
Power King V-Belts:D-120 Power King V-Belt #D-120
PS5R-B24 IDEC Power Supply 24 VDC, DIN rail mounting #PS5R-B24
PS5R-D24 IDEC Power Supply 24 VDC, DIN rail mounting #PS5R-D24
PTL 190-1.875 OVERJOY CPLG L190 1-7/8
PTL 190 S L190 Spider Buna
PTL190-2 love joy cplg l190-2
Q45BB6FQ5 Banner DC Series, Infared Glass Fiber Optic 10-30V dc, Bipolar: 1 NPN, 1 PNP, Quick Disconnect Connector (38667) #Q45BB6FQ5
QB-T5-2250-16 Timing Belt QB-T5-2280-16 Neoprene Pitch Length 90′
RC50-R Roller Chain Riveted ANSI #50, Pitch 5/8′ Single Strand (100 Ft Roll)
Red Loin Read Out Display Panel Red Lion Read Out Display Panel P/N APLSPB60
RH2B-UAC110-120V I DEC Relay DPDT 120V Relay 10A #RH2B-UAC110-120V
RH2B-VAC110120 #RH2B-VAC110120
Roller Chain #100 Riv Roller Chain #100 Riv
Roller Chain #60 Riv Roller Chain #60 Riv
Roller Chain #80 Riv Roller Chain #80 Riv
RR14-180 RR 14 Redi Rail 180 inches overall length
RR3PA-ULDC24V Idec Relay 24 VDC 3PDT, Indicator, Pin Terminal #RR3PA-ULDC24V
RRS14 Std 3-roller slider for RR14 rail
RS3940 Baldwin Filter # RS3940
rs461 Motor Slide Base 284T frame
RVS-ST-58-C Magnetek, Soft Starter 35 Hp, 460 VAC, #RVS-ST-58-C
RY2KS-UCDC24V Latching 24vDC coil relay
S101F25-91 Inverter Drive 1/4 Hp 120 Vac 1-Phase Open Chassis Enclosure
S330H14-1/2 Spur gear 14-1/2 P.A. Hardened with KW &2SS
S51-PA-2-C01-PK Idec 952704140 Sensor 18mm tubular, Diff-Prox, 10-30 VDC, #S51-PA-2-C01-PK
S828 Spur Gear 14.5 PA 28 Tooth 3.50 Dia type B, 7/8′ Stk Bore #S828
SC100 Setscrew Shaft Collar Steel Bore 1.0′ #SC100
SC125 Setscrew Shaft Collar Steel Bore 1.25′ #SC125
SC4380 Signal Converter/Isolator #SC4380
SC81 Setscrew Shaft Collars Steel Bore 13/16′ #SC81
SDS 1 SDS 1 Hub
SES-01 Contact Block NC #SES-01
SES-10 Contact Block NO #SES-10
SHM40-80R-1.5W56C Gear Reducer In-line foot-mtd 2 Hp 80:1 reduction 56C frame
SM-1200-PP Polprorylene Side Mount Float Switch 1/2 x 1/2 NPT #SM-1200-PP
SM005S AC Tech Microdrive 1/2hp, Input voltage 110 # SM005S
SM210S SM210S 1HP 460 VAC 1 ph Inverter Drive
SM220S Inverter Drive 208/240 1-phase 2Hp
SM410 AC Tech SCM series VFD, 460 Vac, 3-phase, 1.0Hp, #SM410
SM4150 AC Technology 15 Hp, 460 Vac, 3 phase, IP20 #SM4150
SM450 SM450 5HP 3Ph Inverter 460 VAC IP20 Enclosure
SMA912 Banner Electric Value-Beam Sensor SMA912
SMBQS30L Banner Engineering Mounting Bracket, 14-gauge, stainless steel right-angle bracket 12 Deg tilt adjustment #SMBQS30L
STARTERS Inventory
SVP-4 Valve solenoid proportioning #SVP-4
T1.5-18-56CB Electric Motor 1.5 HP 115/220 TEFC T1.5-18-56CB
T2-18-56CB Electric Motor 2 HP 115/230 TEFC T2-18-56CB
T50BSH24 X1-1/4 SHEAVE #T50BSH24 X1-1/4
T80B13 Sprocket Chain #T80B13 13 tooth, stock bore
T80B18x2 Sprocket Chain #T80B18 18 tooth, 2′ bore, 2 set screws
T80B45x4 Sprocket Chain #T80B45 45 tooth, 4′ bore 2 set screws
TB199 Timing Belt TB199
Tee-100-300lbs 1′ T, 300 lbs, malleable iron
Tee-75-300lbs 3/4′ T, 300 lbs, malleable iron
UCF-211-32 4-Bolt Flange Bearing Unit 2′ UCF211-32
UCP204-12 Pillow Block
ucp205-16 PillowBlck Bearing 1′ Shaft Dia. Set Screw Type-Hight CenterHeight #UCP205-16
Union-75-300lbs 3/4′ Union, 300 lbs, malleable iron
UPC205-16 Pillow Block Bearing
VC 1.250-1.499-0.125 Seal, shaft 1.25′, bore 1.499′, width 0.125′ #C02-003
VII 5-3325-26BA-002 VII 5-3325-26BA-002\nLV3900 PH-3 IN Flg-IRN FTD-3-421-251
W-04 Standard Locknut Steel Washer #W-04
W-05 LockWasher Part # W-05
W145T Motor Slide Base 145T frame
W182T Motor Slide Base 182T frame
W184T Motor Slide Base 184T frame
W215T Motor Slide Base 215T frame
W30-4-200/230 starter
WS-04 Standard Locknut SST Lockwasher #WS-04
WS-05 Standard Locknut SS Washer #WS-05
WSH-6 6′ Con-Ag water suction hose
WWE15-36-254T 15 HP electric motor 3600 rpm
wwe3-36-182T Electric Motor 3HP,3600 RPM, 230VAC, 182T Frame, 3 phase
X200-022-NFU Hitachi Drive X200-022-NFU, 3 Phase, 10 amp, VFD
X3CBX8S Air Valve Allenair 2-way 120 Vac #X3CBX8S
YCN5692-P1 SMC 2 HP 120/240VAC MOTOR #YCN5692-P1
#32 Connecting Link Connecting Link #32
#32 Offset Link Offset Link #32
#40 O/L #40 roller chain offset link
#400 NatLube National Lubricant Heavy Duty #400 NatLube
#4THHN #4 Stranded THHN Wire #4THHN
#60-2R #60-2 RS-2 double Roller chain, 3/4′, 10ft box. Riveted
#60 CL #60 Connecting Link for roller chain
#60 ML Roller chain master link # 60 ML
#80 C/L #80 Series Roller Chain Connecting Link #80 C/L
#80Cx59 Hitachi Roller Chain #80 Series Cottered, 59′ Length, #80Cx59
#8THHN Reel of THHN #8 black, #8THHN
(N)XCE061105N4-1HP Across the line Starter for 480V service, 480V coil, 3 phase, for 1 H, 2.1 FLA, to include start and stop pushbuttons and reset pushbutton. Enclosure and pilot devices to be ADALET, contactor and overload to be Sprecher+Schuh, enclosure shall include 1′ N
.3750 HerringboneLagging Herringbone Lagging .3750
4 E-Force Court Decal Medium #00004
006A Cannon Groove Gaskets 6′ BUNA # 006A
01102X4′ Oil hose assembly 1/4′ ID, 48′ long, 1/4′ SAE female fittings
16478 Kit, Vertical Riser (242)
17896 Plastic Fan Blade For Electric Motor
01800.0-01 Filter Fan, 12 cfm #01800.0-01
0220-86580-LA-R HUBCITY 150:1 DBL-REDUC. GEAR REDUCER #0220-86580-LA-R
0220-86580-RA-L HUBCITY 150:1 DBL-REDUC.GEAR REDUCER #0220-86580-RA-L
3062 Timken Bearing #03062
031SA4002000030 Numatics Air Valve # 031SA4002000030
45040004 Air Muffler / Speed control 1/4′ NPT #04504004
45050002 Air Muffler / Speed Control 1/8′ NPT #045040002
52668 Dodge 3-bolt flange, P/N# 052668
06601-0101 Seal Kit Hydratec\n#HT3549SK
071-995B6 Neoprene backed belts 450-H300 # 071-995B6
072-252 3X0749, 76X1550, HDBP 10mm
7310004 Hubbell I-Grip # 07310004
07L44BE Parker Lubricator 3/4 NPT
820024115 Rexroth Bosh Pneumatic Valve, 115 volt solenoid, #0820024115
1′ E Fasteners 1′ Type E Fasteners # 1′ E Fasteners
1-1/2′ red hose Red 1-1/2′ general purpose hose
1-1/2 RAH 1-1/2 Red General Purpose Hose
1-1/4′ red hose 1-1/4′ Red Hose Rubber General Purpose
1-200-C Single Strand Roller Chain Cottered #200, American Standard #1-200-C
1 1/2′ AG 1 1/2′ dia, CBM 1/8 NPT, 0-160psi Air Gauge # 1 1/2′ AG
1 114-1-12PZ Bracket Set with strain reief tie plate, #1 114-1-12PZ
1/2′ airhoseassembly 1/2′ air hose with 1/2′ male pipe on each end, 50′ long
1/2′ lead air hose 1/2′ lead air hose
1/2-13×1-1/2 socket head cap screw 1/2-13×1-1/2
1/2 push-on hose 1/2 push-on hose
1/2 RAH Red Air Hose 1/2′ #1/2 RAH
1/4′ Brass coupling 1/4′ Brass pipe coupling
1/4’LARGEGASKET Exhaust gasket, 1/4′, flat, buna # 1/4’LARGEGASKET
1/4’SMALLGASKET Exhaust gasket, 1/4′, flat, buna # 1/4’SMALLGASKET
1/4 Coupling 1/4 Black Merchant Coupling
1/4 X 1/8 Black 1/4 X 1/8 Black Steel Bushing
1/4×1/4 Pipe coupling #1/4×1/4
1/8 Elbow 1/8 Black Mi 90 Deg Elbow
1/8 X Close Nipple 1/8 X Close STD Blk Bw Nipple
1/8×1/8 barb Brass fitting, Barb X MPT BN11, #1/8×1/8
10-24×2 Steel Plated Machine Nuts 10-24×2
10-32 x 1-1/4 10-32 x 1-1/4 socket head cap screw 10-32 x 1-1/4
10-32 x 5/8 10-32 x 5/8 socket head cap screw
100-C16D10 Allen-Bradley Contactor # 100-C16D10
100-C23D10 Allen-Bradley Contactor 120 volt coil #100-C23D10
100-C23D400 Allen-Bradley Contactor # 100-C23D400
100-C30D10 Allen-Bradley Contactor #100-C30D10
100-C85D00 Allen-Bradley Contactor 120V Contactor #100-C85D00
10001 Cylinder Repair, replace rod and piston seals. Honed cylinder bore and machined cylinder piston.
10002-2329406 Light Duty Conveyor Belt 2 Ply 150 Blk Roughtop x Bare 50 ft long x 63 inch wide #
100066F24510 1/4′ Air Muffler # 100066F24510
1002-2 Hose Assembly 6′ x 25 ft water suction hose with KC nipple one end and type E Alum. one end. Double bolt hose clamps each end #1002-2
1002-3 Hose Assembly 4′ X 15′ Rubber Suction Hose with 4′ Type E Male Alum. each end, double banded with SS clamps #1002-3
10029 Electrical Junction Box 4x4x4 NEMA 4X #10029
1005 H.A. 6′ x 50 ‘ Ironside Layflat discharge hose with M-F Alum banded ends. #1005
10050200 Hose Assembly, Suction Green PVC with Type C Alum Female ends double banded SS straps #10050200
1006 Hose Assy Suction Green 6′ X 20′, KC Nipple with Foot Valve one end open #1006
100AT/1000M Brecoflex Polyurethane Timing Belt with Steel Tension Members. ATL10 Series, 100MM Width, 10000 MM Length, Open Ended Low Stretch #100AT10/10000M
100ATL10/1000M Brecoflex Polyurethane Timing Belt with Steel Tension Members. ATL10 Series, 100MM Width, 10000 MM Length, Open Ended Low Stretch #100AT10/10000M
100ATL10/12000 Brecoflex Polyurethane Timing Belt 100 MM width, 12000 MM length, Open ended #100ATL10/12000
100ATL10/4500M Brecoflex Polyurethane Timing Belt 4500 MM Length, ATL10, 100 MM Width, #100ATL10/4500M
100ATL10/5000M Brecoflex Polyurethane Timing Belt 5000 MM Length, ATL10, 100 MM Width, #100ATL10/5000M
100ATL10/5190M Brecoflex Polyurethane Timing Belt with Steel Tension Members, ATL10, 100 MM Wide, 5190 MM Length, Open Ended Low Streth, #100ATL10/5190M
100ATL10/6600M Brecoflex Polyurethane Timing Belt 6600 MM Length, ATL10, 100 MM Width, #100ATL10/6600M
100ATL10/9500M Brecoflex Polyurethane Timing Belt with Steel Tension Members, ATL10, 100MM Wide, 9500 MM Length, Open Ended, Low Stretch, #100ATL10/9500M
100R1 Hydraulic Hose Reel 3/4′, standard 250ft on a reel
100R1-120 10′ Hose assembly, 3/4′ hose
100R1-48 4′ Hose assembly, 3/4′ hose
100R1-96 8′ Hose assembly, 3/4′ hose
100VA-60 Step down control transformer primary 208/24V,60hertz 100VA #100VA-60
101.25SS Female Tee 1/4′ NPT Stainless Steel
10111-01 Pneumatic control panel per customers Drawing. #10111-01
101D-254E Pressure Gauge, Steel Case, Brass internals, Stem Mount-Bottom 1/4′ NPT, 2-1/2′ Dia, Dry, 0-100 psi, #101D-254E
1020 085 B-85 Goodyear Hy-T V Belt
10250TB63 E-stop cap
102855 ASCO Valve Kits #102855
103.55544 Lenze Motor ref.MDSKABS090-22 : 103.55544
10343-8-8 Parker Crimp Hose End Male 1/2′ JIC #10343-8-8
103558 Cedes Safe C Controller Light Curtain #103558
1040-D8M-20 H Bando 8MM Double sided, Pitch length 1040 MM, 130 teeth, #1040-D8M-20 H
104104-F04 Flow control Valve, 1/2′ NPT #104104F04
104565 Optilink – USB
10643-8-8 Parker Crimp Hose End Female 1/2′ JIC #10643-8-8
107040 PRISM 500W E11 T4 130v, clear mini can bulb
1071807 K524 VITON O-Ring (ORV-137) # 1071807
1075143 K524 Shaft Guide Tool (524-Z) # 1075143
1076205 K524 Normally Open Shaft # 1076205
1077101 K524 Normally Open Screw (SCS-0168) # 1077101
1077837 K524 Shaft Tool # 1077837
108053 1 Hp, 1800 RPM, SX56C, TEFC, 24V, cont,40C,SF, Rigid DC, Nema low Voltage,C4D17fk9b # 108053
1089962534 Atlas Copco Pressure Transducer #1089962534
109-1116-006 Eaton Char Lynn Hydraulic Motor #109-1116-006
10985 Banner Engineering Panel Llight WL50FQ EZ Light #10985
10991000 A Section T-Link Belting #10991000
10S150F100FS Sleeve Cplg Flex, Joyce #10S150F100FS
10S150F125FS Sleeve Cplg, Flex, Joyce #10S150F125FS
10S150F38MMFS Shaft Cplg, Sleeve Type Gear, 1-1/2x38mm, Joyce P/N 10S150F38MMFS
10S175F125FS Sleeve Cplg, Flex, Joyce #10S175F125FS
110 BB Bolt Breakers (Pair) 110 BB
110001 Neoprene Sheet Rubber 1/4′ thickness x 36′ Width
110011 Sign Custom
110011-25 1/4 stainless steel tubing #110011-25
110012 1/4′ x 3/4′ x 10 ft Alum. Tube Stock #110011
11002-2 Hose Assembly 6′ x 25 ft water suction hose with KC nipple one end, type E Alum. one end. Double bolt hose clamps each end #1002-2
110512-005 Pressure Switch for Quincy air compressor #110512-005
114-075 114-075 E-Chain
114-1-12PZ Chainflex cable ends #114-1-12PZ
114-1-2PZ IGUS Male Bracket #114-1-1M
114-1-PZ IGUS Female Bracket #114-1-2F
11400-2G/PE100 Norgren Air Regulator #11400-2G-PE100
11474 Banner Engineering QS18VP6AFF200Q5 Adjustable Field, ForeGround Sensor #11474
114800-075 Check Valve #114800-075
11712 Banner Engineering EZ Light, Sunlight Visible SP250GRPQ #11712
11800.0-00 Outlet filter for filter fan #11800-0-00
1186x7x5/8 Fs28- 7 x 5/8 Ss Band Clamp
11LDx3/4 3/4′ Pipe in 1/2′ NPT
11YD3B Siemens Manual Motor Starter, NEMA 1, 15 Hp, 460 VAC, FLA Adjustment Range 17-22, #11YD3B
12001 1/2’Key Stock #12001
120012 Surge Suppressor Power Line Strip
1210-22mm Taper-Lok Bushing 1210 Series with 22 mm Bore, #1210-22mm
1210-22mm(steel) Taper-Lok Bushing 1210 Series with 22 mm Bore, #1210-22mm Material: Steel
12357 Hammer Union Red, 2′ #12357
126-4375-250 Thermoplastic Belting, Nylon Core NBR cover both side endless belt, Anti-Static, 2-1/2′ width, 43.75′ length #126-4375-250
1260XH200 Timing Belt #1260XH200
128715 Dodge BB Pil Blk, P2B-DL-200
128721 D-Lok Pillow Block Bearing 3/4′ Bore Type DLB 2-Bolt, #NUP20412
128738 Dodge D-Lok, Pillow Block Bearing #128738
128763 D-Lok Flange Bearing 1.25′ Bore, Type DL #128763
128785 Dodge D-Lok BB,4-Bolt, Flange,\n#128785
128854 Dodge Bearing 4-bolt flange bearing, Part# F4B-DLM-208, 2-1/2′ bore
128862 Dodge Bearing, Part# FC-DLM-200, 2′
129067-1 Quincy Aftercooler QSB50, #129067-1
12C-20 Myers Pump Centrifugal #12C-20
12H24304 1/4 TEFLON S.S. HOSE #12H24304
12S175F125FS Shaft CPLG, Sleeve type gear, 1-1/2′ X 1-1/4, Joyce #12S175F125FS
12X112 galvanized rigid 1/2 x1-1/2
13 04E-102 WEATHERHEAD FTG X -2MP #13 04E-102
13 04E-104 WEATHERHEAD FTG X -4MP #13 04E-104
13 C5205-04 ADAPTER, 4MJ-2MP
13 W21204 13 W21204 Bulkhead Fitting
130-7523-30 Motor conduit box with the cover #130-7523-30
130-SGT-BP-D #AKB, 1′ Backpressure valve, ductile iron, 300 psi rated
1300098 Gear Pump 3 GPM Bi-rotational. #1300098
1310-22mm Taper-Lok Bushing 1310 Series with 22 mm bore, #1310-22mm
1310-22mm(Steel) Taper-Lok Bushing 1310 Series with 22 mm bore, #1310-22mm Material: Steel
1310×1-1/8 Taper Lock Bushing 1-1/6′ Bore #1310×1-1/8
131534 Leeson 3 hp Compressor duty 184T drip proof
1323570CH single pole power distribution block
132B0101 VLT LCP 12 with potentiometer #132B0101
132B0102 Remote mounting kit for LCP #132B0102
132F0003 .75 Motor VFD #132F0003
132F0005 1.5 HP motor VFD
132F0018 1 HP 460V Micro Drive #132F0018
132F0020 2 HP, 460V MICRO DRIVE #132F0020
13893CR CR Seal (35x55x10) # 13893CR
1398-DDM-009 Allen- Bradley Drive, Single Phase, 120V,
14.1 14.1 Chain
140M-C2E-B25 Allen-Bradley Motor Protector/Circuit Breaker 1.6 – 2.5 Amps #140M-C2E-B25
140M-C2E-C16 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
140U-H6C3-C15 Allen-Bradley Motor Protector/Circuit Breaker #140U-H6C3-C15
1410350300 Makena 3′ Oilfield Suction Hose # 1410350300
14301000075 3/4′ 200 PSI Wingfoot, diesel
1430100050 1/2 Wingfoot Diesel Hose
1430400025 Makena 1/4 Gray Insa Grip – Push on Hose # 1430400025
1430700050 1/2′ Red Horizon Air & Water Hose, 200 PSI
143075125 Makena 1 1/4 Black Horizon Air & Water Hose – 200 Psi # 143075125
143SOOW1000 14/3 SO cord
1494V Allen Bradley operating mechanism
1494V-DS60 60 ampere disconnect switch
1494V-H1 Allen Bradley disconnect operating handle
1494V-RA1 Allen Bradley Disconnect Rod for 8′ enclosure
1494V-RA2 Allen Bradley disconnect connecting rod
14HSK32AD Siemens 30HP, 208V, magnetic, NEMA 3
14R113FC Air Regulator 1/4′
14x15SS Panel, Stainless Steel 14 ga, 14 x 15 inches
1510110300 Makena 3 Plated hose Mender # 1510110300
15219F163FS Shaft Cplg, Geared, Flex, Joyce #15219F163FS
1530120005 Makena #400 – 3 2-bolt Clamp #1530120005
1559135-030 Hamlin HIGH Temperature Flange Mount, Cable Length 500 mm #1559135-030
15769940 Start Capacitor CP Compressor #15769940
15CP Poly Type C Female Coupler X Hose Shank 1-1/2′, #15CP
15EP Poly Type E Male Coupler X Hose Shank 1-1/2′, #15EP
1610-1.250 Martin taperlock, 1.25′ bore (steel)
1610 X 1 1/8 Dodge T/L Bushing 1610 X 1 1/8-KW
1610 x 15/16′ Dodge T/L Bushing 1610 X 15/16′ bore
1615 1-7/16 Taper Bushing 1615 Bored 1-7/16′, #1615 1-7/16
1616DC Radial Ball Bearing (inch series) (.50 Bore x 1.125 O.D. x .375 THK with 2 seals) #1616DC
16210B Conduit Flexible Connector Fittings Water tight 1′, #16210B
1630-0025 Tubing Stainless Steel T304 1/4′ x 0.035 #1630-0025
165L100 Timing Belt, 1 in. wide, 16.5 in circ.
169L100 Bando Timing Belt #169L100
16BF35AG4 16BF35AG4 Siemens Starter
16T5-700 Bando Metric Timing Belt 5mm Pitch, 16 mm Width, #16T5-700
17080508C Bronze PVC Sheeting 8’width x 72′ length #17080508C
172L100 Bando Timing Belt #172L100
1730700025 1/4 Brass Coupling
1738-20-001 Rack-Compaction Drive Gear Rack
1755700012 1/8 3000# F.S. Coupling
1755700025 1/4 3000# F.S. Coupling
17586350 Run Capacitor CP Compressor #17586350
1760250025 1/4 BLACK MI 45 DEG ELBOW
1760300012 1/8 Black Mi 90 Deg Elbow
1760300025 1/4 BLACK MI 90 DEG ELBOW
1765300100 1 XH black MI 90 degree elbow
17958 EZ-Light Demo Kit #17958
17DUC92BA11 Size 1 Combination Starter with fused disconnect Nema 1 enclosure 120/230 AC 3-12 Amp range overload
1824210243 Rexroth coil P/N#1824210243
183-433 Bonded Drive Belt
18mm x 5mm SHCS metric 18mm x 5mm
1910-10 Pressure Switch 3-11.75’WC \nSeries 1900 Differential Switch
1922V484 V-Belt #1922V484
193-ED1EB Allen-Bradley Overload Relay # 193-ED1EB
194 RR1 Short connecting rod
195-012 Enclose mounting plate
198-EAY-TG2 Allen-Bradley Fiberglass enclosure IP65\n3-3/8’x6-3/4’x 2-4/5′ P/N#198-EAY-TG2
199DR1 DIN Mounting Rail 3 ft length, #199DR1
1B12.4 1 Groove Sheave # 1B124SK
1B12.4-2517 1 Groove TL 12.4 dia taperlock sheave
1B154SK Heavy Duty QD Sheave 1 Grrove 15.0′ Dia #1B154SK
1B42SH Heavy Duty QD Sheave 1 Groove 3.80′ Dia #1B42SH
1B5.4-1610 Sheave 1 Groove 5.4′ Dia TL Hub #1B5,4-1610
1B5.4SDS Sheave 1 Groove 5.4′ Dia QD Hub #1B5,4SDS
1B50SDS Heavy duty QD Sheave 1 Groove 4.60′ Dia #1B50SDS
1B68SDS 1 Groove Sheave 6.8′ Dia #1B68SDS
1B80SDS Heavy Duty QD Sheave 1 Groove 7.60′ Dia #1B80SDS
1B90H 1 BLK MALL 90 ELL 300#
1BU300 1 BLK Mall Union 300#
1HFSNBBG Globe Valve 1-1/2′ NPT, Threaded, #800, 1,975 PSI rated,# 1HFSNBBG
1S105 Stafford 1 Piece clamp Collar Bores 15/16′ #1S105
1S202 1-PIECE CLAMP COLLAR, STAINLESS, 2 1/8 ID BORE, 3 1/4′ OD, 3/4′ THICK #1S202
1VPA45 Variable pitch sheave 4.5′ Dia. 5/8 bore 1 groove.
2-3V14.0SK 2 groove 3V14.0 heavy duty sheave
2-3V315JA Sheave 2-groove Heavy Duty QD 3V, 3.15′ Dia #2-3C315
2-3V475SH 2 groove 3V4.75 heavy duty sheave
2-3V690SDS Sheave #2-3V690SDS
2/3V106SK 2 Groove Sheave 3V series 10.6 Dia #2/3V106SK
2/3V14.0SK 2 Groove 3V14.0SK
2/3V19.0SK Sheave 2 groove, 3V Series 19.0′ Dia #2/3V19.0SK
2/3V3.35SH Sheave Two Grooves 3.35′ Dia #2/3V3.35SH
2/3V300JA 2 Groove Sheave 3.0′ Dia
2/3V365SH Heavy Duty QD Sheave 2 Groove #2/3V3.65
2/3V4.5SH Sheave 2 Groove, 4.5′ Dia #2/3V4.5SH
2/3V412SH 2 Groove Sheave 3V series, 4.12 Dia #2/3V412SH
2/3V5.0SH 2 Groove 3V5.0SH Sheave
2/3V5.6 Sheave 2 Groove #2/3V5.6
2/3V5.6SH Sheave 2 Grooves 5.6′ Dia #2/3V5,6SH
2/3V6.9SK Sheave 2 Groove 6.9′ Dia #2/3V6.9SK
2/3V650SDS 2 Groove 3V Series 6.5′ Dia Sheave, #P/N 2/3V650SDS
2/3v8.0sds 2 Groove Sheave 8.0′ dia
2/5V11.8SK 2/5V11.8SK
2/5V6.3SK 2/5V6.3SK
2/5V710SK 2 Groove Heavy Duty QD Sheave 5V Series 7.10′ Dia #2/5V710SK
2/5V900SK 2 Groove Heavy Duty QD Sheave 5V Series 9.00′ Dia #2/5V900SK
2/B96 2 rib, banded Belt
20-02-0207 Type E Pillow Block 2 7/16 # 20-02-0207
200-O/L Offset LInk #200 Cottered Chain #200-O/L
2000-0 Magnehelic Pressure Gage, 0-.5 Inches of Water
2004 Magnehelic gage 4′ Dia 0-4.0 inches of water
2004925058 Hydraulic Power Unit 1GPM, 110V motor, 3 Position Hydraulic directional Valve, 110V coils, 1 gallon reservoir
200B14x3-5/8 Allied-Locke Chain Sprocket #200, 14 Tooth with Kwy and 2 Set Screws, #200B14x3-5/8′
200C/L Connecting Link #200 Cottered Chain #200C/L
200C40x4-7/16′ Allied-Locke Chain Sprocket #200, ‘C’ Hub, 40 Tooth with Kwy and2 Set Screws, #200C40x4-7/16′
200Cx132.5 Cottered Roller Chain #200 Series, Length 32.5′, #200Cx132.5
20162RS Needle bearing #20162RS
201l-254e 2-1/2 Dia Pressure gage Stainless Steel/Brass.
201L-254H Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge, Stainless Steel Case, Brass Internals, 2-1/2 Dia, 0-300 PSI, 1/4′ NPT Bottom Connection #201L-254H
201L-254K-Cert 2-1/2 Dia Pressure gage Stainless Steel/Brass, Certified 201L-254K-Cert
201L254S #201L254S
20222547 HIRSCHMANN CABLE -10M # 20222547
2022544 SICK Hirschmann Control Cable 5 m with cable socket M26 x 11 + FE
202L-254R Pressure Gauges 0-5000psi, liquid-filled, 2 1/2′ dia., CBM, 1/4’NPT # 202L-254R
202L-404K 0 – 600 psi liquid filled pressure gauge 4′ diameter panel mount with center back mount stainless steel case with brass internals1/4 connection 202L-404K
202L-404R 0 – 5000 psi liquid filled pressure gauge 4′ diameter panel mount with center back mount stainless steel case with brass internals 1/4 connection
204469 Hydraulic Filter #204469
2052B15 Large rolled sprocket, B type, steel, 1-1/4′ pitch, E QD bore
20707 Hammer Union Green, 1′ #20707
20719 Hammer Union Green, 1-1/2′ #20719
207P-4 PH pipe coupling
20CP Poly Type C Female Coupler X Hose Shank 2′, #20CP
20EP Poly Type E Male Coupler X Hose Shank 2′, #20EP
20P-30 Murphy pressure gauge, panel mounted 2′ Dia, 30 psi #20P-30
21350 Vernon Burr-Bit 3/8-3FL, tap and deburr Bit. #21350
218.2 2/10 amp fuses # 218.200
218.63 5/8 amp fuses # 218.630
21SM Small Water Tray Restoration # 21SM
22210 Bearings 22210
22328 Seal CR 22328
2236026400 Atlas Copo adapter bracket #2236026400
2252 Bodine Gearmotor AC, 28 rpm output 230 vac #2252
22H200 Martin Timing Pulley #22H200
22LG Large Water Tray Restoration # 22LG
230XL037 Timing Belt #230XL037
2349R-2PP Circle Seal Check Valve # 2349R-2PP
23792 N Specs Premium Sideshields #23792
238214-032D Asco Coil 120volt #238214-032D
23V10.6 23V10.6 SK QD Sheave
23V3015JA 2-Groove Sheave # 23V3015JA
23V6.0 SH QD SHEAVE #23V6.0
23V6.9SDS 2-Groove sheave #23V6.9SDS
240C24x5-7/16 Allied-Locke Sprocket Series 240, Type C Hub, 5-7/16′ Bore, Std Kwy, 2 SS, 24 Tooth, Flame Cut Steel #240C24x5/16
240L100 Timing Belt, 1 in. wide, 24.0 in circ.
24GG9ZCM Peter Paul Air Valve, 1/4′ NPT, 3-Way, NO, 12 VDC Coil, 400 psi WP #24GG9ZCM
2517-2 Martin Steel Taperlock Bushing 2.0′ Bore, #2517-2
2517-2 3/16 Martin Steel Taperlock Bushing 2.0′ Bore, #2517-2
2517 X 1 Dodge T/L Bushing 2517 X 1- KW
2590100300-116 4 bolt 3′ flange gasket
25967 Banner Engineering PBT 46 U Fiber Assembly Diffused Sensor #25967
25A-3P-RG-4X EEC Non-Fusible Disconnect 25 Amp, 3-Phase Enclosed 4X #25A-3P-RG-4X
25AT10 Open-end White Urthane Steel Cords
26034 Banner Engineering PIT 46 U Fiber Assembly Opposed Sensor #26034
26124 CR SEAL #26124
264 O-ring Buna #264
2848-36 Idler LPI C5-20TEI-36SB (42c30W) # 2848-36
2939 EEC Hinge type with plastic hinge
2A4.2B4.6-1610 Dodge Sheave 2A4.2B4.6-1610
2A4.8SDS 2A4.8SDS
2A9.0B9.4-2517 Dodge Sheave 2A9.0B9.4-2517
2AK39 2AK39, 2 belt sheave
2B11.0SK Sheave 2-Groove 11.0′ dia
2B136SK Heavy Duty QD Sheave 2 Groove 13.60′ Dia #2B136SK
2B14.0SK 2 Groove 14.0′ dia sheave
2B20.0SF 2 Groove Sheave 20.0′ Dia SF Bushing #2B20.SF
2b4.4sh 2 groove sheave 4.4sh # 2b4.4sh
2B4.6-1610 2 Groove Taper Lock Sheave, #2B4.6-1610
2B4.8SDS Heavy Duty QD sheave, 4.40 diameter, solid #2B4.8SDS
2B5.0SH 2 Groove 5.0′ dia sheave
2B5.4SDS 2-Groove Sheave 5.4 dia. # 2B5.4SDS
2B52SDS 2 Groove Sheave 5.2 Dia Sheave #2B52SDS
2B7.4SK 2-Groove Sheave 7.4′ dia
2B8.6SDS 2-Groove Sheave 8.6 dia. # 2B8.6SDS
2B80SK 2-Groove Sheave 8.0′ Dia #2B80SK
2C10.0SF 2 Groove 10′ dia sheave
2C10.5SF 2 Groove 10.5 dia sheave
2c11.0SF 2 Groove 11.0′ dia sheave
2C12.0SF 2 Groove 12.0′ dia sheave
2C130SF 2 Groove Sheave 13′ Dia
2C140SF 2 Groove 14.0′ Dia Sheave #2C140SF
2C20.0SF 2 Groove Heavy Duty Sheave 20.0′ Dia QD, Type C #2C200SF
2C240SF 2 Groove Sheave 24.0′ dia sheave #2C240SF
2c7.0SF 2 Groove 7′ dia sheave
2C8.0SF 2 Groove 8.0′ dia sheave
2c8.5SF 2 Groove 8.5′ dia sheave
2c9.0SF 2 Groove 9.0′ dia sheave
2C9.5SF 2 Groove sheave with 9.5′ diameter #2C9.5SF
2MHRF14 Sheffer Hydraulic Cyliner 2 Bore x 14′ Stroke Rear Flange Mounting #2MHRF14
2MHRF24 Sheffer Hydraulic Cyliner 2 Bore x 24′ Stroke Rear Flange Mounting #2MHRF24
2MHSL14 Sheffer Hydraulic Cyliner 2 Bore x 14′ Stroke Side Lung Mounting #2MH5L14
2MM-5-6 Metric Bolt with Alan cap screw on top # 2MM-5-6
2S010 Stafford 2 Piece Clamp Collar Stainless, .625′ Bore, #2S010
2S015 Stafford 2 Piece Clamp Collar Stainless 1-5/16′ Bore #2S015
2S104 2-PIECE CLAMP COLLAR, STAINLESS, 1 1/4′ ID BORE, 2 1/16′ OD, 1/2′ THICK #2S104
2SC-200 2 piece. Blk. Steel coupling
2SC010 Stafford 2-Piece Clamp Collar Stainless Steel Bore .625′ #2SC010
2SC015 Stafford 2-Piece Clamp Collar Stainless Steel Bore 15/16′ #2SC015
2UV97 Air Tool Oil pint size
3′ 150#Ansi Flange 3′ 150# 304 ANSI FLANGE 2/40 W/N
3′ Wafer Bfly valve 3′ Wafer Style butterfly valves w/ SS Disc & Viton Gaskets
3-1/2-1/2 3′ wide neoprene foam backing, 1/2′ pitch, 1/2′ thick
3/3V5.3SDS Sheave 3 Groove 5.3′ Dia #3/3V5.3SDS
3/3V8.0SK Sheave 3 Groove 8.0′ Dia #3/3V8.0
3/3VX375 Bando Power Ace Cog V-Belt, 3 Groove 3VX Series #3/3VX375
3/4′ Hose assembly 3/4′ x 56-1/2′ Hose assembly with 3/4′ female carbon steel unions
3/4′ Hose Assm. 3/4′ x 56-1/2′ Hose assembly with 3/4′ female unions
3/4-18′ Fabricated shaft with two(2) shaft bearings.
3/5V11.3SF Sheave 3 Grooves, 11.3′ Dia #3/5V11.3SF
3/5V1400E 3 Groove Heavy Duty Sheave, 5V Series 14.0′ Dia #3/5V1400E
3/5V150E 3 Groove Heavy Duty Sheave, 5V Series 14.0′ Dia #3/5V140E
3/5V630 Belt, banded #3/5v630
3/5V7.5SF Sheave 3 Grooves, 7.5′ Dia #3/5V7.5SF
3/5v750 Belt, banded #3/5V750
3/5V9.25SF 3 Groove Sheave, 5V Series 9.25′ Dia #3/5V9.25SF
3/8′ Air Muffler 3/8′ Air Muffler
3/8’x1/4’brassbushing 3/8′ x 1/4′ Brass Bushing # 3/8’x1/4’brassbushing
3/8-16×2 socket head cap screw
3/8RAH 3/8′ red air hose 50ft. long, male NPT 1/4′ on each end
3/8V1060 3 Groove Belt
3/8V1180 3 Groove Belt
3/8V2120 3 banded 8 Groove 2120 Bando belt # 3/8V2120
3/8V3550 3 Groove Belt
3/B100 Banded Belt #3/B100
3/B103 V-Belt #3/B103
3/B105 V-Belt #3/B105
3/B3.6 Sheave 3 Groove Series B, 3.6′ Dia #3/B36SH
3/B44 V-belt #3/B44
3/B59 B59 Banded Belt # 3/B59
3/B66 V-Belt #3/B66
3/B70 Banded Belt #3/B70
3/B75 Bando Power King Combo V-Belt 3 Rib #3/B75
3/B95 Bando Power King Combo V-Belt 3 Groove, B Section #3/B95
3/C100 3 banded C100 #3/C100
3/C109 3 Groove Belt
3/C180 Bando Power King Combo V-Belt 3 Rib, C Section #3/C180
3/C330 Bando Power King Combo V-Belt 3-Rib, C Section #3/C330
300-2.00 Brass Swing Check Valve 2′ 300# Threaded
300 psi liquid filed 2 1/2′ 1/4 Pressure gauges 300 psi liquid filled 2 1/2′ 1/4′ Mpt Bottom port Stain less Steele case, brass internals
301L254C #301L254C
301L254F #301L254F
301LFW-254E Pressure Gauge 2-1/2 Dia, 1/4 NPT Bottom Connection 0-100 PSI Filled, Stainless Steel #301LFW-254E
3020-1.50 Martin Taperlock, 1.50′ bore
3020-2.50 Martin Taperlock 2.50′ bore (steel)
302K Fafner Ball Bearing, #302K
302LFW-254E Pressure Gauge 0-100psi, 2 1/2′ dia, 1/4’NPT, center-back mount, liquid-filled, all stainless
3030-1.5 Martin Taperlock, 1.50′ bore
3030DC Radila Ball Bearing, 3/4′ bore x 1-5/8′ OD x 1/2′ W, RBC-NICE #3030DC
304221 Washex Water Pressure Gauge 0-90 PSI #304221
3046-016 Triple 80 chain riveted
308070-4 Spring Set Holding Brake, 90VDC, 1200 IN-LBS, Dynacorp #308070-4
308680 Spring Set Holding Brake Armature Hub Dynacorp#308680
30H200 Martin Timing Pulley #30H200
3151 0025 Neoprene Sheet Rubber Black 14′ Thinckness x 36′ x 36′ #3151 0025
31AT10/40 Steel Timing Pulleys 40 teeth
31AT10/60 Steel Timing Pulley 60 teeth
3210-270 Mc Coy Control Module #3210-270 (C103-60)
32438 Banner Engineering PKG4-2 Pico Cable, 4 pin #34238
326015-09 Spring Set holding Brake Bushing, Dynacorp #326015-09
32H100 Mach III Timing Belt Pulley Mounted on Mach III Pilot C3D2R-STH #32H100
33086000 Swit Disc 16A 600V 3PST # 33086000
330H100 V-Belt #330H100
338XL062 Timing Belt # 338XL062
340-075-150-26 IGUS Cable Carrier 26 Pitches Length #340-075-150
340-075-150-84 IGUS Cable Carrier 84 Pitches Length, #340-075-150
34B90H 3/4 BLK MALL 90 ELL 300#
34BTH 3/4 BLK MI TEE 300
34BU300 3/4 BLK MALL UNION 300#
34H609W315G1 Baldor Electric Motor 230/460 VAC, 3-Phase 1.5 Hp #34H609W315G1
350-001 Threaded Pipe Fitting 90 Degree Elbow 1/4′ #350-378
350-006 Ell Black Steel Fitting 1-1/4 #350-006
350-156 Threaded pipe Fitting Tee 1-1/4′ #350-156
350-165 Threaded Pipe Fitting Tee 4′ #350-165
350-210 Black Steel X-Haevy Nipple 3 x 6 #350-210
350-220 Threaded Pipe Fittings 4′ Tee #350-220
350-378 Threaded Pipe Fitting Cross 2′ NPT #350-378
350-629 Threaded Pipe Fitting Hex Bushing 2 x 1-1/4 #350-629
350-750 Threaded Pipe Fitting Hex Bushing X-Haevy 4 x 2 #350-750
355-124 Black Steel Pipe Nipple 1-1/4 x 3 #355-124
355-130 Black Steel Pipe Nipple 1-1/4 x 6 #355-130
355-190 Black Steel Pipe Nipple 2-1/2 x 6 #355-190
355-220 Black Steel Pipe Nipple 4′ Close #355-220
355-230 Black Steel Pipe Nipple 4 x 6 #355-230
36-288710-244-301 Helwig Motor Brushes #36-288710-244-301
370943 Desoutter Seal Kit Control Block Auto Feed Drill #370943
371400041 Fuse
3900-std Gear Pump #3900-std 3′ Flange
390H100 Power Grip Belt # 390H100
39201001 Kaydon Pinion Gear #39201001
39535 Banner Engineering DBQ5 Battery Box #39535
39845 Metric Set Screws 5 x 10 mm
3ABV1SR406-L1 3-Way valve air pilot spring return, 1 1/2′ NPT
3B1100-SK 3 Groove Sheave
3B20.0SF Sheave 3groove 20.0′ Dia B Section, #3B20.0SF
3B44SH AMEC Sheave #3B44SH
3B45x4 Sprocket, 45 teeth, 4′ Bore
3B5.2SD #3B5.2SD sheave
3B5.4SDS 3 Groove Heavy Duty QD Sheave #3B5.4SDS
3B860-SK 3 Groove Sheave
3B9.4SK #3B9.4SK sheave
3C110E 3 Groove Sheave
3C130E 3 Groove Sheave 11′ Dia
3C255 3-Groove Sheave 25.5′ Dia,#3C255
3C8.0E 3-Groove Sheave
3C85E 3 Groove Sheave
3C9.0E 3-Groove Sheave
3C9.5E 3-Groove Sheave
3FFG 3′ FFG 150# NAAS C4324 1/16
3MSP1227x74 AHP 3-stage double acting telescopic air cylinder. Stroke 74′, 33.85′ retracted.
3RH1921-1CA/01 Siemens Single-pole auxiliary switch block, Screw Connection #3RH1921-1CA01
3RT10171AK61 Siemens Contactor 3 pole, 600 Vac, 120 v coil #3RT10171AK61
3RT1025-1AK60 Siemens Contactor #3RT1025-1AK60
3RT1026-1AK60 Siemens contactor, 3RT1026-1AK60
3RT1026-1AP60 Siemens Contactor 25 amp, 3-pole, 230 volt coil, #3RT1026-1AP60
3RT1026-1BB40 Siemens Contactor 5 Hp, 208 Voltage, 24 Volt Coil, Non-Reversing #3RT1026-1BB40
3RT1046-1AV60 Contactor with coil rated at 480volts
3RU1116-1HBO Siemens solid state overload relay 5.5-8 amp adjustable range #3RU1116-1HYBO
3RU1126-4ABO Siemens Relay Adjustable #3RU1126-4ABO
3RW3026-1AB14 Siemens Soft Starter 3 Phase 5 Hp @230 Vac, #3RW3026-1AB14
3SB3400-0B Contact Block NO
3SB3500-0AA21 Push button Red
3SB3500-0AA41 Push button Green
3TX7114-5LC13 Socket Relay 24volt AC coil, 8-Blade, 10amp, DPDT
3X772 Pulley 3X772
3X775 Pulley 3X775
3X779 Pulley 3X779
3X797 Pulley 3X797
3X804 Pulley 3X804
4/110SK 4 Groove, B Section 11′ Dia Sheave #4/B11.0SK
4/5V1060 4 Groove V-Belt #4/5V1060
4/5V670 4 Groove V-Belt #4/5V670
4/8V1250 4 Groove V-Belt #4/8V1250
4/8V1700 4 Groove V-Belt #4/8V1700
4/8V3150 Bando Power Band 4 Groove, 8V series #4/8V3150
4/B100 Belt, Banded #4/B100
4/B112 Banded Belt #4/B112
4/B124SK 4 Groove Sheave 12.4 Dia Type B #4/B124
4/B154SF 4 Groove sheave 15.4 Dia Type B #4/B154
4/B3.6SD Heavy Duty QD Sheave 4 Groove 3.6′ Dia #4/B3.6SD
4/B36SD Sheave 4 Groove, Series B, 3.6′ Dia, #4/B3.6SH
4/B58 Banded Belt #4/B58
4/B62 Belt, Banded #4/B62
4/B62SD 4 Groove Sheave 6.2 Dia Type B #4/B62
4/B66 Belt, Banded #4/B66
4/B7.0 4 Groove, B Section 7.0′ Dia Sheave #4/B7.0SK
4/B70 B70 Banded Belt #4/B70
4/B75 B75 Banded Belt # 4/B75
4/B80 Belt, Banded #4/B80
4/B90 Belt, Banded #4/B90
4/B95 Belt, Banded #4/B95
400-24-04 Bull Plug 2 x 1/4 #400-24-04
400120 SKF Rotary Shaft Seal Buna #400120
400250 400250 SEAL V-RING #SKF V25A
40913 Rigid Tubing Cutter #40913
40B30 40B30 Sprocket MPB
40Cx54 Hitachi #40 Cottered Rollere Chain, 54′ length. #40Cx54
40JA16 QD Sprocket #40 Chain 16 tooth, JA Bushing #40JA16
40SDS54 QD Sprocket #40 Chain 54 tooth, SD Bushing #40SDS54
410-060 Weld Cap X-Heavy 4′ #410-060
411B04105 DECCA solenoid coil, 115 vac, (17-324) #411B04105
4121A8-18 Zy-tec Gate Valve, threaded, #600 #4121A8-18
4121A818 Steel Gate Valves w/ 1′ NPT Spreaded Ports Class 800
4146AG150R2 SVF Ball Valve Full Port 2′ NPT #B4146AG150R2
41990450A Reliance motor brushes #41990450A
4221 SDI Gate Valve 1-1/2′ NPT #800, #4221
4221A8-18 Zy-tec Globe Valve #800, threaded
42272 Dymon Scrubs-in-a-bucket. 6/72 Count/case.
4285×1 Liquidtite Flexible Conduit 1′ ID, #4285×1
42DF35AFBJY Siemens’s Definite Purpose Contactor FLA 50, 3-pole, 120 Volt Coil. #42D35AFBJY
43100706 Blower motor for model # 031-1L-CR-B
3/8/4319 Liquitite Conduit 3/8′ #4319
432763 Desoutter Feed Drill Motor 0.3 kW, 4-Pole, #432763
436313 Desoutter Valve Bank, Valve Block Body
440-048 Weld Half Collar X-Heavy 2-1/2′ #440-048
4501-2LCCGF Process Gauge 4 1/2′ 30/0/30 1/2′ Lower # 4501-2LCCGF
450371-001 Rotary Actuator # 450371-001
4504 100/1 RB-LR Reducer, Double Reduction, 100:1, Hub City 4504 100/1 RB-LR 182TC
45550.62 EEC Positive Lock Terminal End cover P/N# 45550.62
45P51E F7 Inverter 7-1/2 Hp, 460 Vac Yaskawa #45P51E
460XP32 GE Lighting Contactor Power Pole Kit 30 Amp, #460XP32
46182707-001 Chart Paper, Box of paper. #46182707-001
470565 Seals #470565
472572 Seals #472572
472636 Clark Seal #472636
47371 EEC start/stop Push Button operator station, NEMA 4X with Legend Plates #47371
480H200 Martin Timely Belt #480H200
485-2 Digital Hygrometer with remote probe #485-2
48BSH3M20 Siemens adjustable solid state overload relay, 600 Vac, 22-45 adjustable amps, #48BSH3M20
49SAS01 Selector Switch #49SAS01
4B-95 V-Belt #4B-95
4L210 V-Belt #4L210
4MM-4-16 Metric Bolts with Alan cap screw on top # 4MM-4-16
4UJE5 aftercooler,1/3 HP
4W-#8SOCord SO Cord with 4 wires, size 8 # 4W-#8SOCord
4WE6E6X/Ew10N9K4/62 Rexroth directional control valve 120 vac, 3 position, 4 way, closed center
4WE6E6X/EW110N9DA/62 Rexroth directional control valve 120v, 3 position, 4 way, closed center #4WE6E6X/EW110N9DA/62
4X-KIT mini Optional Kit for remote mounting #4X-KIT mini
4x4SO 4 wire conductor 120amp, 480volt, #4. 4x4SO
5-370 5 MFD 370V capacitor
5/16 x 2 Bolt Stadard Hex Head 5/16′ x 2′
5/8V1900 5 Groove 8V series V-belt #5/8V1900
5001.223 Gland plate size 4, D=250 mm, for 6748.500 console
5002692 DC Motor PM(permanent magnet) 1/2hp,56C Frame,1750RPM, 90Volt DC Model No. #5002692
5010804 sensor M30x1.5 NPN-No/Nc, 15mm sense distance, 100mm flush housing
502-0104 2K OHM 10 Turn Potentiometer
506080 Sioux Tune up kit (5000 Impact Wrench) #506080
507-02-185 Bison gear motor, 30 RPM, 1/8 HP, 90vDC
50A60 Sprocket #50, 5/8′ Pitch, Type A 60 Tooth Stock Bore Steel #50A60
50B13x3/4 Sprocket #50B13x3/4
50BS32F Sprocket #50 chain 32 tooth, Bored 1-7/16′ #50BS32F
50BS32F 1-7/16 Sprocket #50 Chain 32 tooth, Bored 1-7/16′ #50BS32F 1-7/16
50BTB20 Sprocket #50, 5/8′ Pitch, Type B Hub, 20 Tooth, Taper Bushed #50BTB20
5100-075 Retaining Ring,External 3/4′ shaft size, Truarc #5100-075
5100-1.500 TruArc Retaining Ring, #5100-1.500
5100-1081-000 Mini Solenoid valve connnector
5100-315 Truarc retaining ring 3.156′ shaft diameter, 5100-315
5100-37 TruArc Retaining Ring, #5100-37
5100-59 TruArc Retaining Ring#5100-59
5100essh100806 Eurobex Electrical enclosure Nema 1, 10x08x06 with innerback panel. Flange mounted 1,4 turn lock.
5100ESY242108 Steel disconnect box, 24x21x8
510H150G Bando Timing Belt Pitch Length 51.0′, Teeth 102, Width 1.5′ Synchro-Link #510H150G
51127 Banner Engineering MQDC1 506 Euro QD Cable #51127
5129X12 Hydraulic cap fittings #5129X12
5129X6 Hydraulic cap fittings #5129X6
5129X8 Hydraulic cap fittings #5129X8
5133-62 Truarc retaining ring 5/8′ shaft diameter, 5133-62
51470 1gang vertical box cover
51758 WIX Hydraulic Filter cross referenced w/ Donaldson P/N #51758
51973 Plain Handle #51973
5205-06 Fitting adapter 14′ NPT x 3/8′ JIC #5205-06
5205-CZZ Radial Ball Bearing 25x52x20.6 Shielded #5205-CZZ
52082RS Angular Bearing #52082RS
5212-2RS Bearing, Double Row, Angular Contact, #5212-2RS
52162RS Ball Bearing #5216-2RS
5229X12 Hydraulic plugs #5229X12
5229X6 Hydraulic plugs #5229X6
5229X8 Hydraulic plugs #5229X8
529A2CAB Siemens Selector Switch 3-position maintained, 30mm #529A2CAB
52BAJ Contactor Block normally closed #52BAJ
52BAK Contactor Block normally open
53-64 Ideal Worm Gear Clam 1/2′ Width Stainless Steel, Range 3-9/16’~4-1/2′
53040RS Bearing, Double Row, Angular, #MRC5304-2RS
5307-CZZ Double Row Bearing #5307-CZZ
53210 1 gang weatherproof box 2′ deep 4-1/2 holes
540H200 Belt # 540H200
5412 ESSW121206 Eurobex NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Enclusure Hinged 12 x 12 x 6 #5412ESSW121206\nw/ door window
5412ESCH080604 Eurobex enclosure #5412ESCH080604
5412ESFRQ121005 Eurobex NEMA 4X Fiberglass Enclosure w/ wing latch lid, 12′ x 10′ x 5’\nP/N#5412ESFRQ121005
54672654 Ingersoll-Rand Element, Coolant Fiter N37-75, #54672652
54749247 Ingersoll-Rand Element,Separator Filter,#5479247
550-TS-14-50-D0-08Y-NN2200 Hydraulic Power Unit 120VAC 1-Phase, relief valve, 3-position Sol valve, cly ports blocked, press return ports open, 120 volt coils
5500ESY242108 EXM Safety Disconnect Enclosure , 24x21x08 Steel, with back panel. NEMA 12, #5500ESY242108
569-011-24 1-1/2′ Water Hose Red Horizon
57-32 Ideal Worm Gear Clamp 1-9/16′ – 1-1/2’\n#5032HS32 #57-32
5794600220 Rexroth Valve #5794600220
5809P PH USEM 600 Hp, VHS WP-1 Enclosure, 1800 RPM, 5809PH Frame, 1.15 S.F., 4160 V, Class F, Code G. #5809P, PH
580H200 Timing belt
581SS Y-Strainer, stainless, 1/2′ # 581SS
59135-000 Hamlin Sensor High Temperature Rated, #59135-000
59135-030 Hamlin High Temperature Flange Mount Cable Length 500 mm #59135-030
5EL008 Stafford Shaft Extension #5EL008
5L010010K Staford 1 Piece Couplin Steel, 5/8′ X 5/8′ with std kwy #5L010010K
5L104104 Stafford Steel 1 piece Clamp Coupling 1.25 X 1.25′ #5L104104
5L104104REM Stafford 1-PC Clamp Coupling, Steel Re-Machinable 1.25 x .360 #5L104104REM
5L10410REM Stafford 1-PC Clamp Coupling, Steel Re-Machinable 1.25 x .360 #5L104104REM
5LM022010K Stafford1 piece split steel coupling w/ 22MM x 10MM ID x 45MM OD x 65MM long, M6 clamp screws and 6MM & 3MM keyways #5LM022010K
5LM022022 Stafford 2 piece split, steel coupling w/ 22MM x 22MM ID x 45MM OD x 65MM Long, M6 clamp screws and kno keyways #5LM022022
5R5-5FJ Reusable Hydraulic Coupling JIC 37 Degree Female 1/4′ Hose ID, 1/2-20 Thread #5R5-5FJ
5S104104 Stainless steel, 1pc. clamp coupling, 1.25 x 1.25
6’x 20′ suctionhose Black Suction Hose 6′ x 20′
6/5V1030E 6 Groove 5V Series Sheave #6/5V1030E
6/5V1250 Sheave 6 Groove 5V, 12.5 Dia 6/5V1250
6/5V2800 Bando Power Ace Combo V-Belt 6 Rib, Outside Length 280.75′, #6/5V2800
6/5V2800J 6 Groove 5V Series Sheave #6/5V2800J
6/5V850 6 Groove Sheave 8.5 Dia Type 5V #6/5V850
6/5V9.25 6 Groove Sheave, 9.25′ dia. #6/5V9.25
6/5VX1320 Goodyear Power Band V-Belt 6 Groove, 5V Series #6/5VX1320
6/B154 6 Groove Sheave 15.4 Dia Type B #6/B154
6/B58SK 6 Groove Sheave 5.8 Dia Type B #6/B58
6/B8.6 6 Groove Sheave, 8.6′ dia, Type B
6005ZZR Bearings #6005ZZR
600H200 Synchro-Link Timing Belt 1/2′ Pitch 2.0′ Width Neoprene #600H200
60105 OZERK 1/4-28 Straight Grease Fitting, P/N 60105
602-4915 Safety Relay # 602-4915
6029 Pump/Motor adapter, style 1, alum. #6020
6029-M Pump / Motor Adapter SAE #6029-M with 4 threaded mounting holes.
604-161 Bracket
60912094 Nuline-Rubber rubber collect 6.5-10 mm #60912094
60B-12 Sprocket 1 & 3/8′ bore
60B24 Sprocket Chain #60B24 Stock Bore, no bushing
60BS025 60BS025 25 Tooth Sprocket,1.25 bore
60CA Cam & Groove Coupler F Coupler x Hose Shank Type C 6′ #60CA
60DCA UPD Aluminum Cap Cam and Grove # 60DCA
60EA Cam & Groove Coupler Type E 6′ #60EA
60ML #60 Chain Masterlinks
60SDS24 Sprocket chain #60SDS24 QD hub
60SF45 Sprocket #60 chain, 34 tooth, QD hub
60SF453/4 #60, 3/4′ pitch QD sprocket, 45 teeth, SF QD bushing, with hardened teeth.
60SF80 Sprocket #60 chain, 45 tooth, QD hub
60SF803/4 60, 3/4′ pitch QD sprocket, 80 teeth, SF QD bushing, with hardened teeth.
60SH Maurey Hi-Flex Coupling Flange Assembly #60SH
60SH14 Sprocket #60 chain 14 tooth, QD hub
60SH143/4 60, 3/4′ pitch QD sprocket, 14 teeth, SH QD bushing, with hardened teeth.
610-714-89 Specially made condenser/fan motor for Frederick Unit
6111A8-18 Zy-Tech Gate Valve 3/4′, #1500, Socket Weld #6111A8-18
6111A818 Zy-Tech Gate Valve 1′, #1500, Socket Weld, #6111A818
6121A818 Gate Valve Threaded 1 1/2′ #6121A818
616C-1 Pressure Transducer 0-3 in. w.c. 5 psi
61905B HX 1/2 Stl Cond Locknut (200/2000) #61905B
6203ZZ Bearing 6203ZZ Sheilded Roller Bearing
6204-2RS Radial Ball Bearing #6204-2RS
6205-2RS Koyo Ball Bearing #6205-2RS
6211A8-18 Zy-Tech Globe Valve 2′, #1500, Socket Weld #6211A8-18
6244K62 Cast Iron mounted Steel Bearing-ABEC-1 1.50′ Shaft Dia. #6244K62
626-30-CH-P1-E1-S5 Pressure Transducer 5′ Hg-0 0-10vDC
626-30-GH-P1-E1-S5 Dwyer Pressure Transmitter, 0-10 vDC or 4-20 mA, #626-30-GH-P1-E1-S5
628-07-GH-P1-E1-S1 Pressure Transmitter 0-15 PSI,1/4′ NPT, 3 ft cable 4-20mA #628-07-GH-P1-E1-S1
628-08-GH-P1-E1-S1 Pressure Transmitter 0-30 PSI,1/4′ NPT, 3 ft cable 4-20mA, stainless #628-07-GH-P1-E1-S1
628-09-GH-P1-E1-S1 Pressure Transmitter 0-50 PSI, 1/4′ NPT, 3 ft cable, 4-20 ,mA #628-09-GH-P1-E1-S1
628-10GH-P1-E3-S1 Dwyer Industrial Pressure Transmitter, 1% accuracy, 0-100 psi range, 1/4′ NPT, Cable Gland 3′ Prewire Cable, 4-20 mA Signal Output #62810GH-P1-E3-S1
62PLPBH-4 PH Bulkhead Union
63-M10002806 63-M10002806\nM10002806 HUB 7/8′ x 3/16′ Magnaloy
63133 Power distribution block
6320 Timken Bearing Outer Ring #6320
6355-4 Dwyer Industrial Pressure Transmitter 0-200 psi # 6355-4
6379 Timken Axle Bearing Inner Ring #6379
64100 Pressure gauge 0-100 psi Stainless Steel 2-1/2′ Dia, BM, filled, 1/4 NPT stem #64100
6423-007 Eaton Hydraulic Piston Pump CW rotation #6423-007
643K91 Subplate 1/2′ NPT #64391
64AT10/60 Steel Pulley, AT10 pitch, 60 Teeth, Flanged, no hub, 1′ plain bore, 40mm wide to accomodate belt 32mm wide
6500 MCO0605 Oil and dust tight, IP65 500 mm depth console base
6500 MWD0605 IP65 Metric 500 mm Depth console. 600 mm Width, oil and dust tight writing shelf design.
6500 MWDC0605 Oil and dust tight Cover plate, 600 mm width, for 6500 MWD0605 writing console.
6500MWDC Oil and dust tight Cover plate, 600 mm width, for 6500 MWD0605 writing console.
657-50901 Sheffer 67-50901
660-50760 Sheffer
6748.5 TP one-piece console, RAL 7035, with zinc-plated mounting plate
6B25.0E 6 groove heavy duty QD Sheave PN/6B250E
6B9.4SF 6 Groove Sheave 7.4 Dia Type B #6/B74
6EP13311SH03 Siemens Power Supply 24V,1.3A #6EP13311SH03
6EP13511SH02 24 VDC Siemens Power Supply 1.3 A, 100-240 VAC Input, output 24 VDC #
6j800sh Sheave, poly J, 6 groove, 8′ diameter, 6j800sh
6L8f24 Flange weld neck stainless steel, 3 inch
6SuctionHose 6′ Suction Hose, 20′ long with female cannon groove NPT on the ends
6x25ftKCN Hose Assembly 6’x25ft. KC Nipple on end and Type E Aluminum on other end #6x25ftKCN
7.518 Electric Motor 7.5hp, 1800RPM, 208/230/460Volts, Frame 213T
70-GT01003204141 Rexroth Air Valve, 5 port, 3 position, center open to exhaust, double solenoid, 24VDC, with 1/4′ NPT Subplate #70-GT01003204141
700-FSA3CU23 Allen-Bradley Timer ON-Delay #700-FSA3CU23
700-HRM12TU24 AB timing relay
700-TBR24 Allen Bradley Relay # 700-TBR24
700035920 5 meter quick disconnect cable
70030225 Redlion dual counter 10-28VDC
70075238 NEMA 4 Fiberglass Enclosure 14x10x06 wall mount clear cover
700HA32Z24 Allen-Bradley DPDT Relay 24 VDC 10 Amp #700HA32Z24
700HN125 Allen-Bradley Octal Socket Base 8 Pin Screw Terminals #700HN125
70167301 dual hand operator sensors STB UP6
70169-D Macromatic Controls Socket Relay 10A, 600V, 8-Pin #70169-D
70406 Sheffer Female Rod eye
71122831 Dunham-Bush replacement fan and motor assembly
712C-12-PI111CA Mac Air Valves # 712C-12-PI111CA
71925 Banner Engineering EZ Screen Demo List Safety Division #71925
71R64J-T112-C Gast Vacuum Pump 120 Vac, #71R64J-T112-C
7205x4x4 Fitting push-connect, Steel, straight 1/4′ NPT x 1/4′ Tube, #7205x4x4
7208M30 Belt
4/4/7217 WEATHERHEAD FITTING #7217-04-04
724A5KTJ3-SPC Boston H14868 5:1 ratio speed reducer, right angle, lubricant filled, with X724-11H-BK top plate
724B5KG Reducer, Morse gear 25-W-T-1R Series ED\nWorm gear speed reducer left hand gearing \nratio 5:1 model #ML5401
728782 LUTZE Regulated Power Supply, 115/230 Input, 24 VDC Output, 20A rated #728782
73045 Banner Engineering QS18VP6:DQ8 Diffuse Laser Sensor #73045
7306B FAG Bearings #7306B TVP UA
732B-40-J GEAR REDUCER #732B-40-J
73853 Banner Engineering D10 Demo Kit
73854 Banner Engineering DX80 Wireless Demo Kit #73854
74123 Banner Engineering Q12AB6FF50Q5 Fixed Field 50 mm Sensor #74123
74387 Banner Engineering World Beam Assorted Kit #74387
7470-A19 Hyd Joy stick Single lever assambly 5-190 PSI Type 11 #7470-A19
750406 WAGO Modular system #750406
750512 WAGO Modular System #750512
750513 WAGO Modular system #750513
750615 WAGO Termianl with fuse #750-615
75228 Banner Engineering World Beam Expert QS18EP6DVQ8 #75228
75671 Banner Engineering Tower Light 50mm, Green, Red, Yellow Light, K50LGRYPQ #75671
76092 Banner Engineering QS30EDVQ8 World Beam Expert Diffuse Sensor #76092
7640-120-2.6A Smart Pool Power Supply
76420 Banner Engineering t8L GRXPQP T8 EZ Light #76420
76517 Banner Engineering EZ Light Pick to light Demo Kit #76517
769 Double Bolt Clamp Plated Cast Iron 6-15/16 to 7-5/8′ #769
77865 Banner Engineering Safety Controller Demo Kit SC22-3 #77865
77883 Banner Engineering Segmented EZ Light K80L4GRYB1PQ #77883
784-D8M-20 Double sided Timing Belt #784-D8M-20
78925 Banner Engineering Tower Light 30 mm, Green Red Yellow Light K30LGRYPQ #78925
7PK2480 Automotive Belt #7PK2480
8/B7.4SF Heavy Duty QD Sheave,8 Grrove, 7.4′ Dia #8/B7.4SF
8/B8.6E 8 Groove Sheave 8.6 Dia Type B #8/B8.6E
8/B86E 8 Groove Sheave 8.6 Dia Type B #8/B86
80-2CL-SS Stainless Steel #80 Roller Chain Connecting Link #80-2CL-SS
80-2CLK1 K-1 attachment, for outside plate type, double row attachment link
80-2K2 Double Strand 80 K2 Attachment
80-2R Roller chain Riveted, single strand, #80-2R. (10 ft/box)
80-2RC4-L #80 size chain master link for double row chain
80-2WK2CL Hitachi #80 double roller chain attachment WK2 Steel #80-2WK2CL
80-3-C Roller Chain #80-3 cottered
80-3ALI Roller chain #80 offset link #80-3ALI
800-D8M-20 H Bando Timing Belt Double Sided 8M #800-D8M-20 H
800-H17 A-B Selector Switch 2-postion # 800-H17
80058 Banner Engineering T30UXDBQ8 Sensor #80058
800T-FXNP16GA7 Push/Pull Operator, Green Ill, 32mm, full voltage #800T-FXNP16GA7
800T-XD1 Allen-Bradley Shallow Contact Block 1 NC #800T-XD1
8038A-L Safety Vest / 100% Polyester, Zipper Front Closure, Orange, with Reflective Stripes
8038A-XL Safety Vest / 100% Polyester, Zipper Front Closure, Orange, with Reflective Stripes X-Large
8038B-3XL Safety Vest / 100% Polyester, Zipper Front Closure, Orange, No Reflective Stripes 3X-Large
8048A-2X Safety Vest / 100% Polyester, Zipper Front Closure, Lime Green, w/ Reflective Stripes
8048A-L Safety Vest / 100% Polyester, Zipper Front Closure, Lime Green, w/ Reflective Stripes
8048A-XL Safety Vest / 100% Polyester, Zipper Front Closure, Lime Green, w/ Reflective Stripes
80BS11 x 1-3/8 Sprocket Chain, #80 Series, 11 tooth, bored 1-3/8′ Hardened #80BS11 x 1-3/8
80BS11x1.0 Sprocket Chain #80 Series 11 Tooth, 1.0′ Bore Hardened #80BS11x1.0
80BS20F 1-7/16 Sprocket #80 chain 20 tooth, Bored 1-7/16′ 80BS20 1-7/16′
80C w/K1 6th Pitch #80 Cottered roller Chain with K! attachment every 6th Pitch, 186′ Length #80C w/K1 6th Pitch
80C X 59 Hitachi Roller Chain #80 Series Cottered, 59 Pitch Length #80C X 59
80SDS14 Roller Chain Sprocket 14 tooth, 80 Series Chain QD Hub #80SDS14
80SF36 Roller Chain Sprocket 36 Tooth, 80 Series Chain QD Hub #80SF36
80SF45 Sprocket Series 80 Chain 45 Tooth, QD hub, #80SF45
80SSWK2CL Hitachi #80 Series WK2 Connecting Link Stainless Steel #80SSWK2CL
810-201116 Cylinder rod eye for 2MHRF14 cylinder
810009 Bracket for Winsmith E13XDJS2X000BT
810010 Bracket for Winsmith E13XDJS2X000BT
81202 E-Force New Weapon Right Medium #81202
81203 E-Force New Weapon Right Large #81203
81213 E-Force New Weapon Left #81213
81402 E-Force Chill right Medium #81402
81403 E-Force Chill right Large #81403
8210G94 Solenoid Valve 120 Vac coil 2-way, 1/2 NPT Safety shutoff valve N.C.
83214 Banner Engineering Tower Light/Alarm TL50GYRAQ #83214
8330050 Step down transformer pri 277v sec 24V 40VA
83436 Banner Engineering Tower Light 50mm, Green, Red Yellow Light, K50FLGRYPQ #83436
83476 Banner Engineering iVu Demo Kit Vision #83476
83476-1 Banner Engineering iVu Conversion upgrade to Barcode #83476-1
837-H1X140 Allen-Bradley temperature switch #837-H1X140
844-100 Lenze Electronic Programming Module Programmer #844-100
844-110 Lenze EPM Bulk Pack (12 electronic programming modules) #844-110
844-240 SCM/SCL Series Remote Keypad Operator Interface #844-240
8501NR42B Schnider Relay, Socket, Blade 8 Pin #8501NR42B
8501RSD42P14V53 Square D Realy, 8 Pin, Form C #8501RSD42P14V53
8501XD080V53 Squard D Brake Control Relay #8501XD080V53
850H100G Bando Timing Belt 850H100G
855E-24DN8 Allen-Bradley Stack Lamp, #855E-24DN8
855TL10 Allen-Bradley Lamp 110 Volt, #855TL10
855TL24 Allen-Bradley Lamp 24 Volt, #855TL24
8605841 RVC063-5:1-UB=0.75’x2.52′ SP – U=1.25′ Hi temp Special
8670X11/8 bore Pulley, Sheave, 11/8 Bore
870-1305 Soft Starter 480V, 50HP, 120V coil # 870-1305
87FUF60ADA Siemens Pump Panel Size 2 with control Transforer, HOA #87FUF60ADA
890-170-087-0 Filter Bosch Rexroth Pneumatic Filter #890-170-087-0 Filter
89295976 Filter Element (Ingersoll-Rand) #89295976
8C11.0F Sheave, 8 Groove, 11.0 Dia C Series Belt, type F Hub
8mm x 25mm Bolt metric 8mm x 25 mm Hex Head
8V1700 Bando Power Ace 8V1700
907T500D1 Transformer 480-120 Volt#907T500D1
9080GBC30 Square D, Circuit Breaker 3 Amp, 1 Phase #9080GBC30
9080GCB100 Schneider Electric Circuit Breaker, 10 A, 1 Phase #9080GCB100
9080GCB30 Schneider Electric Circuit Breaker, 3 A, 1 Phase #9080GCB30
9080GCB70 Square D, Circuit Breaker 1 Amp, 1 Phase #9080GCB70
9080LBA364108 Square D, PowerDistribution 1-8, #MG24127
9080LBA365212 Schnider Power Block #9080LBA365212
90SK Maurey Hi-Flex Coupling #90SK
91.120127 Lenze coil 180 v #91.120127
9100x4x4 Weatherhead Fittings 1/4′ X 1/4′ # 9100x4x4
9100X6X4 Fitting 1/4′ NPT X 3/*’ JIC Swivel Adapter #9100X6X4
9102KDD Bearings # 9102KDD
91682-F20002 Fasteners Type ‘E’, 1 inch, #91682-F20002
92-0830-113-AD-536 Bray Actuator #92-0830-113-AD-536
92517-F30447 Power Wrench WH1, # 92517-F30447
92524-F30474 110 Bolt Beakers #92525-F30463
92525-F30463 HP1 Power Punch #92525-F30463
926CDND-LU-LR-56C-150 Winsmith Gearbox, 150:1 P/N 926CDND-LU-LR-56C-150
6/8/9315 9315-06-08 WEATHERHEAD FITTING
10/8/9315 Fitting SAE 1/2×3/8
9325-EVS Lenze Controller #9325-EVS
943XDSS5X280A8 Winsmith Gear Reducer P/N 943XDSS5X280A8
94571 Tube Bender1/4′ Manual #94571
95131C Idec 9 Pin octal relay base #95131C
8/6/9515 9515-08-06 WEATHERHEAD FITTING 90 Degree Angle
95ACC5240 IDEC Universal Sensor Accessory, Alum., Ell Bracket #95ACC5240
95H-1′ Regulator Steam 1′ Cast Iron, Neoprene Diaphragm, Brass Seat and Disk holder, Max inlet Pressure 250 psig Type 95H Fisher
95H-3/4 Regulator Steam 3/4′ Cast Iron, Neoprene Diaphragm, Brass Seat and Disk holder, Max inlet Pressure 250 psig Type 95H Fisher
95H-49 Regulator Steam 1′ Cast Iron, Neoprene Diaphragm, Brass Seat and Disk holder, Max inlet Pressure 250 psig Type 95H Fisher
969 Bodine L Bracket #969
984 Bodine Die Cast Terminal Box #984
99-0086 External power supply for Wonderwear touchscreen
99080151 Replacement Vent Fans, 120vAC, 1.03A, dual shaft
99142A560 Retaining Ring, Internal 1-5/8′ #99142A560
9922-002 A C Tech Bypass Board, O.E.M.
9E SLEEVE TB Woods Coupling, 9E, Rubber
A-700-2 Powersupply for water pump #A-700-2
A-700-4 Powersupply for water pump #A-700-4
A-RC 2 1/2′ Bore 6′ Stroke Allen Air Repair kit # A-RC 2 1/2′ Bore 6′ Stroke
A0-31-6 Pneumadyne 3-way pneumatic valve, manual pushbutton operator,N.O., push connect tube fittings, 1/4′ tube #A0-31-6
A10525274 CompAir Filter P/N #A10525274
A16P14 Hoffman Back Panel 16 x 14 #A16P14
A50QS60 Semicond. Fuse, 500 VAC, 60 Amp, 0.81′ OD, 3.19′ L
A6T1 Shawmut Class T Fuse, Current Limiting, 1 Amp #A6T1
AB20 2′ Brass Type A cam
AB6M-M1P-R Idec pushbutton, round, red, oil tight (IP65)
ABE7H16C21 Schneider Electric Breakout Base #ABE7H16C21
ABFW-200 IDEC Pushbutton cap color blue #ABFW-200
ABL8PRS24100 Square D Power Supply, 10 Amp, #ABL8PRS24100
ABL8WPS24200 Square D, Power Supply, 20 Amp #ABL8WPS24200
ABP-66SP Swing out panel
ABW1B-R IDEC E-Stop assembled 40 mm Mushroom Button Red, #ABW4B-R
ABW1B-Y IDEC Non-Illuminated Pushbutton Round Flush Yellow, #ABW1B-Y
AC25-N03G-3Z SMC FIlter-Regulator-Lubricaton combo 3/8′ NPT, #AC25-N03G-3Z
ACT050-42L-F ACT Current Transducer 0-50 Amps, Fixed Core, 4-20 mA, #ACT050-42L-F
ACT050-42L-S ACT Current Transducer 0-50 Amp, 4-20 mA, #ACT050-42L-S
AD03CPP manifold blanking plate
AD03P032SC AD03P032SC Manifold Daman Products
ADO3P022S aluminum 3 station manifold ADO3P022S
AF30-N03-Z SMC Filter used to assemble the Watts FRL Combo, P/N AF30-N03-Z
AF40-NO4-Z SMC Filter used to assemble the Watts FRL Combo, P/N AF40-NO4-Z
AGEWIN1-B Microsmart PLC conrtol box with alarm light, transformer, start and stop controls
AGEWIN2-A Gauge box with 3 lid mounted gauges, with water jet cut holes
AGEWIN3-A Disconnect box with separate breakers for both 3 phase motors and two secondary single phase breakers
AgeWin4-A Microsmart PLC control box w/alarm light, transformer, start and stop controls. & Disconnect box w/ separate breakers for both 3 phase motors and two secondary single phase breakers
aggie-hose-3/4′ 3/4′ Aggie hose with male ends
AGH.75×20 Aggie Gasoline Hose assy 3/4′ ID x 20′ Male NPT each eland AGH.75×20
AGY1002020 Hose Assembly 1-1/4′ ID x 20 ft length, 1-1/4′ NPT male pipe each end, double banded w/SS bands. #AGY1002020
AH1197/PA3493 Baldwin Filter # AH1197/PA3493
AJT40 40 Amp type J fuse will fit 60 Amp slot #AJT40
AK114 Sheave with 3/4′ Bore #AK114
AK25 Sheave with 7/8′ bore #AK25
AK34 Sheave with 3/4′ Bore #AK34
AK39 Sheave with 5/8′ Bore #AK39
AK41 Sheave with 3/4′ Bore #AK41
AK84 Sheave with 3/4′ bore #AK84
AL114 Sheave with 3/4′ bore #AL114
AL215AT10/40-0 Brecoflex Aluminum Pulley ATL10, 40 Tooth, 215 MM Width, 16 MM Dia Blind holes #AL215AT10/40-0
AL60C Cam & Groove Couple Type C, Female Coupler x Hose Shank 6′ Alum #AL60C
AL60E Cam & Groove Coupler Type E, Male adapter x Hose Shank 6′ Alum. #AL60E
AL84x3/4 Sheave with 3/4′ bore # AL84x3/4
ALBR140MC2EC16 Allen-Bradley Manual Motor Contor #ALBR140MC2EC16
ALBR198EAYTG2 Allen-Bradley Enclosure NEMA $X #ALBR198EAYTG2
ALBR800TH17 A-B 800T – H17 OPER S – SW # ALBR800TH17
AM-AM1648H Electrical Enclosure
AM-PA164 Aluminum Panel
AM1206L Enclosure fiberglass 12 x 10 x 6 #AM1206L
AM2068RT Enclosure, Fiberglass, 20 x 16 x 8 Hinged cover with Twist latches
AM2068RT-MP Mounting Back Panel, Alum for enclosure AM2068RT
AN400-N04 Air muffler, 1/2′ NPT
AP-6/1 70-100 EEC Pressure Switch One-way Single Port, 70-100 PSI, Diaphragm Actuation, Max 277 Vac, #AP-6/1 70-100
AR40-N04E-Z SMC Regulator used in the assembly of Watts FRL Combo, P/N AR40-N04E-Z
AS2211-N02-075 SMC Flow Control Fitting 1/4′ tube x 1/4′ NPT #AS2211-N02-075
AS3200-N03 SMC FLOW CONTROL 3/8’AS3200-N03
ASP430F-N02 SMC Speed Controller with PIlot Check Valve with tube fitting, 1/4′ NPT Port, 1/8′ Pilot, #ASP430F-N02
AT-FM-10K dual hand safety module
AT1.5-18-56CB Electric Motor 1.5 Hp, 230/460, 1800 rpm, 3-phase, 56C, TEFC #AT1.5-18-56CB
AT10-18-215TC Electric Motor 10 Hp, 1800 RPM, 215 TC Frame, 230/460/3/60 #AT10-18-215TC
ATDR30 Bussman Fuse P/N LP-CC-30, 30Amp Fuses
ATL10,40Tx215MM Brecoflex Timing Pulley Stock, Aluminum, 40 Tooth , ATL 10, #ATL10,40Tx215MM
ATQ-1 AMP EEC ATQ-1 AMP Slow Blow Fuse # ATQ-1 AMP
ATQR-1/2AMP EEC 1/2 A ‘R’ TD Fuse # ATQR-1/2AMP
ATS-30-12 Murphy Tachometer #ATS-30-12
ATV71H075N4 Square D, VFD #ATV71H075N4
AUX 10 Aux contactor 120 Volt AC, for use with EEC 25.01-A contactor
AYD301N-R IDEC E-stop, Push/Pull, NC, 30mm mushroom
AYLW49911D-G-120V IDEC TW P-PULL FV # AYLW49911D-G-120V
B–35 2-Bolt Clamp3’#B-35
B050MBT713RK EEC 50VA 208/230/460-120V & 24 sec # B050MBT713RK
B106-2-1/4 B-Loc Transtorque Keyless Bushing B106 Series 2-1/4′ Bore #B106
B106-2-1/8 B-Loc Transtorque Keyless Bushing B106 Series, 2-1/8′ Bore #B106
B112-2-1/4 B-Loc Transtorque Keyless Bushing B112 Series, 2-1/4′ Bore #B112
B112-25X55 B-Loc Transtorque Keyless Bushing B112 Series, 25X55 MM Bore, #B112
B131 Baldwin Filter #B131
B13B-110 Buzzer # B13B-110
B144 Belt #B144
B173 Power King MULTI #B173
B18K-G AEG Overload Relay, Type B, Plug on Mount, 4.0 – 6.3. #B18K-G
B18K-I AEG Overload Relay Type B 2.5-4 Adjustable Amp Setting #B 18K-I
B18K-N Adjustable overload relay Type B 10-16 amps
B200PU1519JJF Isolation Transformer
B2020-6 B-Line Clamp #B2020-6 Plated Steel.
B22-S4-104 Emergency Stop, Push,Pull, Twist Release,
B22-S4-114 Emergency Stop Station, Red maintained operator, Twist Release 4-X enclosure #B22-S4-114
B22-S4-204 Operator Control Unit # B22-S4-204
B30-BZ-U-33 30mm LEGEND ‘ OFF-ON’ #B30-BZ-U-33
B33F Baldwin Filter(cross ref. 90915-YZZF2) #B33F
B3B2AA -40/120 Temp. gauge, 3′ dial face, 2′ stem
B3B2PP 50/400 Temp. gauge, 3′ dial face, 2′ stem
B3B3x6 Bimetal Thermometer 3′ Dial, back connect 6′ stem
B424VXCYLM100 Pressure Switch 10 to 100 PSI, SPDT, Fixed
B500BTZ13RB Control Transformer 500 VA Output Amps
B521BB549 4 Way Valve W20B PH 1/4′ D.SOL 2P 24VDC
B5B6-AA 5′ face 6′ stem Thermometer -40 – 120 F # B5B6-AA
B5B6-RR 5′ face 6′ stem Thermometer 50 – 550F # B5B6-RR
B602-104 B-LOC, B106 1.25 Keyless Bushing, P/N B602-104
B602106 B-LOC, B106 1.375 Keyless Bushing, P/N B602-106
B602108 B-LOC, B106 1-1/2′ Keyless Bushing, P/N B602108
B7039 Baldwin Filter
B73-1165 Piston Seal Kit # B73-1165
B732-700 Rod-Gland Seal Kit #B732-700
B732-751 Schrader-Bellows Piston-Seal Kit # B732-751
B7339 Baldwin filter # B7339
B73G-4A-MP Air regulator / filter, 1/2′ NPT Auto Drain #B73G-4A-MP
B8151-0/PG9 Turck 5 Conductor Field Wireable Connector #B8151-0/PG9
B82203 B-Loc Keyless Hub B82203 2-3/16′ Shaft
BB7521350 3/8′ Burr Bit # BB7521350
BC-7173 Hydraulic Filter
BEC-19 Sealmaster bearing end cap, closed.
BEC-24 Sealmaster bearing end cap, closed.
BES-516-371-E4-C-05 Balluff Speed Sensor # BES-516-371-E4-C-05
BF1282 Baldwin Filter #BF1282
BF1352S Baldwin Filter BF1352SP
BF1352SP Baldwin Filter #BF1352SP
BF1356 Baldwin Filters #BF1356
BF840-K1 Baldwin #BF840-K1
BFD-GG-10-02 Green momentary start button, includes one contact block
BFD-GR-01-01 Red momentary stop button, included one contact block
BFD-GS EEC Pushbutton Momentary Operator, Round Polyamide 22 mm, Black, P/N# BFD-GS
BFD-GS-10 EEC Pushbutton Operator Black, Round Polyamide, 22 mm, Flush P/N# BFD-GS-10
BFK-1S-10 On/Off Switch #BFK-1S-10
BFK458-12E Lenze Brake- #BFK458-12E Bore size 24mm
BFP-RA-02FIX Emergency Stop
BFU-PZ-PTM5 EEC Potentiometer element and operator, Single Turn, 2 Watt, 5 K Round Polyamide, #BFU-PZ-PTM5
BFV203WFB311HL0 Butterfly Valve Wafer Pattern 3 inch Ductile Iron, 316 Stainless Disc, Seat and O-ring EPDM, Stem 410 Stainless
BHFW18R015TE2X Brother Gearmotor Water Resistant Frame 18, Ration 15:1, 3 Phase, 1/20 HP, 208/220 VAC, 1/2′ Shaft with flat #BHFW18R015TE2X
BHFW18R015TF2 Brother Gearmotor #BHFW18R015TF2
BHSW15R-010TD2X Brother Gear Motor 1/2′ shaft, special made #BHSW15R-010TD2X
BI-4-M12VP6X-H1141 Turck Inductive Sensor #BI-4-M12VP6X-H1141
Bi15UEM30WD-AP6X-H1141 Turck Prox Sensor 10-30 VDC, 200 mA (1634820) #Bi15UEM30WD-AP6X-H1141
BI2U-EG08-AP6X-H1341 Turck 8MM Proximity Sensor #BI2U-EG08-AP6X-H1341
Bl-5-EM18-AN6X-H1141 Inductive proximity sensor, stainless steel housing\nP/N#Bl-5-EM18-AN6X-H1141
BL67-4AI-V/I Square D, AI Module #BL67-4AI-V/I
BL67-4DO-2A-P Square D, Digital Output Modue #BL67-4DO-2A-P
BL67-80-0.5A-P Turck Digital Output Unit, #BL67-80-0.5A-P
BL67-8D0-0.5A-P Square D, Digital Output Module #BL67-8D0-0.5A-P
BL67-8D1-P Turck Digital Input Unit, #BL67-8D1-P
BL67-8DI-P Square D, Digital Input Module #BL67-8DI-P
BL67-B-1RSM Square D, Bl67Power Module Base #BL67-B-1RSM
BL67-B-2M12 Turck Base Unit #BL67-B-2M12
BL67-B-4M12 Square D, Base, 4 Channel, M12 Conn #BL67-B-4M12
BL67-B-8M8 Square D, Base, 8 Channel, M8 Conn. #BL67-B-8M8
BL67-PF-24VDC Square D, Power Module #BL67-PF-24VDC
BL67-PG-EN Square D, BL67 Main Module #BL67-PG-EN
BLL-BMJ-G EE Controls
BM3 3/8′ Brass Hose Mender # BM3
BMP-4GL EE Controls
BMS-48 Air Mufflers #BMS-48
BMXEHC0200 Schneider Electric High Speed Counter #BMXEHC0200
BMXFTB2000 Schneider Electric 20 PT Connector Kit #BMXFTB2000
BMXXTSHSC20 Schneider Electric High Speed Counter Connector Kit #BMXXTSHSC20
BN32 3/8′ X 1/4′ Barb X MPT Brass Fitting # BN32
BNM3 IDEC Marking Strip Fastener #BNM3
BNM7 IDEC Terminal Marking Strip PVC #BNM7
BNP-ES 225 EEC E-stop sticker for B22 series E-stop, sold individually
BNPES-238 Emergency Stop Sticker
box plug box plug
BPS-015 DC Power Supply 24v AC/DC in, 24v DC out (adjustable 1.5 – 27vDC)
BRC702-E00 Carotron 2Hp Drive, 240vAC SP input, 180vDC output
BRT-35DM Banner Retroreflector Round Acrylic Target with mounting stud, micro-prism 34.5 mm #BRT-35DM
BRT-35X35B Banner Reflector, White Housing #BRT-35X35B
BRZ324084 Isostatic Sintered Bronze Bushing, 2′ X 2-1/2′ X 3′ long
BRZ48804 Sintered Brz Washer, 1′ ID x 1.50′ OD x .125
BSH 1403P 31A2A Schnider Servo Motor #BSH 1403P 31A2A
BSU-P2-PTM2.5 Potentiometer 2.5K Square Polyamide #BSU-P2-PTM2.5
BSU-PZ-PTM2.5K Black Potentiomter Square #BSU-PZ-PTM2.5K
BT287 Baldwin filter # BT287
BT339 Baldwin Filter #BT339
BT387 Hydraulic Fluid Filter
BT7339 Baldwin Filter # BT7339
BT839 Bawlin Hydraulic Return Line Filter #BT839
BT8833 Baldwin Filter # BT8833
BT8892-MPG Baldwin Filter #BT8892-MPG
BUSHINGS-:E 1 E QD Bushing #E 1
BUSHINGS-:E 1-15/16 E QD Bushing #E 1-15/16
BUSHINGS-:E 1-5/16 E QD Bushing #E 1-5/16
BUSHINGS-:E 1-7/8 E QD Bushing #E 1-7/8
BUSHINGS-:E 1 7/8 E QD Bushing #E 1-7/8
BUSHINGS-:E 2-1/8 E QD Bushing #E 2-1/8
BUSHINGS-:E 2-15/16 E QD Bushing #E 2-15/16
BUSHINGS-:E 2-3/16 E QD Bushing #E 2-3/16
BUSHINGS-:E 2-7/16 E QD Bushing #E 2-7/16
BUSHINGS-:E 2-7/8′ E QD Bushing #E 2-7/8
BUSHINGS-:E 3-3/8 E QD Bushing #E 3-3/8
BUSHINGS-:F 1-15/16 F QD Bushing #F 1-15/16
BUSHINGS-:F 3-3/8 F QD Bushing #F 3-3/8
BUSHINGS-:F 3-7/16 F QD Bushing #F 3-7/16
BUSHINGS-:J 3-15/16 J QD Bushing #J 3-15/16
BUSHINGS-:J 3-7/16 J QD Bushing #J 3-7/16
BUSHINGS-:JA 1-1/4 JA QD Bushing #JA 1-1/4
BUSHINGS-:JA 7/8 JA QD Bushing #JA 7/8
BUSHINGS-:SD 1-3/8 SD QD Bushing #SD 1-3/8
BUSHINGS-:SD 1-5/8 SD QD Bushing #SD 1-5/8
BUSHINGS-:SD 1-7/16 SD QD Bushing #SD 1-7/16
BUSHINGS-:SDS 1-1/2′ SDS QD Bushing #SDS 1-1/2
BUSHINGS-:SDS 1-15/16 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 1-15/16
BUSHINGS-:SDS 1-7/16 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 1-7/16
BUSHINGS-:SDS 15/16 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 15/16
BUSHINGS-:SDS 2-3/8 SDS QD Bushing #SDS 2-3/8
BUSHINGS-:SF 1-1/8 QD Bushing #SF 1-1/8
BUSHINGS-:SF 1-15/16 SF QD Bushing #SF 1-15/16
BUSHINGS-:SF 1-3/8 SF QD Bushing #SF 1-3/8
BUSHINGS-:SF 1-5/8 SF QD Bushing #SF 1-5/8
BUSHINGS-:SF 1-7/16 SF QD Bushing #SF 1-7/16
BUSHINGS-:SF 1-7/8 SF QD Bushing #SF 1-7/8
BUSHINGS-:SF 2 SF QD Bushing #SF 2
BUSHINGS-:SF 2-1/4 SF QD Bushing #SF 2-1/4
BUSHINGS-:SF 2-1/8 SF QD Bushing #SF 2 1/8
BUSHINGS-:SF 2-15/16 SF QD Bushing #SF 2-15/16
BUSHINGS-:SF 2-5/16 SF QD Bushing #SF 2-5/16
BUSHINGS-:SF 2-7/16 SF QD Bushing #SF 2-7/16
BUSHINGS-:SF 2 3/16 SF QD Bushing #SF 2-3/16
BUSHINGS-:SH 1-1/8 SH QD Bushing #SH 1-1/8
BUSHINGS-:SH 22mm SH Bushing 24mm Bore
BUSHINGS-:SK 1-5/8 SK QD Bushing #SK 1-5/8
BUSHINGS-:SK 1-7/16 SK QD Bushing with #SK 1-7/16
BUSHINGS-:SK 2-1/4 SK QD Bushing #SK 2-1/4
BUSHINGS-:SK 2-3/16 SK QD Bushing #SK 2-3/16
BUSHINGS-:SK 2-7/16 SK QD Bushing #SK 2-7/16
BUSHINGS-:SK 2.0 SK QD Bushing #SK 2.0
BUSHINGS-:SK 3/4 SK QD Bushing #SK 3/4
BUSHINGS-:SK min. bore SK Bushing, minimum plain bore, to be bored by customer
BVSE125 Stainless Standard Port Ball Valve Female x Female NPT 1-1/4′ 1 Piece Telfon Seat #BVSE125
BVSR125 Stainless Standard Port Ball Valve Female x Female NPT 1-1/4′ 1 Piece Telfon Seat #BVSR125
BX-106 V-Belt BX-106
BX-60 V-Belt #BX-60
BX-68 V-Belt #BX-68
BX-72 V-Belt #BX-72
BX83 V belt
BX96 BX Belt 96
BX97 Belt #BX97
BZS-T1 EEC Nameplate ‘Special’ Legend Marking P/N#BZS-T1
BZS-T1-(FEED) EEC Engraved ‘FEED’ red insert\napproved per Andrew
BZS-T1-(IN) Engraved ‘IN’ red insert
BZS-T1-(OUT) Engraved ‘OUT’ red insert
BZS-T1-01 Engraved ‘STOP’ red insert
BZS-T1-02 Engraved ‘START’
BZS-T1-03 Engraved ‘Up’ red insert
BZS-T1-04 Engraved ‘Down’ red insert
BZS-T1-22 ‘Left’ Bitton Title TAg
BZS-T1-22-‘Right’ ‘Right’ Bitton Title Tag
BZS-T1-46 Legend Markers, 22mm, Auto/ man round operator # BZS-T1-46
BZS-T1-61 Engraved HAND-OFF-AUTO
BZS-T1-88 Engraved ‘ON OFF’
BZS-T1-Blow On-Off Blower On-Off title tag #BZS-T1-Blow On-Off
BZS-T1-Blower ON BZS-T1-Blower ON
BZS-T1-Heater On Green ‘Heater On’ light title tag #BZS-T1-Heater On
BZS-T1-Main Pan On Green ‘Main Pan. On ‘ light title tag #BZS-T1-Main Pan On
BZS-T1-Manual/Reset Manual Reset Tag #BZS-T1-Manual/Reset
BZS-T1-Power On Green ‘Power on’ light title tag #BZS-T1-Power On
BZS-T1-Program Down ‘Program Down’ titled block for down program #ZS-T1-Program Down
BZS-T1-Program Up ‘Program Up’ titled block #BZS-T1-Program Up
BZS-T1-Running Green ‘Running’ light title tag #BZS-T1-Running
BZS-T1-Tape Lift ‘Tape Lift’ PB title tag # BZS-T1-Tape Lift
C-1000 AHP Rod Clevis and Pin #C-1000
C-89 Fuji Inlet filter cover #C-89
C040101 3-Way Valve, Buna-N Seals, Dentented Nylon Toggle, #C040101
C103-60 McCoy Control Module #C103-60
C112 Power King MULTI #C112
C120 Power King MULTI #C120
C136PB Admittance Sign, Pressure Sensitive Vinyl, 10 x 14 ‘Caution Do Not Enter While Machinery is in Motion’ #C136PB
C1WH6 Panduit Cable Wire Tray Cover White 6 ft length, #C1WH6
C2050 C/L Allied-Locke Connecting Link for C2052 Double Pit Roller Chain
C2052 Conveyor series double pitch (1-1/4′) roller chain
C213P Caution No Smoking pressure sensitive vinyl 7×10 #C213P
C225 Power King MULTI #C225
C33 Fluke Soft Case #C33
C3D2R-STH Mach III End-of-Shaft, Ball Bearing Pilot Air Clutch Bore ___ ‘ #C3D2R-STH
C49P Caution No Smoking PS vinyl
CA-401057-1 Hosemaster Hose Assembly 2 x 16.0′ OAL Male NPT each endMetal Braid Hose #CA-401057-1
CA-401057-2 Hosemaster Hose Assembly 2 x 20.0′ OAL Male NPT each endMetal Braid Hose #CA-401057-2
CA38-3SB Filter Elemnet Coalsescing, #CA38-3SB
CAMERA SIGN Camera Sign for windows/doors
Cat 5 Cable Cat 5 Cable Shielded 300 Ft
CB0610 Clear Braid Tubing 3/8′ ID CB0610
CB0812 Clear Braid vinyl Tubing 1/2′
CB1014 Clear Braid vinyl tubing 5/8′
CB1221 Clear Braid Tubing 3/4′ ID #CB1221
CB1621 Clear Braid vinyl tubing 1′
CB844-2 Enclosure with A C Tech remote Operator
CBBALHN Sun Counter Balance Valve Cartage 3:1 3 port Non-vented, 5gpm #CBBA-LHN
CBC-1H-100A Circuit Breaker Adjustable Thermal Trip and Magnetic Trip, 600 Volt, 42kA, 100 Amp, Interrupting Capacity @ 480V, Molded Case, P/N# CBC-1H-100A-42KA
CBC-1H-40A-42KA Circuit Breaker Adjustable Thermal Trip and Magnetic Trip, 600 Volt, 42kA Interrupting Capacity @ 480V, Molded Case, P/N# CBC-1H-40A-42KA
cbc-1h-50a-42ka 50 amp circuit breaker #cbc-1h-50a-42ka
cbc-1h-80a-42ka 70 amp circuit breaker #cbc-1h-80a-42ka
CBL-SI-40FT Epix CBL-SI-40FT 40 foot SI cable
CBL-SI-RPTR Epix CBL-SI-RPTR SI Cable Repeater
CBL-SI-S-40FT Epix CBL-SI-S-40FT 40 foot high-flex SI cable
CC-25A-RG-4X 5Hp 230Volt 3phase motor NEMA 4 enclosure # CC-25A-RG-4X
CC-30A-RG-4X Fusible Disconnect, enclosed 4X, IP67, 30 Amp #CC-30A-RG-4X
CC16 Pacific Bearing Feather Shafting 1.0′ Dia #CC16
CCFE-2 1/2-SB McGill stud crowned face bearing
CCMR15 Little Fuse Time Delay 600V, 15A #CCMR15
CCP1001 Custom Control Panel, #CCP1001
CCP10110 Custom Control Panel
CCPDL16 Pacific Bearing Feather Shafting 1.0′ Dia !st Hole 3′ from end. #CCPDL16
CCYR-1.50-S Crowned Yoke Roller Bearing #CCYR-1.50-S
CD108-11141 Check Valve 2′ 10,000 psi, #CD108-11141
CF-1.25-S McGill Cam follower, P.N# CF-1.25-S
CF-1.50-SB-CR McGill Cam follower, P.N# CF-1.50-SB-CR
CF Drum Pulley PPI CF Drum Pulley 12 x 32
CF Wing Pulley 12 x 32 PPI CF Wing Pulley 12 x 32
CF30J6F ABB Flanged Disconnect, Fusible 30 Amp, 600 Volt #CF30J6F
CG4.5 Coupling Guard 4.5′
CG5.0 Coupling Guard 5′
CIM R-P7U40111B Yaskawa VFD 20 Hp, 480 VAC, NEMA 1 enclosure, #CIM R-P7U40111B
CIMR-E7U-47P51 Inverter Drive 10 Hp 460 Vac NEMA 1, #47P51
CIMR-F7U22P21E F7, 240v, 9.6/10.8A # CIMR-F7U22P21E
CIMR-F7U45P5 Yaskawa 7.5HP, 460 Volt Inverter
CIMR-G5M4075 Yaskawa VFD, 125 HP, 480 VAC, 3-Phase (G5M-4075-NO) #CIMR-G5M4075
CIMR-P7U-43P71 Yaskawa VFD, 5 HP, 480 VAC, 3-Phase NEMA 1 (GPD505-P7U) #CIMR-P7U-43P71
CIMR-P7U4075-N0 Yaskawa VFD 125 HP, 480 VAC, 3-Phase Open Chassis, #CIMR-P7U4075-N0
CKCA-XCN-EBA P.O. check valve cartridge
CKM-19019-3 Turck Wiring Cable 1M Length, 19 Pin, Homerun Cable #CKM-19019-3
CLS-A1043 Sheffer Rod Clevis Ends #CLS-A1043
CM2-36-56 2 Hp, 3600 RPM, O.D.P, electric motor
CM5-18-184T #CM5-18-184T
CMB-103-11C3N-W-A/10-XG Circuit Breaker, 10 Amp, Push Button Reset P/N# CMB-103-11C3N-W-A/10-XG
CMDP600 UPD 6′ Hose Mender Plated#CMDP600
CMS-18-184T 5 Hp, 1800 RPM 1-phase, O.D. electric motor
CN050 Combination Nipple Unplated Steel NTP End 1/2′ #CN050
CN075 Combination Nipple Unplated Steel NTP end 3/4′ #CN075
CN600 Combination Nipple Unplated Steel NTP end #CN600
CNB-08 Clamp Nut, CNB-08
CNB-11 Clamp Nut CNB-11
CO2-52-003 CO2-52-003 Seal
CP12RC Banner Powersupply, ultrasonic, 120V AC, 400 milamp, SPDT 5-amp #CP12RC
CP300 Belt Banded #CP300
CR460XP32 CR460XP32 GE Circuit Breaker 30 amp
CRFS-PN24T Sealmaster stainless steel bearing, type SKWEZLOC, 4-bolt flange, 1.50′ bore
CRFS-PN32T Sealmaster stainless steel bearing, type SKWEZLOC, 4-bolt flange, 2.00′ bore
CRFTS-PN20RT Sealmaster stainless steel bearing, type SKWEZLOC, 2-bolt flange, 1.25′ bore
CRFTS-PN32T Sealmaster stainless steel bearing, type SKWEZLOC, 2-bolt flange, 2.00′ bore
CRH20VBV 1-1/4 Cam Follower 1-1/4′ Steel, Sealed, Heavy Stud, Lubri-Disc Seals, Hex Hole #CRH20VBV-1/4
CRPS-PN32T Sealmaster stainless steel bearing, type SKWEZLOC pillow block, 2.00′ bore
CRY24VUUR Yoke Roller Bearing, cross P/N# CCYR-1.50-S
CSA70611B Quoted Custome Hydraulic System and Operator Panel.
CSM 19-19-5/S101 Turck Wiring Cable 3M Length 19 Pin, High Flex #CSM 19-19-5/S101
CUB5R000 Red Lion Counter #CUB5R000
CUBE-180-IEP Greenhech Exhaust Fan 30′ 480 VAC, 3 Phase, V-belt drive with sheaves. #CUBE-180-IEP
CUSED-1A Customer control panel 2 Hp, 230 Vac, 1-phase, NEMA-4X enclosure, with preprogrammed drive profile, 24 Volt power supply, wired and inspected.
CV3220N007 Holmbury Check Valve Carbon Steel, Body Size 1-1/4′ NPT, Female Ports, Cracking Pressure 7 PSI, #CV3220NN007
CWD 270W-BOX 2 Outlet Receptacle
CX-150 V-Belt #CX-150
CYR-2-S Yoke Roller Bearing Stainless #CYR-2-S
CYR-3-S Yoke Roller Bearing Stainless #CYR-3-S
D-721 Fasco Electric Fan Motor Single Shaft 1/5-1/12 HP, 115V1 Phase 1100/815 RPM #D-721
D-772 Fasco Electric Motor Double Shaft 1/4-1/3-1/2 HP, 208-230V1 Phase 1625/13755 RPM #D-772
D-B54 SMC Reed Switch #D-B54
D0-05AD PLC, 8 AC IN / 6 DC OUT # DO-05AD
D0-06AR Automation direct 208v AC in to Relay out.
D002301 24vDC Power Supply
D127PB Danger Diesel PS vinyl
D133P Safety Sign Danger Pressure Sensitive Vinyl 7′ x 10′ #D1339
D1EY2PH Metro Manual Hydraulic Valve, 3-way, Relief Setting 3,000 psi, Spring Centered, Powr Beyond, with Handle #D1EY2PH
D1VW004CNYCF 3 Position, 4 way, double solenoid, 120V Coil, D05 Hydraulic Valve
D2-0010-N1 US Drives Phoenix DX VFD 10 Hp, 230 Vac 1-Phase, NEMA 1 (IP20) 15 Kva, #D2-0010-N1
D2-BAT-1 Battery for DL06 PLC
D2-DSCBL-1 Automation Direct Programming Cable D2-250 #D2-DSCBL-1
D245P Safety Sign 7×10 #D245P
D307PB HazMat Warning Sign Pressure Sensitive Vinyl 10 x 14 ‘Danger Non_Potable Water Do Not Drink’, #D307PB
D40P Danger Gasoline 7×10 Pressure Sensitive Vinyl #D40P
D434P Safety Sign Danger
D502572 Steam traps 3/4 NPT
D60B11H Steel Sprocket Double 60, 3/4′ Pitch Stock Bore B Type Hub, 11 Tooth, #D60B11H
D60B23H Steel Sprocket Double 60, 3/4′ Pitch, Stock Bore, Type B Hub, 23 Tooth, #D60B23H
D760 Fasco electric motor \n1/2-1/3-1/4 HP, 208/230 volts, 1075 RPM, 3 Speed, Open Vent #D760
D772 FASCO electric motor 208-230 V, 3 Speed, Double Ended Shaft, #D772
D8042SF Sprocket Double 80 #D80B42SF
D80B15SK Sprocket Double 80 #D80B15SK
D80B42 Double Tooth Steel Sprocket 1.0′ Pitch #80 Type B MPB #D80B42
D80BTB19 Double row #80 sprocket, 19 tooth
D80BTB20SS Sprocket Double 80, B Hub, Taper Bore Hub, Stainless Steel #D80BTB20
D80BTB36 Double row #80 sprocket, 36 tooth
D80RIV Double #80 Riv. Roller Chain #D80RIV
DC20 Female NPT Brass Coupler 1/4′ # DC20
DCP20 1/4′ Female NPT Steel Plug # DCP20
DD336H625A1 Adalet 75HP Controls, 480 Volt
DDO6010L Daido Offset Link, Half Links THL60
Demo 1 E-Force Demo Pack #1, Heatseeker 2.0, 918103A, 918203A, 918303A, 918403A
DFVS600 Footvalve 6′ NPT, #DFVS600
DGA-22-AP (5 stickers/pkg.) Shear hazard 3′ x 5′ warning stickers with graphic.
DGA37PB Safety Sign 14×10 #DGA37PB
DGA60AP National Marker Op Haz-Arc Flash Label 3×5 #DGA60AP
DGS-1210-10P WebSmart 8-Port Gigabit PoE Switch #DGS-1210-10P
diesel-hose-1/2′ 1/2′ Diesel hose, gen. No ends. Sold per ft.
DIN Din Rail
DIVW001CNJW Directional Valves (w/closed center spool)
DL40BP Four Digit Placard 1993 10 3/4×10 3/4, PS Vinyl
DLM-07M-12-12 Mini Ball Rail Slide (machine clamps) # DLM-07M-12-12
DN-DIS10 Euro Disconnect Terminal Block, 300V, 25 Amp, DIN Rail #DN-DIS10
DS122 Yaskawa G5 Nema 1 Kit
DS28-061-5 Turck Wiring Cable 3M Length, 28 Pin, Flex Cable #DS28-061-5
DTMQ860-100-D4 Grove Gear Box, Double Reduction, Series 2600, Style DTMQ, 100:1 Ratio, Double Output Shaft Old P/N# DTMQ2600-100-5-210TC, New P/N #DTMQ860-100-D4
DU-1000-PS2 Industrial Keyboard with membrane across # DU-1000-PS2
DUMQ-226-400-56C Grove Gearbox Double Reduction Assembly L1, Style 4 #DUNQ-226-400-56C
DYM42272 Scrubs-in-a-Bucket, 1case, 6 buckets, 72 count per bucket
DYM42272-1 Scrubs-in-a-bucket hand cleaner towels, DYM42272
E 2-7/18 E 2-7/18
E D2-3BE 3 SD-RG EEC Safety Door Interlock, 3-Pole, 40 Amp, 600 Volt, On-Off P/N# E D2-3BE 3 SD-RG
E02-E4 FUJI Aux Contact 2 NO Front #E02-E4
E13XDJS2X000BT Winsmith gearbox, single reduction worm, with a ratio of : 10 to 1, #E13xDJS2X000BT
E23GG9ZCCM12V 3-Way N.O. 1/4’NPT 12V DC Explosion Proof Coil
E24GG9ZCCM Peter Paul Valve Explosion Proof 3-Way, 24 VDC, N.O. #E24GG9ZCCM
E2B203 Type E Pillow Block Bearing 2 Bolt 2.1875 #E2B203
E2Q2-N15Y4-U Omron Proximity switch 250V 500 mA
E60 Siemens O/L Heater for Starter #E60
E80C45 E80C45 (45 Tooth) 4’Bore, 1X3/8 2SS
E883SC100S AEG 3-Pole, 100 AMP, 600 Volt, molded casing circuit breaker
E91SULC13 EEC Mini Circuit Breaker, 3 pole, ‘C’trip single phase 13 Amps #E93SUlC25
E91SULC16 EEC Mini Circuit Breaker, 3 pole, ‘C’trip single phase 16 Amps #E93SUlC25
E91SULC40 Mini Circuit Breaker 20 Amp 1-pole, #E91SULC40
E91SULD10 1-Pole Mini Circuit Breaker #E91SULD10
E92SC25 Circuit Breaker 2 pole, 25 amp, #E92SC25
E92SULC06 EEC Mini Circuit Breaker, 6 Amp, ‘C’ Trip, Din Rail mounted, Short circuit Capacity 10kA, #E92SULC06
E92SULC10 Circuit Breaker 2 pole, 10 amp, #E92SULC10
E92SULC25 687311 Breaker 10kA 25 Amps UL #E92SULC25
E93SULC03 EEC Mini Circuit Breaker, 3 pole, ‘C’trip 3 Amps #E93SULC20
E93SULC20 EEC Mini Circuit Breaker, 3 pole, ‘C’trip 20 Amps #E93SUlC20
E93SULC25 EEC Mini Circuit Breaker, 3 pole, ‘C’trip 25 Amps #E93SUlC25
E93SULC40 EEC Mini Circuit Breaker, 3 pole, ‘C’trip 40 Amps #E93SUlC40
E93SULD03 3-Pole Mini Breaker # E93SULD03
E93SULD30 3-Pole Mini Circuit Breaker #E93SULD30
EC2 .25hp motor 90VDC VFD (5.75’H x2.88’W)
ECC-19 Sealmaster bearing end cap, plastic
ECC-24 Sealmaster bearing end cap, plastic
ECC-35 Sealmaster bearing end cap
ECX2300-5K Coater Motor Pot Control, Single Turn #ECX2300-5K
ECX2640 Potentiometer 0-100% legend Plate
ED2-3BE-3SD-RG EEC Disconnect 40A, 460vAC, 3P, P/N#ED2-3BE-3SD-RG
EEC17-25A EEC 3-Phase Overload Relay 17-25Amp adjustable range #EEC17-25A
EEC25.01-A0 25 AMP 120 Volt Contactor 3 Pole #EEC25.01-A0
EF242824 Bunting Bearing 1 1/2 Bore x 1 3/4 OD x 1 1/2 length 2′ flange OD x 3/16′ flange thickness powdered metal SAE 841 Flanged Bearing #EF242824
EF8210G55 ASCO Solenoid Valve #EF8210G55
EMAMB324T Adjustable Motor Base/ 324T
EMZ9371BC Lenze Keypad #EMZ9371BC
ENBG1 Safety Blow Gun # ENBG1
Enclosures:5100 ESCH060604 Type I Enclosure Grey #5100 ESCH060604
Enclosures:5100 ESCH121206 Box Nema 12-4 #5100 ESCH121206
Enclosures:5412 ESCH060403 Type 1 Enclosure Gray #5412 ESCH060403
Enclosures:5412 ESCH121206 Box Nema 12-4 #5412 ESCH121206
Enclosures:ES242008 Eurobex Nema 4 Fiberglass 20′(W) x 24′(H) #ES242008
Enclosures:ES242012 Eurobex Nema 4 Fiberglass 20′(W) x 24′(H) #ES242012
Enclosures:ESFRQ121206 Eurobex Nema 4 fiberglass 12′ x 12′ x 6′ #ESFRQ121206
EP081216 Bunting Brz Bushing, #EP081216
ESFRQ100806 Nema 4x Fiberglass enclosure (10.5′ x 8.5′ x 6.125′)
ESV222N02TMC Lenze 3 Hp, 230 VCAC,1-3-phase Input, NEMA 4X (IP65) Integral Mains Disconnect #ESV222N02YMC
ESV222N02YXC Lenze 3 Hp, 208/240 VAC, Single/Three Phase Input, Unfiltered without Disconnect, IP65 Indoor Convection Cooled #ESV222N02YXC
ESV222N04TXC Lenze 3 Hp, 460 VCAC, 3-phase Input, NEMA 4 #ESV222N04TXC
ESV251N01SXB SMVector Drive, .33 Hp, 120/240Vac, 1-phase #ESV251N015XB
ETC618331-S1114 G5+ Contol Board for UUX000053
Eurobex Catalog Eurobex Catalog
Eurobex enclosure Eurobex enclosure 10X12X5 NEMA 12 with backpanel
EV2N-3UDB1-4X 2 position selector switch 15hp, 460V, NEMA 4X enclosure
EV2N-3VDB1-4X 2 Position Selector Switch 15HP, 460V, NEMA 4X enclosure
EV3N-3BE-3FS Cam Switch Heavy Duty On / Off
EVS152N04YMC Lenze SMVector Drive 2 HP, 1.5 kW, NEMA 4X (IP65), 230 VAC 3-Phase, Integral Mains Disconnect #ESV152N04YMC
EVS222N02SE Lenze 3 Hp, 208-230 VAC, 1 Phase IP65 Enclosure #EVS222N02SE
EVSS9326-ES Lenze 9326 Drive 23.5A #EVSS9326-ES
EX-AR20 Micro Switch 120VAC 15 AMP #EX-AR20
EZA-MBK-1 Banner mounting bracket Light Curtain #EZA-MBK-1
F-89 Fuji Inlet Filter
F0310.750 Bimba air cylinder F0310.750
F210 x 1 15/16 4 Bolt Flange Bearing, F210 x 1 15/16
F2B6280 Fenner Drives Idler Pulley, 92′ Wide Belt) #F2B6280
F400B Hydraulic Flow Control Valve, Temp Press compensated 1/4′, Brass, NPT #F400B
F4B-DLM-208 Dodge bearing, P/N# F$B-DLM-208, 2.5′ bore
F632B-8-B9 Boston Gear Reducer # F632B-8-B9
F73G-4M Air Filter 1/2 inch #F73G-4M
Fa-MS-15-12-04 Fa-MS-15-12-04
FAN-131 Fan 5915PC-22T-B30 BOO 220VAC NMB
Fan-137 Muffin Fan Motor
Fan2714 Motor/Fan #Fan2714
FB2Q-312Z 3 button pushbutton box, hand held.
FC-DL-108 Dodge Bearing 1-1/2′ FC-DL-108
FC-DLM-107 Dodge Bearing 1-7/16′ FC-DLM-107
FC-DLM-200 Dodge Bearing 2′, FC-DLM-200
FC225x1-5/8 Machined Cast Iron Jaw Coupling # 1-5/8′ Bore #FC225x1-5/8
FC2A-KC4C IDEC Programming Cable 5 ft #FC2A-KC4C
FC30-1 3/8 COUPLING HALF #FC30-1 3/8
FC4A-ENET IDEC MicroSmart Web Server Module # FC4A-ENET
FC4A-KC2CA Touchscreen to RS232 PLC communications cable
FC4A-KC4CA IDEC MicroSmart Programming Cable #FC4A-KC4CA
FC4A-R081 8 Relay output module
FC4A-USB IDEC Programming Cable USB to RS232 Serial Adapter #FC4A-USB
FC5A-C10R2C Idec Pentra 10I/O CPU 6/4 Rly #FC5A-C10R2C
FC701-6-8 Right Angle Flow Control Valve, Parker P/N FC701-6-8, SMC P/N-AS4201F-N03-11S
FC702-4 Flow control valve
FDCB-LBN flow control valve
FE6 Maurey Hi-Flex Coupling Flexible Element Buna #FE6
FE9 Maurey Flexible Element Buna #FE9
FJ60A-RG Fusible Disconnect, 60A #FJ60A-RG
FL16 Pacific Bearing Simplicity Self-lubricating Bearing, Closed 1.0′ #FL16
FL1B-J2B2 Idec 2-pt Input Analog Module for Smart Relay
FL1B-M08D2R2 Idec Digital output module, 4 Inputs/4 Outputs, for Smart Relay, 24vAC/DC.
FL1D-B12RCE Idec Smart Relay, 12/24VDC, 8 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs.
FL1E-PC2 IDEC PRogramming Cable Smart Realy #FL1E-PC@
FL1E-RD1 Idec SmartRelay remote display, 24vAC/DC.
FLN-16 Linear Bearing, 1′ Bore, Compensated, Pacific #FLN-16
FLNC-16 Linear Bearing, 1′ Bore, Pacific#FLNC-16
FNET82203 Fenner B-Loc # WK B8002-3/16′,keyless Hub
FPNPT12G 1/2′ Cord Grips (Strain Relief), P/N #FPNPT12G
FS 4.5-0.5/18.25 UL, CSA 5 x 22 AWG, 5 pin male receptacle
FS20004 Tee Fitting 1/4′ NPT #FS20004
Fuel Hose 1′ I.D. 1′ Dia. Hose 300# Fuel Hose
FW38 Flat steel washers (50 ct. bag)
FX-Kit MIni Hitachi #FX-Kit Mini
FX28 Cable entry plinth # FX28
G1x1WH6 Panduit Cable Wire Tray 1 x 1 White 6 ft length, #G1x1WH6
G43-2-01 SMC Pressure Gauge, P/N G43-2-01
GBO/S P.O. check valve body
GDG2/10 250V 2/10A 5X20MM SM FUSE # GDG2/10
GDG630/1000 250V 63/1000A 5X20MM SM Fuse # GDG630/1000
GDL2 2 amp 250V fuses2 amp 250V fuses 1/4 X 1 1/4 Time Delay # GDL2
GDL5 5amp 250V fuses 1/4 X 1 1/4 Time Delay# \nGDL5
GH781-12-1′ Hose Assembly #GH781-12-1′
GNVR-IP816 8-16 CH NVR Case with ITB Hard Drive, Geo Vision Software\n
GR-TM880-15-R-210 Grove Gear Reducer (TM-2800-15-3-210TC)
GR211-35 GRIP IT INSERT 2 3/16 BORE #GR211-35
GRFT-208-24 D-LOK FLANGE BEARING, 2 BOLT, 1.50′ DIA. #GRFT-208-24
GRG-BMQ826-10-R-56 Grove gear bGrove gear box, 10:1 right angle, #3 assy. 56c
GRG-BMQ832-30-L-56 grove right angle gear reducer
GRP207-22 D-LOC Pillow Block Bearing 1.375 #207-1.375 GRP207-22
GRP211-35 PB Brg D -Loc 2 3/16\nGRP211-35
GT-010032-04141 Rexroth Air Valve
GT-16 Adjustable Voltage Tester # GT-16
GT3A-2AF20 Idec Timer 8 pin
GT5Y-2SN6D12 Idec 12vDC Timer, (6sec, 60sec, 6min, 60min)
GV-BX130DV 1.3M D/N Box IP Cam W/ Varifocal Lens
GV-PA191 POE Adapter (PoE Injector/Single camera only)
H069x5 Hydraulic Hose for Reuseable Hose Ends #H069x5
H100-R1-100 Hydraulic hose assembly, 1/4 ID x 100 ft OAL, with male NPT fittings
H1EVXBG0B9C Parker Solenoid Valve, 2-Position #H1EVXBG0B9C
H254 SS 120A Air Valves H Series Single Solenoid- 3-way 1/2′ NPT #H254 SS 120A
H314080-S Right Angle Gearbox #H314080-S
H326015 Cleveland Worm Gear Reducer, Modular Style, 15:1 ratio, 8′ CD, with Bolt-On Mounting Feet #80M11AA-15.5CA
H6064HCLL Enclosure with see through front, 6x6x4
H894100-00302 Standard electrical connector for double solenoid rexroth valve
H90M2X15 Metric Oring Buna 90 2×15 #H90M2X15
HBL2410 Hubbell Twist-Lock recepticle 20 A 125/250V #HBL2410
HCS 5/16-18 x 1-1/4 Bolt 304 SS Bolt 304 Stainless Steel HCS 5/16-18 x 1-1/4
HDCP400 4′ X 300′ Blue PVC Discharge flat hose # HDCP400
HDFS201 Wet Floor Sign #HDFS201
HDI 50-10DT-10SK HD Infinit-Indexer Coupling, 1.250
HDR1F262-5/1-182TC WWE Right Angle Gearbox Reducer P/N HDR1F262-5/1-182TC
HDUC251 2.5’X25′ Ducting, #18058
HEG3B040L Siemens 40amp, 3-phase Circuit Breaker # HEG3B040L
HEG3B100L Circuit Breaker 3P, 100A, 600V, 25KA, HEG LUGS # HEG3B100L
HFUR6x40 Suction Hose Rubber 6′ ID x 40 ft length #HFUR6X40
HG2F-SS22VCF Color STN LCD Touchscreen (5.7′)
HHI5-18-184T 5 Hp TEFC 480/240 3ph 1750 RPM class 1 div 2 Haundi UFD rated 280.45
High Drolick hose 1/4 ‘ High Drolick hose
HJG3B350L Siemens 600V, 335amp, ITE Accutrip, 3-pole, molded-case circuit breaker # HJG3B350L
HKK80-2SS Double Roller Chain Stainless Steel #80, #HKK80-2SS
HMMB-G90004 Wall Mount Bracket for N6076 Camera #HMMB-G90004
HNAV-27 IDEC E-Stop Label 30 mm #HNAV-27
HNF361 Siemens Disconnect 30 Amp, NEMA 1, 3 phase, 600 Volt, non-fusible #HNF361
HO550-STPA Motion equiv. to Truacr P/N# N5000-550.
HOFFA16148CHQRFG Hoffman Fiberglass enclosure NEMA 4 16 x 14 x 8 #HOFFA16148CHQRFG
Hose assembly H10404 Hose assembly, H10404 X 3′ W/04U-104, 04U-604, 1/4′ Hydraulic Hose
HP1 Power Punch Power Punch HP1
HPON025 Push-on Hose, Multipurpose, 1/4′ ID, 300 psi working pressure #HPON025
HSUR40 Suction Hose, Rubber,4′ ID, EPDM Tube, Water suction & Discharge, Textile Cord with Wire Helix #HSUR40
HSUR60 Suction Hose, Rubber, 6′ ID, EPDM Tube, Water suction & Discharge, Textile Cord with Wire Helix #HSUR60
HSW-150150 Red Rubber Air & Water Hose, 1-1/2′ ID, 150# PSI WP, 2 Spiral #HSW-150150
HSWI-50300 \nRed Rubber Heavy Duty Hose, 300 psi WP, SBR Tube & Cover, 1/2′ ID, #HSWI-50300
HSWI-5300 Reel (600ft) 1/2′ red air hose, 200psi
HTWR022 Twin Welding Hose Coupled Lengths 1/2 x 50 feet, 200 psi #WTHR022
HTWR024 Twin Welding Hose Coupled Lengths 1/4 x 100 feet, 200 psi #EETWR024
Hub & Sheave Combo 8.4′ diameter Hub and an SDS 1′ Sheave Combo #Hub and Sheave Combo
HW-CBL IDEC Contact block mounting adapter #HW-CBL
HW-CBL-PK IDEC Contact Block Mounting Adapter#HW-CBL-PK
HW-DA1FB IDEC Dummy block with Full Voltage Adaptor Fingersafe terminals #HW-DA1FB
HW-LH3 IDEC Lead holder #HW-LH3
HW1 P Wrench Power Wrench # HW1 P Wrench
HW1A-L1-Y IDEC Round Flush Yellow Lens #HW1-A-L1-Y
HW1B-Y2R IDEC Pushbutton maintained non-ill Red #HW1B-Y2R
HW4B-M1F10-B IDEC Pushbutton, Non-Illuminated, Black, Metal Bezel, Momentary, 1 NO, #HW4B-M1F10-B
HW4L-A0 IDEC Ill operator round flush #HW4L-A0
HW4L-M1FF11Q-G120V IDEC Pushbutton 22mm Metal, Momentary, Flush, 1 NO/1NC Full Voltage, Green, Incandescent, 120Vac #HW4L-M1FF11Q-G-120V
HW4S-33T IDEC Selector switch, 3 position momentary #HW4S-33T
HWK0402107 Keyless Locking Coupling Hub, 1.50′ DIA. Bore, #HWK0402107
HX 61805B 1/2 STL seal locknut (50/500)
HYDR1025 722F 100D 1/4′ Wire # HYDR1025
I-89 Fuji Inlet filter cover
ICN-4P32-SC Advance Centium Ballast 120v-277v #ICN-4P32-SC
IEGFG Relay double pole double throw 24 Volt normally closed Ac 10 amp spade type
IP32G Linear bearing solid body, 2′
IPP2-460ESP Siemens Pump Panel, Size 2 Starter, 460 Vac, 120 Volt coil, NEMA 3R enclosure, Fusible disconnect, Solid State Overloads. #IPP2-460ESP
IPP3-460-ESP Pump Panel 50hp, 460 volt, fusible, solidstate overload #IPP3-460-ESP
IPPCB2-230/460ESP Pump Panel with circuit breaker and solid state overload
IPPN08G Pacific Bearing Linear Bearing Pillow Block Open1/2′ IPPN08G
IPPN16G Thomson Ball Bushing W/ Housing, #SFB 16
IPPW32G Pacific Bearing Twin Closed Pillow Block 3′ ID #IPPW32G
IR2 Dwyer Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer, Range -76 to 932 Degrees F #IR2
IR3000-N03 SMC Precision Regulator, P/N IR3000-N03
IR54672654 Ingersal Rand Filters #IR54672654
IS-24 IDEC 24V 1W LAMP BA9S # IS-24/LS-2
IS-6 Redlite Water Discharge Hose 6’ID, Tube, smooth high density PVC, #IS-6
IVF-89 Fuji Inline filter
J 3.0 Type J Bushing Bore 3.0′ #J 3.0
JA-D2F Leach Relay 10 Amp 400 Hz, Solder Hook Terminals, Screw Mount 115 Vac Rectified, #JA-D2F
JA x 3/4 QD Hub JA x 3/4
JDT-5 Hydraulic Power Unit Vertical, 6 station manifold, 6 Directional Control Valves, 3-position, 4-way, 24 VDC coil, 5 gal, Reservoir, 2 P.O. Check Valves, 2 Flow Control Valves, Pressure Gage, Relief Valve, 1/2 Hp electric motor, Gear Pump, Strainer, Return
JJS Fuse 500 Amp 600 Volt #JJS
JQX-13-KE-4CL-G EEC Control Relay 8-Pin 4-Pole Double Throw 10 Amp, 24 VAC Coil #JQX-13-KE-4CL-G
K2-K2-41100-284-0XX-700N Bansbach gad charged lift cylinder (100mm stroke) #K2-K2-41100-284-0XX-700N
K2K2-41-100-284/700N Bansbach Gas Charged Lift Cylinder (100mm Stroke) #K2K2-41-100-284/700N
K30LGRYPQP K30 series indicator light, green-red-yellow
K50LGRYPQ Banner Engineering EZ-Light Indicator, NPN, 2 Color Red, Green #K50LGRYPQ
K50LRXXPQ Banner Engineering EZ-Light Indicator, PNP, Red #K50LRXXPQ
K50LXRXPQ K50 Series, 50 mm Dome, Red alarm #K50LXRXPQ
K524-UF08UEP K52 Series Valve 1 1/2′-2′ Adapters
K524-X200-1400 K52 Series Aquamatic Valve, normally open, pvc # K524-X200-1400
K524-X230-14000 K52 Series Aquamatic Valve, normally closed, PVC,
K72-12510 Lift Master – Limit Switch Assembly Kit P/N K72-12510
KBAC24D-.25 Sensorless Vector Control Box with 1/4 HP Marathon Black Max Vector Motor
KBAC24D-1 Sensorless VectorControl Box with 1 HP Marathon Black Max Vextor Motor
KBMG-212D KB Electronics SCR Chassis Regen Reversing Control, P/N#8831, 8.0 Amps DC, 115 VAC Input, 90 VDC Output #KBMG-212D
KC4A-KC4CA IDECProgramming Cable 15 ft #KC4A-KC4CA
KDRA26LC1 AC Drive Reactor KDR series 208/240 Volts 3%impedance 3 ph, NEMA 1 enclosure #KDRA26LC1
KDRD22HC2 P/N#KDRD22HC2, 15HP, AC Drive Reactor, KDR series, 208/240V, with Nema 1 enclosure
KQ2F07-35 SMC Air Fitting Female Union 1/4 x 1/4 #KQ2F07-35
KQ2H07-34S SMC Male straight connector 1/4×1/8NPT P/N# KQ2H07-34S
KQ2H07-35H SMC Male straight connector 1/4×1/4NPT P/N# KQ2H07-35H
KQ2H13-37S FITTING, 1/2′ X 1/2NPT, STRAIGHT, SMC #KQ2H13-37S
KQ2L07-35S SMC Fitting Male Elbow #KQ2L07-35S
KQ2L07-36S SMC Fitting Male Elbow3/8′ NPT X 1?4′ Tube #KQ2L07-36S
KQ2P-07 SMC Air Fitting Plug 1/4′ #KQ2P-07
KQ2T13-00 1/2′ FITTING, TUBE, TEE SMC #KQ2T13-00
KV-PH36 Hex Brass Plug 3/8′ #KV-PH36
KV-PH37 Hex Brass Plug 1/2′ #KV-PH37
KXX-4333-HC-3-A120 Versa Air Valve #KXX-4333-HC-3-A120
L-100×1-3/8′ Flexible Jaw Coupling with 1 3/8′ bore #L-100×1-3/8
L-100×1 1/4′ Flexible Jaw Coupling with 1 3/8′ bore #L-100×1-1/4
L-110×1-1/8′ Flexible Jaw Coupling with 1 3/8′ bore #L-110×1-1/8
L-110×1-3/8′ Flexible Jaw Coupling with 1 3/8′ bore #L-110×1-3/8
L-190×1.875 Jaw coupling Half L-190 with 1-7/8′ bore
L-190×2.0 Jaw Coupling half #L-190 with 2.0′ bore
L075 Urethane Spyder Flexible Jaw Insert Urethane, #L075
L075 x 1/2 Jaw Coupling L075 Bore .50′
L075 x 3/4 Jaw Coupling L075 x 3/4
L075U Spider Polyurethane Compression Unit #L075U
L075UW L075UW Open-end White Urethane
L090x5/8 Coupling L090x5/8 bore
L095x1/2 Flexible Jaw Coupling half 1/2′ Bore #L095x1/2
L099-19MM L099 lovejoy coupling half with a metric bore size of 19MM # L099-19MM
L100-B L1oo Bronze Spyder
L100UW L100UW Open-end White Urethane
L100x 7/8 L00 Flexible Jaw Coupling Half 7/8′ Bore
L100x1-1/4 L-100 Jaw Coupling Half 1-1/4′ bore
L110 Jaw CPL
L110-1 Lovejoy L-Type 1′ Bore, Keyed #L110-1
L110-1-1/2 Lovejoy L-Type 1-1/2′ Bore, Keyed #L110-1-1/2
L110 1 1/8 L110 Coupling Half 1 1/8 bore
L110 Bronze Spider L110 coupling Spider, Bronze, Lovejoy P/N 11727
L110 x 1-1/8 L110 Flexible Jaw Coupling Half 1-1/8′ Bore
L110X1-3/8 L110x1-3/8 Coupling Half 1-3/8′ bore
L150 Spider Spider #L150 Spider
L150x1-1/8 Jaw Coupling L150x1-1/8 Bore
L150x1-7/8 Jaw Coupling L150x1-7/8 Bore
L190-2125 L190 Coupling, 2-1/8′
L190x1-1/2 Flexible Jaw Coupling L190 Series Bore 1-1/2′ P/N#L190x1-1/2
L190x1-1/8 Flexible Jaw Coupling Half 1-1/8′ Bore #L190x1-1/8
L190x1-3/4 Flexible Jaw Coupling L190 Series Bore 1-3/4′ P/N#L190x1-3/4
L190X1-7/8 Flexible Jaw Coupling Half L190 series 1-7/8 Bore, #L190x1-7/8
L190x1.0 Flexible Jaw Coupling Half L190, 1′ Bore 1/4’Kwy #L190x1.0
L190x2-1/8 Flexible Jaw Coupling Half L190, 2-1/8′ Bore #L190x2-1/8
L190x2.0 Flexible Jaw Coupling Half L1990, 2′ Bore #L190x2.0
L2-2 Banner Engineering Hight power lenses for PIT 46U Sensor #L2-2
L2003AAWRAA/7039 ASCO Valve 4-way #L2003AAWRAA/7039
L225-200 Flexible Jaw Coupling #L225-200
L225-2125 Flexible Jaw Coupling #L225-2125
L225-B L225-B Bronze spider
L225 1-1/4 coupling hub 1-1/4′ Dia L225, Lovejoy #L225 1-1/4
L225 1-5/8 coupling hub 1-5/8′ Dia L225, Lovejoy #
L225 Spider insert Buna Spider insert #L225 Spider insert
L300P-220LFU2 Hitachi VFD 30 Hp, 230 Volt, 3-phase, NEMA 1, #L300P-220LFU2
L300P-300HFU2 Hitachi, VFD, 40 Hp, 460 Volt, 3-phase, 57 Amps, NEMA 1, #L300-P-300HFU2
LC1D09G7 Square D, Motor Contactor With Adjustable OverLoad #LC1D09G7
LD-L F-3RGN Continuous Light bar with red constant light, 24vAC/DC
LEX4A Universal Butterfly Valve Handle
LF1B-D3S-2THWW4 IDEC LED Illuminated Light Strip #LF1B-D3S-2THWW4
LK-CS 30-3P EEControls Replacement Contacts 3-Pole, Kit (LS30K) #LK-CS 30-3P
LP3-254-20X35 Pressure Gauge U-Clamp style, panel mount, reads no PSI
LPJ15SP Bussman Fuse Low Peak 15 Amp #LPJ15SP
LPJ20SP Bussman Fuse Low Peak 20 Amp #LPJ20SP
LS-200 SPDT, liquid level switch
LS07.10-DAL Contactor 3-phase 230 Vac, 120 volt coil #LS07.10-DAL
LS11K-A0 AEG AC Contactor 3-Pole, 600 VAC Open Chassis. 120 Volt Coil, 23 Amp. #LS11K-A0
LS18K.11G 25 HP 40 AMP 24 AC Coil contactor
LS4K-A0 AEG AC Contactor 3-Pole, 600 VAC, Open Chassis. 120 Volt Coil, #LS4K-A0
LS4K-NSW AEG AC Contactor 3-Pole, 600 VAC, Open Chassis. 24 Volt DC Coil,\n#LS4K-A0
LS7K-A0 AEG AC Contactor 3-Pole, 600 VAC, Open Chassis, 120 Volt Coil, 18 Amp. #LS7K-A0
LT7A-R IDEC Lens/LED Red Steady/Flashing Idec P/NLT7A-R
LT7B-A250FB Idec 70MM Light Tower P/N#LT7B-A250FB
LT7B-D24-FB Idec Light Tower Yellow Lens 24 VDC Outdoor #LT7B-D24-FB
LV3900 Viking Pump #LV3900 3′ w/flange
LWH25C2R2438BHS2 IKO Linear bearings and Linear Way H Rail 2438 mm length, 2 High grade accuracy bearings #LWH25C2R2438BHS2
LX4VRH-A2 EEC Towerlite 40 Watt, 136 mm, Vertical Flat Base, Horn, Rotating Beacon 110 VAC, Amber Lens, #LX4VRH-A2
LY2-0-AC110/120 SPDT rail mount relay, 120vAC coil
M100M1906 Jaw Coupling Half Flexible 19MM, std kwy M100M1906
M12150B Ac Technology 15 Hp 200/240 Vac 3-phase NEMA 1 Inverter Drive
M12150C Lenze VFD 15 Hp, 230 VAC, 3-Phase, NEMA 12 enclosure, #M12150C
M1230 Lenze VFD 3 HP, 230 VAC 3-Phase NEMA 12 #M1230C
M134 M134 Brackets
M14150C AC Tech Inverter 15 HP, 460 Vac, NEMA 4, 3 Phase #M14150C
M14150E A C Tech Drive 15hp
M14200E AC Tech Inverter Dive, 20 Hp, 460 Vac, NEMA 4X enclosure #M1200E
M14300B A C Tech Drive, 30HP, 460 Volt, NEMA 1, 37 AMPS
M1450E Drive, 480 input voltage, 3 phase in and 3 phase out, NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure.
M1513BAH05B Right Angle Gear Reducer 5:1 56C #M151BAH05B
M170 208-230v, 1 ph, 3.00 fla, RPM 1050, 1/6 HP OEM Part
M170N6 M100 Series , neoprene metric spider insert #M170N6
M22759/18-22-0 22 AWG 19/34 conductor stranding tinned copper
M2313BAH30B Cleveland Right Angle Reducer Quill Input #2313BAH30B
M2333T Baldor Electric Motor 15 HP, 1800 RPM, 230/460 VAC, 254T Frame #M2333T
M2615DAH05C-062 Cleveland Gear
M2615DAH10C-062 Cleveland Gear
M30002806 Magnaloy Hub 7/8′ Bore Alum Series 300 #M30002806
M3665T Baldor Electric Motor 5 Hp, 230/460/3/60 1800 RPM, #M3665T
M370N6 Magnaloy Insert Buna 370 Series #M370N6
M7003A Baldor Explosion proof electric motor, 1/3 Hp 208/230 Vac, 1200 RPM, 56 frame
M94012 50A Fuse, 600VAC, 200KA, 0.81′ OD x 3.0′
MAHS10 136160 (910-294-320) 1 No front Mount Aux # MAHS10
MB-18 Mounting bracket for 18mm barrel sensor, P/N#MB-18
MB381 Machine bolts (25 ct. bag)
MBS-406 Sheffer Mounting Bracket Rod Eye #MBS-406
MBS32CH-100-A AEG Motor Circuit Protector , rotary Lever, Adjustable Thermal Protection, Adjustable FLA, 6.3-10 Amps, 3-Phase, 230 Volt, 3 Hp rated.120 Volt Coil. P/N# MBS32CH-100-A
MBS32HG010 AEG Motor Circuit Protector, Thermal & Magnetic protection, High Interruption, open chassis, Rotary Operation, FLA 0.6 – 1.0 Amps #MSC32HG010
MBS32HG016 AEG Motor Circuit Protector, Thermal & Magnetic protection, High Interruption, open chassis, Rotary Operation, FLA 1 – 1.6 Amps #MBS32HG016
MBS32HG025 AEG Motor Circuit Protector, Thermal & Magnetic protection High Interruption, open chassis, Rotary Operation, FLA 1.6 -2.5 Amps #MBS32HG025
MBS32HG040 AEG MCP 2.5 – 4 Amp, High Interruption Thermal & Magnetic protection, Open
MBS32HG100-3R EE Controls MOtor Circuit Protector Rotary Operation High Interruption FLA Adjustment 6.3-10, NEMA 3R Enclosure #MBS32HG100-3R
MC09 Hex Head Bolt 8mm – 1.25x 30mm #MC809
MC1057109 Hex Head Metric Bolt, HCS M10-1.25 x 30 P 10.9
MC1105SE Inverter Drive, 1/2 Hp, 120 Vac, 1 phase, NEMA 4X #MC1105SE
MCDSH100 Retaining Ring, External, 1′ Dia. Shaft #MCDSH100
MCDSH150 Retaining ring, External, 1.5′ Dia Shaft #MCDSH150
MDSKABS090-22 Lenze Motor #103.55544 or #MDSKABS090-22
Mezzanine Safety Mezzanine Safety Rules engraved sign\n#Mezzanine Safety
MF1801P10NB MP Filtri Filter # MF1801P10NB
MFC-2 AirMuffler/ Flow Control 1/4′ NPT #MFC-2
MG24126 Square D, Circuit Breaker, 2 Amp, 2 Phase #MG24126
MG24127 Ssquare D, Circuit Breaker 3 Amp, 2 Phase #MG24127
MG24131 Square D, Circuit Breaker, 10 Amp, 2 Phase, #MG24131
MG24146 Square D, Circuit Breaker, 3 Phase, #MG24146
MG24153 Square D, Circuit Breaker, 50 Amp, 3 Phase #MG24153
MH41000B Electric motor 100hp, 460Vlts, module only #MH41000B
MH4750D 75 HP 460V NEMA 12 Drive # MH4750D
MH4750D-G135 ACTech MCH Series Standard VFD with Bypass Package 75 Hp, 460 Vac Disconnect,Fuses NEMA 12
MH5 Mini Worm Gear Clamp # MH5
MM23001C Adjustable speed drive, 2Hp, dual voltage
MNB1K0BTZ13RBF Micron Control Transformer 1 KVA 230/460 – 120 VAC, #MNB1K0BTZ13RBF
MNB500BTZ13RBF Micron Control Transformer 500 VA 230/460 – 120 VAC, #MNB500BTZ13RBF
MNC8 Lock Nut 8mm – 1.25 #MNC8
MOT1875 Trane Motor Fan Coil, 1/20th HP, 29 Frame,115V, 1100RPM/3 Speed
MOT41AA Electronic Motor Protector with Thermal Delay (ICICM441) #MOT41AA
Motor Capacitor 56-72 MFD 220-2 Motor Capacitor
MP7905 Murphy Magnetic Pickup #MP7905
MPT0806 Hose connector, 3/8′ NPT male to 1/2′ hose #MPT0806
MQAC-406 Banner Engineering Cord Set 2 Meter Length #MQAC-406
MQDC-406 Banner Enginnering Quick Disconnect
MQDC-406RA Banner Enginnering Quick Disconnect
MQDC-415 Banner Engineering quick Disconnect (26850) #MQDC-415
MQDC-430 Banner Engineering Quick Disconnect (27142) #MQDC-430
MSCA-1 MINI-SCREEN Metal Control Box\nBlanking: 2-beam floating\nSupply Voltage: 115V ac\nOutput Type: Trip
MSE2424Y MINI-SCREEN Yellow Painted Emitter\nDefined Area: 610 mm (24 in)\nRange: 9 meters (30 ft)\nWith Integral Quick-Disconnect
MSR2424Y MINI-SCREEN Yellow Painted Receiver\nDefined Area: 610 mm (24 in)\nRange: 9 meters (30 ft)\nWith Integral Quick-Disconnect
MTE145 Kaydon Ring Gear #MTE145
MTN30H200T Timing Pulley Taper Bore #MTN30H200T
MTNW8 Martin Worm, #W8
MTNW840 Martin Worm gear,Plain Bore #W840
MTOML56A2/2CF56B14 Electric Motor 18HP, 3600RPM, 56C, 230/460 VAC #MTOML56A2/2CF56B14
MTR-Restock Motor restocking charge
MWD0605 IP65 Metric 500 mm Depth console. 600 mm Width, oil and dust tight writing shelf design.
N-02 Dodge Lock Nut #N-02
N-03 Bearing Lock Nut, #N-03
N-07 Bearing Locknut #N-07
N-08 Locknut, Part # N-08
N 5000-206 TruArc Retaining Ring #N 5000-108
N321PB OSHA Notice—-Non-Potable Water Do Not Drink
N339B Temperature control for a sauna #N339B
N5000-550 Truarc internal retaining ring 5.50′ Shaft Dia. #N5000-550
N5071-23 Digital PTX Camera, IP66 with wall mount #N5071-23
N6076 2.0 Mpixel IP Outdoor Bullet Camera #N6076
NAK4000-N03 SMC Check Valve 3/8′ NPT #NAK4000-N03
NB-2.5-015 Nylon Tubing 5/32′ OD, Black #NB-2.5-015
NBA-150 SMC Reed Switch Band (1-1/2′ Round Bore Cylinder) #NBA-150
NCA1-600-PS Cylinder Repair Kit SMC # NCA1-600-PS
NCDA1AX600-1900N/XT Cylinder Repair Kit SMC # NCDA1AX600-1900N/XT
NI-10001 Non-Inventory Shop Supplies
NIL 16 Thomson 60 Case Shaft #1.00 DIA x 10′ Long
NM10130 SPUR GEAR 14.5 DEG. PA (BRONZE) 10 DP., 130 TEETH #NM10130
NS-05 Standard Locknut SS Locknut #NS-05
NS-07 Stainless Steel Locknut #N-07S
NS-16 Standard Locknut SS Locknut #NS-16
NS12 Stainless Steel Locknut
NTER145A1524 R14-5A15-24 SPDT, 15A,24VAC,8,P.BLD RELAY # NTER145A1524
NTER95121 R95-121 8P MIDGET SOCKET # NTER95121
NUPA210-32 Tapped-based Pillow Type Bearing 2′ Bore 2 Bolt Concentric Locking Collar (Dodge 128756) #NUPA210-32
NVBA4100-T04 Air Booster Regulator # NVBA4100-T04
OA172SAPL-11-1TB 172mm X 150VAC ORION FAN #OA172SAPL-11-1TB
OHY65J5 ABB Flanged disconnect with handle and hardware 30 Amp 600 Volt #OHY65J5
OS30AJF30 ABB Flanged Operated Disconnect # OS30AJF30
OS60J12 ABB Flanged disconnect, Thru-the-door 60 Amp, 600 Volt #OS60J12
OSMY0405 Gate Valve Flanged, 6′, cast iron, 150lb, # OSMY0405
OWCO92210 Custome Control Panel
OXP5X265 ABB Flanged disconnect with handle and hardware 60 Amp, 600 Volt #OXP5X265
P-28 1/4′ NPT sintered bronze muffler
P-601286 Donaldson Hydraulic Filter # P-601286
P1000 Unistrut channel #P1000
P1068EG 2 hole, 90 deg
P165672 Donaldson Filter High Performance # P165672
P2-060-08-06-05N Parker TE Compensator
P251-24 Bushing, Sintered Bronze 2-1/2′ Bore x 3′ Length x .188 W Bunting #P251-24
P28S-750W Osram 750W, 120VAC, Halogen bulb, Theatrical usage.
P2B-S2-200R Medium Duty Pillow Block Bearing 2′ Bore Non-Expansion #P2B-S200R
P32H100SK Timing Belt Pulley 32 Tooth, 1′ Belt Width, QD Series Pitch Dia 5.093′ #P32H100
P77-6 Bushing, Sintered Bronze, 3/4′ Bore X 3/4′ Length X .125 Bunting #P77-6
P787642 Check Valve repair kit, Piper CV, 2′ #P787642
PA120T Wiremold Surge Suppressor 120/240 Vac 1 Phase NEMA 4X #PA120T
PA2614 Baldwin Filter #PA2614
PA2615 Baldwin Filter PA2615 (AH1197)
PA3493 Baldwin Filter#PA3493 (AH1197)
PANBG1X1LG6 1′ grey wiring tray
PANDC1LG6 1′ Grey Wiring Tray Cover #PANDC1LG6
PANDC6LG6 1′ Grey wiring tray cover
PBVPU1104 W. E. Anderson Automated Ball Valve PBV Series 1′ Ports 120 Vac 2-Way Direct Acting 2 Position Electric #PBVPU1104
PC-A1132 Sheffer Rod Eye Pin #PC-A1132
PC68A-40 10/32 NPT-1/4 Tube
PEG35-S1-M6 Vacuum Pads Silicone #PEG35-S1-M6
PH052-56.11-140TC-1-3/8 Motovario in-line gear reducer 56.11:1 ratio #PH052-56.11
PIXCI SI1 Epix PIXCI SI1 PCIe x1 Framegrabber
PK2502A001 Parker Piston Seal Kit 2-1/2′ Bore #PK250A001
PK3202A001 Parker Piston Seal Kit 3-1/4′ Bore #PK3202A001
PKZM0-16 adj motor overload 0-16 amp
PL-4550 End Cover for the PL2.5, EEC #PL45550
PL-Blank EEC Terminal strip, Blank #PL-Blank
PL2.5 EEC Terminal Blocks, 6 mm, 18-12 AWG, P/N# PL2.5
PL2115-020-KS-S-BMH1401P36A1A Boston Planetary Gearbox, Size 115, 20:1 Double Reduction, used with Schneider Servo Motor BMH1401P36A1A #PL2115-020-KS-S-BMH1401P36A1A
PL2115-025-KS-S-BMH1401P36A1A Boston Planetary Gearbox, Size 115, 25:1 Double Reduction, used with Schneider Servo Motor BMH1401P36A1A #PL2115-025-KS-S-BMH1401P36A1A
PLD-18 Light Duty Take up rails # PLD-18
PM0606 Push-on Hose Fitting 3/8 x 3/8 Male Pipe Straight #PM0606
PM0608 Push-on Hose Fitting 3/8 x 1/2 Male Pipe Straight #PM0608
PM1206 Electrical back panel 12 x 10 #PM1206
PM90-6×4 Push-on Hose Fitting 3/8 x 1/4 Male Pipe 90 Degree #PM90-6×4
PN08 Pacific Bearing #PN08
Power Ace Cog V-Belts NON INVENTORY
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX425 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX425
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX475 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX475
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX530 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX530
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX560 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX560
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX600 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX600
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX630 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX630
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX670 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX670
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX750 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX750
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX850 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX850
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX900 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX900
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:3VX950 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #3VX950
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:5VX1000 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #5VX1000
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:5VX1180 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #5VX1180
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:5VX1320 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #5VX1320
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:5VX680 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #5VX680
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:5VX710 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #5VX710
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:5VX810 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #5VX810
Power Ace Cog V-Belts:5VX950 Power Ace Cog V-Belt #5VX950
Power Ace V-Belts:3V530 Power Ace V-Belt #3V530
Power Ace V-Belts:8V1250 Power Ace V-Belt #8V1250
Power Ace V-Belts:8V1900 Power Ace V-Belt #8V1900
Power Ace V-Belts:8V2650 Power Ace V-Belt #8V2650
Power Ace V-Belts:8V3150 Power Ace V-Belt #8V3150
Power Ace V-Belts:8V3350 Power Ace V-Belt #8V3350
Power King Combo V-Belts
Power King Combo V-Belts:3B93 Power King Combo V-Belt #3B93
Power King V–Belts:A-105 Power King V-Belt #A-105
Power King V–Belts:A-110 Power King V-Belt #A-110
Power King V–Belts:A-112 Power King V-Belt #A-112
Power King V–Belts:A-48 Power King V-Belt #A-48
Power King V–Belts:A-51 Power King V-Belt #A-51
Power King V–Belts:A-62 Power King V-Belt #A-62
Power King V–Belts:A-78 Power King V-Belt #A-78
Power King V–Belts:A-79 Power King V-Belt #A-79
Power King V–Belts:A-80 Power King V-Belt #A-80
Power King V–Belts:A-90 Power King V-Belt #A-90
Power King V–Belts:A-97 Power King V-Belt #A-97
Power King V–Belts:A-98 Power King V-Belt #A-98
Power King V–Belts:B-100 Power King V-Belt #B-100
Power King V–Belts:B-101 Power King V-Belt #B-101
Power King V–Belts:B-105 Power King V-Belt #B-105
Power King V–Belts:B-108 Power King V-Belt #B-108
Power King V–Belts:B-120 Power King V-Belt #B-120
Power King V–Belts:B-124 Power King V-Belt #B-124
Power King V–Belts:B-125 Power King V-Belt #B-125
Power King V–Belts:B-128 Power King V-Belt #B-128
Power King V–Belts:B-136 Power King V-Belt #B-136
Power King V–Belts:B-148 Power King V-Belt #B-148
Power King V–Belts:B-154 Power King V-Belt #B-154
Power King V–Belts:B-158 Power King V-Belt #B-158
Power King V–Belts:B-162 Power King V-Belt #B-162
Power King V–Belts:B-180 Power King V-Belt #B-180
Power King V–Belts:B-185 Power King V-Belt #B-185
Power King V–Belts:B-190 Power King V-Belt #B-190
Power King V–Belts:B-195 Power King V-Belt #B-195
Power King V–Belts:B-225 Power King V-Belt #B-225
Power King V–Belts:B-42 Power King V-Belt #B-42
Power King V–Belts:B-46 Power King V-Belt #B-46
Power King V–Belts:B-51 Power King V-Belt #B-51
Power King V–Belts:B-55 Power King V-Belt #B-55
Power King V–Belts:B-62 Power King V-Belt #B-62
Power King V–Belts:B-64 Power King V-Belt #B-64
Power King V–Belts:B-74 Power King V-belt #B-74
Power King V–Belts:B-81 Power King V-Belt #B-81
Power King V–Belts:B-85 Power King V-Belt #B-85
Power King V–Belts:B-95 Power King V-Belt #B-95
Power King V–Belts:B-96 Power King V-belt #B-96
Power King V–Belts:B-99 Power King V-Belt #B-99
Power King V–Belts:C-100 Power King V-Belt #C-100
Power King V–Belts:C-106 Power King V-Belt #C-106
Power King V–Belts:C-113 Power King V-belt #C-113
Power King V–Belts:C-124 Power King V-Belt #C-124
Power King V–Belts:C-128 Power King V-Belt #C-128
Power King V–Belts:C-136 Power King V-Belt #C-136
Power King V–Belts:C-144 Power King V-Belt #C-144
Power King V–Belts:C-150 Power King V-Belt #C-150
Power King V–Belts:C-158 Power King V-Belt #C-158
Power King V–Belts:C-162 Power King V-Belt #C-162
Power King V–Belts:C-173 Power King V-Belt #C-173
Power King V–Belts:C-180 Power King V-Belt #C-180
Power King V–Belts:C-195 Power King V-Belt #C-195
Power King V–Belts:C-210 Power King V-Belt #C-210
Power King V–Belts:C-255 Power King V-belt #C-255
Power King V–Belts:C-270 Power King V-Belt #C-270
Power King V–Belts:C-285 Power King V-Belt #C-285
Power King V–Belts:C-300 Power King V-Belt #C-300
Power King V–Belts:C-390 Power King V-Belt #C-390
Power King V–Belts:C-75 Power King V-Belt #C-75
Power King V–Belts:C-81 Power King V-Belt #C-81
Power King V–Belts:C-82 Power King V-Belt #C-82
Power King V–Belts:C-85 Power King V-Belt #C-85
Power King V–Belts:C-90 Power King V-Belt #C-90
Power King V–Belts:C-96 Power King V-Belt #C-96
Power King V–Belts:D-255 Power King V-Belt #D-255
Power King V-Belts-
PS-C49P Caution No Smoking – Caution OSHA Safety Sign 7X10 Pressure Sensitive Vinyl #PS-C49P
PS-D127PB Danger Diesel 10×14 # PS-D127PB
PS2932JP Din Conn PH Conn 15.5MM w/o Lamp 6FT cable
PS401115ACP Parker Pneumatic Sub-base #PS401115ACP
PS5R-SB12 IDEC Power Supply 12 VDC, DIN rail mounting #PS5R-SB12
PSW-191 Omega Pressure Switch Air/Electric #PSW-191
PT20004 Plastic Tubing Polyvinyl Chloride 1/4′ O.D. #PT2004
PT2400-6 Plastic Tubing Black Poly Thin Wall 3/8′ #PT2400-6
PT24044-NA Tubing Poly 1/4′ OD Natural Color #PT24044-NA
PTA-203 X 12 Take-UP Frame # PTA-203 X 12
PTC Plastic tube cutter
PTCFBC SiemensKit PTC FM Fleck Electronics Brs 2′.#PTCFBC
PTCSDD30X72 Siemens Duplex softener with 30′ X72′ Vessels, with 15 Cubic Feet of resien, composite plastic paddlewheel. #PTCSDD30X72
Push-on hose Push-on hose
PV8 Fuji Pressure Relief valve, P/N# PV8
PW-067697-00001 Rexroth Air Valve 4-way 120 Volt Coil, spring return, 3/8′ NPT ports.
Q45BB6DXQ5 Q45 Series: High-power Diffuse\nBanner Engineering Sensor Range: 3 m; Input: 10-30V dc Output: Bipolar: 1 NPN; 1 PNP Quick-Disconnect Connector (47138) #Q45BB6DXQ5
QBMXL01344025 Timing Belt, 13.44′ overall length #QBMXL01344025
QD22L100 JA Timing Belt Sheave Steel 22 Tooth, #QD22L100
QD26L100 SH Timing Belt Sheave Steel 26 Tooth #QD26L100
QDC-515C MINI-SCREEN/MINI-ARRAY Cable\nLength: 5 meters (15 ft)\nWire: 20 gage\nTermination: 5 pin Mini-style female
QHS-QS6 Festo Ball Valve
QL50AN6XD20BQ Banner Engineering Sensor (70937) #
QL50AP8XD20BQ Banner Engineering Sensor (70936) #QL50AP8XD20BQ
QPEMXLA25030F08 Timing Belt Pulley #QPEMXLA25030F08
QPEMXLA25120N10 Timing Belt Pulley #QPEMXLA25120N10
QS18VP6LLPQ8 Banner Laser Sensor #QS18VP6LLPQ8
QS20.241 Lutze Power Supply 110-24V #QS20.241
QS30LLPC-DEMO WORLD-BEAM QS30: Low Contrast Laser Polar Retro\nRange: 0.2-18 m; Input: 10-30V dc\nOutput: Bipolar: 1 NPN; 1PNP\n2 m (6.5 ft) Cable\nDEMO PIECE
QS30LLPCQ Banner laser, retro, if -QD indicates quick disconnect fitting
QS30LLPCQ-QD Banner laser, retro, with quick disconnect
QS30LPQ Polar-retro sensor, with quick disconnect
QT50ULBQ-DEMO QT50U Analog Series: Proximty Mode \nRange: 200mm to 8m; Input: 10-30V dc\nOutputs: Analog: 0-10V or 4-20mA\n5-Pin MINI-Style Quick-Disconnect \nDEMO PIECE
QT50ULUBQ Banner Sensor, Analog Series, Proximity, Output 0-10V or 4-20 mA\n#QT50ULUBQ
R-1PBP EE Control Thermoplastic 1 Pushbutton Enclosure 22 mm hole, #R-1PBP
R-1PBPY EE Control Thermoplastic 1 Pushbutton Enclosure (Yellow) 22 mm hole, #R-1PBPY w/R-R-PP-11
R-60-P-Estop EEC E-stop sticker, 60mm. #R-60-P-Estop
R-R-PP-11 Estop, push-pull, red mushroom operator, with 1 NC & 1 NO contact
R12-ZZ*T01 Bearing/Skeleton Roller # R12-ZZ*T01
R14-5A15-2V Power relay, 24V, AC, 15Amp # R14-5A15-2V NTE
R17-800-R Air Regulation Regulator 1′ NPT # R17-800-R
R47050 In-Line Helical gear reducer, 50:1 145TC frame C-Face
R57DRE90L4/DH SEW Eurodrive Motor/Gear Reducer, 2 Hp, 230/460 Ration 26.31:1 #R57DRE90L4/DH
R6423-007RB Eaton Piston Pump
R8222D1014 Honeywell General Purpose Relay DPDT, 24 Volt Coil, #R8222D1014
RA 12 X 2 Machined Gear Rack 3/4′ Face Width Steel 14 1/2 Degree, 20 Deg PA Pitch 12 #RA 12 X 2
RA000021464 Rexroth Valve Coil, 120 VAC, #RA000021464
RA12X6 Machined Gear Rack Steel Pitch 12, Face 3/4′, 14.5 Deg P.A. 3/4′ Thickness, 6 ft Length, #RA12X6
RACO 5132-0 receptacle waterproof cover
RACO 5269-0 Outlet Box Plug #RACO 5269-0
RACO 5333-0 Dual Receptacle Waterproof Box #RACO 5333-0
RAGB Bracket Bolts Right Angle Gear Box Bracket Bolts #RAGB Bracket Bolts
RAGB Brackets Right Angle Gear Box Brackets
RB0014FTA006S 1 Hp Brake Moter, 230/460v, 3P, 1800 RPM, 56C frame, TEFC
RB2X110/10AC-A RB2X110/10AC-A RB Storbe Amber
RC-101410 Torrington Bearing Directional # RC-101410
RC-50SS Roller Chanin #50 Stainless Steel Riv. #RC50SS
RC-50SS-CL Roller Chain #50 Stainless Steel Connecting Link #RC-50SS-CL
RC-80 Roller Chain Riv. Carbon Steel #RC-80
RC50RSS Roller Chain #50 Riveted Stainless Steel x 124 Pitches w/1 Connecting Link #RC50RSS
RC60 Roller Chain 60 #RC60
Repaired/serviced item Eaton pump
RG2AHL0131 Parker CylinderGland Cartridge Kit 1-3/8′ Rod #RG2AHL0131
RG2AHL0135 Parker Cylinder Cartridge Kit 1 3/8′ Bore # RG2AHL0135
RG2AHL0171 Parker Gland Cartridge Kit 1-3/4′ Rod #RG2AHL0171
RH1BUDC24 24VDC relay, IDEC, basic relay, requires socket
RIBU1C Electric Solidstate Relay #RIBU1C
RK-4T-5 Eurofast cordset
RK4.4T-2 Turck, Laser Sensor Cordset #RK4.4T-2
RK4.4T-5 TURCK quick disconnect cable #RK4.4T-5
RK4.5T-2 Turck 6-Wire M12 Eurofast Cordset, Standard Plug Body, Flexlife, 6×24 AWG Straight Female Connector IP 68, 250 V, 4 A, #RK4.5T-2
RL39 Din Rail 3 meter length #RL39
RP-DL40BR Flammable Liquid, Combustible Liquid # RP-DL40BR
RPF2580 V-Belt Automotive #RPF2580
RPT1 Danger Do Not Operate – Accident Prevention Tags #RPT1 Packet 25 ea
RR1BA-ULDC12V Idec Power Relay SPDT with Indicator 12 VDC, Blade Terminal, DIN rail Mouted,#RR1BA-ULDC12V
RR30 Pacific Bearing Linear Slide Rail 30MM w/ holes #RR30
RRS30 Pacific Bearing Slider 3 Roller 1.00 x 2.756 #RRS30
RS3240-08 Bushing Bronze, 1.00 ID X 1.25 OD X 1.25 Length #RS3240-8
RSC4.5t-9/S1513 Turk Cable RSC4.5t-9/S1513
RSN1-4-36 Neoprene Sheet Rubber, Commercial Grade, Plate Finish, 1/4′ Gauge, Width 36′ #RSN1-4-36
RSSDN-25A Heater ON/Off Solid State Relay #RSSDN-25A
RT3000 Rotary Tensioner Arm 3000 Series #RT3000
RT3001 Tensioner Arm #RT3001
RTE-B1D12 Idec timer, Time Delay, Analog 12 VDC, 11 Blade Terminal, 10 A Contact, DPDT, #RTE-B1D12
RTE-P1AF20 IDEC TImer 100-240VAC 8P ( 0.1s-600hr) On/Interval 9-Pin Octal # RTE-P1AF20
RVS-AX 170 230 M Soft Starter # RVS-AX 170 230 M
RVS-AX 72 Solcon Analog Soft Starter 50 HP # RVS-AX 72
RVS-AX170480-O-F Soft Starter # RVS-AX170480-O-F
RVS-DX210480115S Soft Starter DX Model 210, 480, 115, standard frame #RVS-DX210480115S
RVS-S7-58C Magnetek Soft Starter 40HP, 480Volt, 120V Coil
RWFH200LB Red Wingfoot 3/4′ 200lb # RWFH200LB
RWFH300LB Red Wingfoot Hose 3/4′ 300lb # RWFH300LB
RXLS160K-A0 AEG NEMA 5 Starter package mechanical interlocked with Lugs #RXLS160K-A0
S-222 BIJUR Filter Group #S-222
S1020 Martin Steel Spur Gear #S1020
S1024 Spur Gear Steel 10 DP, 1′ Face 14.5 PA 24 Tooth, Type B #S1024
S1032 SPUR GEAR 14.5 DEG. PA. STEEL B-TYPE HUB 10 DP., 32 TEETH #S1023
S1038 Martin Steel Spur Gear #S1038
S1050 Spur Gear Steel 10 DP, 1′ Face 14.5 PA, 50 Tooth, Type B #S1050
S10H150G Synchro-Link Timing Belt
S1219.625 Spur Gear, 12 DP, 3/4′ Face, 14.5 PA, 19 Tooth, No Kwy 5/8′ Bore #S1219.625
S1219.75 Martin Spur Gear, 12 DP, 3/4′ Face, 14.5 PA 19 Tooth No Kwy #S1219.75
S1220BS Spur Gear Steel, 20 Teeth, P,A. 14.5 Deg, 12 DP, 3/4′ Face, B Hub #S122BS
S15-PA-2B00-NK Idec Retroreflective Optic Sensor 12-30 Vdc #S15-PA-2B00-NK
S1672x5/8 Spur Gears w/ 5/8′ bore size #S1672x5/8
S18UBA Banner Sensor 1.2′-11.8′, Ultrasonic, level, condensate # S18UBA
S206-00073-002 Fasco electric motor for Fedder Unit 1/3 Hp, 208/230 Vac, #11289-0000010 P/N#S206-00073-002
S4-318-M2 Industrial Enclosure 4X, 2-hole #S4-318-M2
S51-PA-2-C01PK IDEC Tubular Photoelectric Sensor, 10-30 VDC Cable
S51-PA-2-C10PK IDEC Tubular Optical Sensing Device, Operating Distance 0-10cm, 10-30 VDC Voltage, PNP Output, #S51-PA-2-C10PK
S51-PA-5-C01-PK Idec Prox. Sensor, 18mm tubular, Diff-Prox, 10-30 VDC, quick disconnect, #S51-PA-2-C05-PK
S7131A086208U Indeeco heater 6,000 Watts, 480 Vac, 3-Phase #S7131A086208U
S7131A096208U Immersion Heater 2′ NPT, 7.5 KW, 460 Line Voltage, 3 Phase, Weatherproof, #S7131A096208U
S8856-1-1HP480V 1 HP, 480V, 2.1 FLA, Adalet, x-proof enclosure. Combination starter, stop, stop, reset buttons. S8856-1-1HP480V
S940700048 Idec 3′ Reflector #S940700048
Safe200 Cedes Safe 200 Light Curtain, 150mm length, 14mm resolution
safe200-1050-30 CEDES safety light curtain, type 2 #safe200-1050-30
Safety Vest:8038B-4XL Safety Vest / 100% Polyester, Zipper Front Closure, Orange, No Reflective Stripes 4X-Large
Safety Vest:8038B-L Safety Vest / 100% Polyester, Zipper Front Closure, Orange, No Reflective Stripes Large
Safety Vest:8038B-MED Safety Vest / 100% Polyester, Zipper Front Closure, Orange, No Reflective Stripes Medium
Safety Vest:8038B-XL Safety Vest / 100% Polyester, Zipper Front Closure, Orange, No Reflective Stripes X-Large
SB3025-SP-C0P-STW-304SS Behringer Weld Clamp 1/2′ OD Tubing Stainless #SB3025-SP-C0P-STW-304SS
sc-20 Swing Check Valve 1 1/4 brass
SC22-3 Safefty Controller
SC4A-USB PLC to laptop programing cables # SC4A-USB
SCP-3120VH Analog PTZ Vandal Resistant Compact Dome, 1/4′ Ex-View Double Scan CCD, 600TV Lines, True ay Night, Wide Dynamic Range, 12X Opticle Zoom, 360 Endless Pan, -5~185 Tilt, 24Vac, IP66, SunShield Included
SD-1 1/8 Martin QD Tapered Hub #SD-1 1/8
SDS-5/8 SDS QD Hub 5/8′ Bore #SDS-5/8
SDT-23522 RIDGID 3/4 MOTOR 115V #SDT-23522
SE-84X-E524 Turk Unmanaged Ethernet Switch 5 port, IP 67, 10/100 Mbps #SE-84X-E524
SETF-02-L Left Hand Piping, 175-240 CFM, 3-speed switch included within unit #SETF-02-L
SEU 20 EEC Contact Block 2 No # SEU 20
SF215 A C Tech 1.5HP, 230V sub-micro drive
SF4200 A C Tech 20HP, 460V, 27Amps,
SFP12C Flange Mount Bearing, 3/4′, Pacific #SFP12C
SFP16C Pillow Block Flange Mount Bearing, Pacific #SFP16C
SG96 Spur Gear, 14.5 Deg PA 8 DP, 96 Teeth 1-1/4 Face Width, 1.500 Dia Bore with 3/8′ KEYWAY, # S896 or # NH96
SGLA36AT0600 GE Recon with a 500 amp rating plug—and Lug to Lug
SH05.22-A 2 N.O./N.C. 16 Amp Relay 120 Vac Coil
SH05.40-A 4 N.O. 16 Amp Relay 120 Vac Coil
SH05.40NSW EEC Relay, 4 N.O. Contact 24 VDC Coil, Screw Clam Contacts 10 Amps (416-0074) #SH05.40NSW
SH2B-05 I DEC Socket Blade Terminal #SH2B-05
SH3025-PP BEHRINGER Weld Clamp, 1/4′ OD Tube, heavy series
Shaft 2.1875 x 41′ with 2 Kwy PPI Shaft 2.1875′ X 41′ with 2 Kwy for Wing Pulley
Shaft 2.4375 x 53.o PPI Shaft 2.4375′ x 53.0′ with 3 Kwy for Drum Pulley
SHD1250 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kit
SI-MAG2MM Coded Magnetic: Small Rectangular Magnet\nRepeat Switching Accuracy: +/-0.1mm\nDimensions: 43 x 26 mm; Standard Force\nUsed With: Model SI-MAG2SM
SI-MAG2SM Magnetic Switch: Small Rectangular Sensor\nRepeat Switching Accuracy: +/-0.1mm\nDimensions: 43 x 26 mm; 10 ft cable\nUsed With: Model SI-MAG2MM & GM-FA-10J
sic 3-2p CEDES controller
Siemens starter Siemens Starter
Siemens starter coil Siemens starter coil
Sight Glass Assembly Sight Glass Assembly including fittings
SK-60 SK 60mm QD
SK 1 Hub sk 1 Hub
SKF400250 Seal V-Ring #SKF400250
SKF5204C Ball Bearings #SKF5204C
SM1230C Lenze VFD 200/240 VAC,3-Phase, 3 HP, NEMA 4, #SM1230C
SM205S A C Tech Microdrive 1/2 HP, 240 VAC # SM205S
SM210 AC Tech VFD 1 HP, 3-Phase 208/240, 60 Hz Vac, #SM210
SM2150 AC Tech 15 Hp, 208-240 Volt 3-phase, IP 20 #SM2150
SM250 AC Tech 5 Hp, 208-240 Volt 3-phase, IP 20 #SM250
SM2A312W Banner Engineering Mini-Beam AC Sensor, Range 130 mm, SPST 2-Wire, #SM2A312W
SM300 Hose Mender machine steel plated 3′
SM312LVQDP Banner Optical Sensor #SM312LVQDP
SM415 AC Tech SCM series VFD, 460 Vac, 3-phase, 1.5Hp, IP20 1.1kW #SM415
SM420 AC Tech SCM series VFD, 460 Vac, 3-phase, 2.0Hp, #SM420
SM430 AC Tech SCM series VFD, 460 Vac, 3-phase, 3.0Hp, #SM430
SM475 AC Tech SCM series VFD, 460 Vac, 3-phase, 7.5Hp, #SM475
SMART START-HDC-E FL1E-H12RCE, WindLGC software, programming cable, and simulator switch. IDEC #SMART START-HDC-E
SMARTSTART-BDC-E* Idec Smart Relay starter kit, 24VAC/DC, 8 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs.
SMB30MM Banner Engineering Mounting Bracket, 30 mm, Stainless Steel Bracket with curved mounting slots #SMB30MM
SMB30SC Banner Engineering Bracket: Compact 30mm Swivel Black reinforced thermoplastic polyester Wide Range of Articulation (52521) #SMB30SC\nHardware included
SMVectorPack Lenze SMV Vector Demo Suitcase, #SMVectorPack
SOPK Swing out panel kit
SP506080 Sioux Tune Up Kit # SP506080
SPLC-250P05 Murphy Switch Gauge #SPLFC-250P05
SPLFC-250P15 Murphy Switch Gauge #SPLFC-250P15
SPLFC-350P15 Murphy Switch Gauge #SPLFC-350P15
SPLFC250P05 Temperature Switches
SPLFC250P15 Temperature Switches
SPT1-AP6X Turck Programmable Time for on-delay or off-delay, range 1-65535 ms, #SPT1-AP6X
SQD AB1AB8P35 terminal block end
SR08PD Thomson Shaft Support #SR-8-PD, 24′
SR22-09 SR22 soft starter, 9 Amp, 230/460, 24vDC control
SR22-09SP SR22 3 HP soft starter, 9 Amp, 230/460, 24vDC, control box, Nema 1
SR2P-06 IDEC DIN RAIL SOCKET Base 8 PIN Octal # SR29-06
SR3B-05 Idec Standard DIN Rail Mount Socket #SR3B-05
SS-C075 Stainless Steel, Clamp Collar, 3/4′ P/N SS-C075
SS-C100 Stainless Steel, Clamp Collar, 1′
SS5Y9-23-02-00T SMCMFLD Base Mt #SS5Y9-23-02-00T
SS5Y9-23-03-00T-D SMC MFLD, BASE MT #SS5Y9-23-03-00T-D
SS5Y9-23-10-00N 10 Station Manifold base
SSLS1TMP Hubbell Limit Switch # SSLS1TMP
SSLUBE Super Slick Lubricant Aerosol Spray can SSLUBE
ST-01800.0-01 Filter Fan 3.8 x 3.8, 12/9 CFM, #ST-01800.0-01
ST-11800.0-00 Filter inlet #ST-11800.0-00
ST-5011 Idec Fixing Bracket for Optic Sensor Short #ST-5011
STEC12-A0-25A EEC Single Phase Starter, Open 115/230 VAc, 17-25 Adjustable Overload Amp range, 120 Volt coil, #STEC-A025A
suction_hose_ZBB2 2′ Black rubber suction hose, 20′, basket strainer on one end, F alum. camlock other end
SV5C10 Epix SV5c10 color camera
SW42 PIC 1/4 FNPT SS Filter Type Snubber #SW42x 1/4 MNPT
SY100-30-4A Solenoid Valve Cable
SY7240-5LOZ-02 5/2 double coil, 24vdc, 1/4′ po
SY9000-26-1A SMCSY Blanking Plate #SY9000-26-1A
SY9120-5DZ-03N 2 pos. SMC single valve
SY9120-5DZ-03T SMC Single solenoid Valve #SY9000-26-1A
SY9140-5DZ-04T SMC Single solenoid Valve, 2 position 4-way, 1/4′ ports
SY9220-5DZ-03T SMC Double Solenoid Valve #SY9220-5DZ-03T
SY9320-5DZ-03T SMC Double Solenoid Valve #SY9320-5DZ-03T
SY9420-5DZ-03T SMCSolenoid Valve #SY9420-5DZ-03T
T-7 (2.5) T-7 Flexible Ducting, Medium Weight Santoprene Thermoplastic. 2-1/2′ ID #T-7 (2.5)
T0 FH 1-1/8 RH 1-3/8 HD T0 FH 1-1/8 RH 1-3/8 HD Complete Coupling w/ Yellow Insert Atra-Flex
T1024 Martin Spur Gear Stee, 24 Tooth, 20 PA, 10 DP, 1.25′ Face Stock Bore #T1024
T1050 Martin Spur Gear Steel, 50 Tooth, 20 PA, 10 DO, 1.25′ Face Stock Bore #T1050
T183EQ1 Banner Engineering Emitter 120 vac #T183EQ1
T18RW3RQ1 Banner Engineering Reciever 120 vac #T18RW3RQ1
T1L07-33-X48 SMC 1/4′,OD Tubing, Hi-Temp Fluoropolymer #T1L07-33-X48
T253011S Acme transformer 1.5KVA 1PH
T4811000 Red Lion Temperature Controller and Display #T4811000
T5-1000 Fluke Electrical Tester #T5-1000
T60B25 T60SDS 25 Tooth, Triple sprocket, with 1-1/4′ bore and keyway
T80B15 Sprocket 15 Tooth, 2′ bore
T80B18 2′ Bore,1/2′ Keyway and 2 set screws-Steel- Hardened Teeth
T82206 B-LOC B800 2-3/8′ KEYLESS BUSHING P/N=T82206
Tank Truck Hose 3′ Id 4ft male Npt one end, male cam and groove fitting with aluminum cap # Tank Truck Hose
TB2 0.75-1.250-0.250 Seal, shaft 0.75′, bore 1.250′, width 0.25′
TB30H200 Martin Timing Pulley, 30 Tooth, 1/2′ Pitch (H), 2′ Wide Belt, #TB30H200
TB32H200 Timing Pulley Pitch Dia 5.093′, 32 Tooth, #TB32H200
TB40H200 Timing Pulley Pitch Dia 6.3636, 40 Tooth, #TB40H200
TC-100A-J Type J Thermocouple
TC 1.375-1.828-0.250 Seal, shaft 1.375′, bore 1.82′, width 0.250′
TC896 Spur Gear, 8 DP, 20 PA, 96 Tooth, MPB 1.5 #TC896
TCS-4010 Thermocouple Temperature Switch Type J input, 110 Vac, Degrees F #TCS-4010
TCSESM083F23F0 Squard D E-NET, 8 Port Module #TCSESM083F23F0
TEC115-E0-105A Starter NEMA #3, 460 VAC Open, 3 Phase Full Voltage-Across the Line, 460 Volt Coil, Adjustable Overload Relay #TEC115-E0-105A
TIL07-33-X48 SMC 1/4′ Hi-Temp Tubing, Color Translucent, Max Temp 260 Degree C, #TIL07-33-X48
Timing Belts
Timing Belts:390H200 Martin Timing Belt #390H200
TIUB07-33 1/4′ Thin Wall Black Tubing, SMC #TIUB07-33
TIUB11B-33 3/8′ Thin Wall, Pneumatic Black Polytubing, SMC P/N#TIUB11B-33
TIUB13B-33 1/2′ Thin Wall Pneumatic Black Polytubing
TKMA836800 GE remanufactured, 800 amp frame with 800 amp trip unit with lugs on the line and load side # TKMA836800
TL32H200 Timing Pulley Series 2′ Widdth 1/2′ Pitch, 32 Teeth, #32H200
TL40H200 Timing Pulley, 2′ Width, 1/2′ Pitch, 40 Teeth Taper-Loke Bushing #40H200
TL75 Fluke Hard Point, 2 mm Probe and test lead set #TL75
TLM-1906 Thomson Pre-Drilled Shaft Support Rail, 60 Case Linear Race. 3 x 24 Lg Base, 1-1/2′ dia., 2.500 Center Height. #TLM-1906
TLM-740 Thomson Super Ball Bushing, Single, Closed Type Pillow Block. 1.50dia., 4.75 x 4.00 Long. #TLM-740
TP-E-203R Dodge 2.1875 TP-E-203R DODGE
TP1040-8M-20 Double-Sided Timing Belt #TP1040-8M-20
TP1040-D8M-20 Double-Sided Timing Belt #1040-D8M-20
TR-60226 Macromatic Controls Timer Delay-On, DPDT, 10A 12VAC/DC, #TR-60226
TR-61526 Macromatic Controls Timer Delay-On, DPDT, 10A 12VAC/DC, #TR-60226
TR16016GT4CN1STRODLF00A00C0 15HP, 21 FLA, TR16000, 460V, NEMA 1 Fan Application
TR1R Dual Element Time Relay Fuse P/N TR1R
Tray 18-20-U 600V Outdoor Rated 18AWG 20 Multiconductor cable
TS-1034 MARTIN SPUR GEAR, 64 TOOTH, 10 DP, 14-1/2 PA, STAINLESS, #TS-1034
TS-1064 MARTIN SPUR GEAR, 64 TOOTH, 10 DP, 14-1/2 PA, STAINLESS, #TS-1064
TS-13010 Temperature switch Thermocouple Type J, 110V #TS-13010
TS1024-SS-22MM Martin Spur Gear, Stainless, #TS1024-SS-22MM, 24 Tooth, 20-DEG, 22mm bore
TS1050-SS Martin Spur Gear, Stainless, 50 tooth, 20 DEG, Special 2.626′ Bore
TS432 Spur Gear Steel 32 Teeth, 20 P.A., 4DP, 3-1/2’Face, Type B Hub, 8.0′ Outside Pitch, #TS432
TS642 Martin Steel Spur Gear #TS642
TS824 Spur Gear 8 DP, 20 PA, 24 Tooth, MPB, 1.5#TS824
TSRCUO5 1/2 ‘ non metallic strain relief connector
TSXCDP301 Schneider Electric Cable for Breakout #TSXCDP301
TV Stand TV Stand
TW-F126B IDEC Transformer module 110-120 VAC #TW-F126B
TWR270W 15A 125V 2 position plug receptacle
Type 40AA Camon Groove Aluminum Fitting # Type 40AA
Type 40CA Camon Groove Aluminum Fitting #Type 40CA
Type 40EA Camon Groove Aluminum Fitting # Type 40EA
Type E 2 1/8 Type E bushing 2 1/8
Type E 2 7/16 Type E Bushing 2 7/16
U-G3FF-DIN Pepperl & Fuchs Base, #U-G3FF-DIN
U28-38-22-12 2-way solenoid valves,1/8’NPT, 120V ALCON, orifice 3.5, CV 0.42, 0-300PSI
UCF205-25mm UCF 4-bolt square flange, 25mm shaft dia, normal duty
UCF215-47 4 bolt flange bearing bore 2-15/16 UCF215-47
UCFC213-40 Pillow Block Bearing #UCFC213-40
UCFL205-16 Flange Bearing 2-Bolt 1′ Bore #UCFL205-16
UCP21132 2′ Pillow Blocks # UCP21132
UCPE205-14 Pillow Blocks 7/8′ #UCPE205-14
UDA00365-E Yaskawa NEMA 1 Kit for P7 Drive 4075 Chassis #UDA00365-E
UTB-5250C Banner Unterminated Bulk Cable 5 Conductor, 20 AWG, 250V, PVC Insulation, 250 ft (76.2M) #UTB-5250C
V3B6280 Fenner B section V-Belt Pulley Auto Tensioner
V5B Bijur Filter Groups S-22
V8043A1011 Honeywell 2-way valve, 1/2′ SWEAT, Solenoid, 24 Volt N. C.
VAZ-T1-FK-0.3M-PUR-V1-G Pepperl & Fuchs Connector to Flat Cable #VAZ-T1-FK-0.3M-PUR-V1-G
VER-HW2M1NV Barber Coleman Humidity Sensor Controller#VER-HW2M1NV
VF-100P60B Water Pump Gaylord #VF-100P60B
VF-600 6’IDx50′ Hose, lay flat discharge hose
VF-600-A 6’IDx25′ Hose, lay flat discharge hose with male/female aluminum camlocks, double banded
VFC800A-7W Fuji Regenerative Blower, inlet/outlet 2-1/2’F NPT, 10 HP, 230/460v 3p, 23/11.5 Max Amps
VGF32LD25 Honeywell 3-way valve, 2 1/2′ Flanged, 250 PSI, stem down close AB-A
VLTHVAC Dan Foss Variable Frequency Drive # VLTHVAC
VQZ3121-5YZ1-N11t SMC Solenoid Valve 4-way, 2 position single solenoid 24 VDC coil #VQZ3121-5YZ1-N11T
VQZ3421-5YZ1-N11T SMC Solenoid Valve 4-way, 3 position, center position exhaust, double solenoid 24 VDC coil #VQZ3421-5YZ1-N11T
VS-58G 5.8GHz Wireless Device
VS-71 Outdoor Housing, No H/B
VS-CAT5e 1000′ Cat5 e
VS-SG2000S Seagate 2TB Hard Drive
VS-TB501 RJ 45 Connector
VS_TB501 RJ 45 Connector
VT1A02B (NSFP) Automation Direct – PROX Switch
VV101030 razorback Hyd power unit 10 hp, 10 gpm vane pump, relief valve, return line filter with indicator 10 mieron, strainer, level indicator
VV5QZ3210C-00T SMC Manifold Base 5 port, 10 station for 18mm Valves, 3/8′ Push Lock Fitting #VV5Q3210C-00T
VVQZ3000-10A-2 SMC Blanking plate for manifold, 5 port 18mm valves #VVQZ3000-10A-2
VW3 M5 201 R30 Schnider Servo Motor #VW3 M5 201 R30
VW3 M5 202 R30 Schneider Electric Servo Motor #VW3 M5 202 R30
VW3 M5 202 R50 Schneider Electric Servo Motor #VW3 M5 202 R50
VW3 M8 301 R30 Schneider Electric Servo Motor #VW3 M8 301 R30
VW3 M8 301 R50 Schneider Electric Servo Motor Encoder Cable #VW3 M8 301 R50
VW3A3310D Squard D Enternet Card, #VW3A3310D
VW3A66713 Square D Dynamic Braking Kit #VW3A66713
VW3M8301R50 Schneider Encoder Cable #VW3M8301R50
VX2350 General Purpose Solenoid Valve, 1/4′ NPT, 12 VDC 8mm Orifice #VX2350
VX3110-02T-6C1 SMC Filter-Regulator-Lubricator Combination Unit, 1/4′ NPT #VX3110-02T-6C1
VXZ2240-04N-5D-Q VXZ2240-04N-5D-Q Valve
W-02 Dodge Lock Washer #W-02
W-03 Bearing Lock Washer, #W-03
W-07 Lockwasher #W-07
W-08 Lock Washer Part # W-08
W1C24 Nema 12 Operator console, 40x24x20
W254T Motor Slide Base 2584T frame
W3035E1R/50/70 Modus Instruments PressureTransmitter, 60 PSI, Input 11-31 VDC, Output 4-20 mA, #W3035E1R/50/70
W369GC-5-4 Brass Connector 5/32 tube x 1/4′ NPT Elbow Fitting #W369GC-5-4
W47 Allen Bradley Heater Element #W47
W6076B3401 Air Valve 4-way, 2-position, 1-solenoid 120 Vac coil, spring return, 1/2′ NPT, #W6076B3401
W62PLP-6-4 3/8′ to 1/4′ fitting
W64 Allen-Bradley Heater 26 Amp rating W64
W68GC-5-4 Brass Connector 5/32 tube x 1/4′ NPT Straight Fitting #W68GC-5-4
W68plp-4-4 Prestolok plus Ph Male connector
W68PLP-6-4 Prestolok plus
W80 Allen-Bradley Heaters for Size 4 NEMA Starter #W80
WA16 Taperlock Weld on Hub Type S (1615) W16, #WA16
WE4 1X1-5/8 Coupling WE4 1X1-5/8
WF1000 Red Lion Measuring Wheel 12′ Circumference #WF1000
WHM-550 WHM-550, substitution for Truarc N5000-550
WIP5818N-WR Outdoor wireless IP with integrated antenna #WIP5818N-WR
WM161208N4 steel enclosure 16x12x8
WNO-6-H-P10M-1-4-0-819 Pressure transmitter, 10,000 PSI range, 0-10vDC signal P/N# WNO-6-H-P10M-1-4-0-819
WS-06 Standard Locknut Washer #WS-06
WS-07 Stainless LockWasher Part # W-07S
WS-16 Standard Locknut SST Washer #WS-16
WS12 Stainless Steel Lockwasher
WT-10 Dwyer Waterproof Thermometer, Stainless Steel Stem, Range -40 to 392 Degrees F #WT-10
WWE10-18-215T Electric Motor 10 Hp, 1800 RPM, 230/460 Vac, 215T frame, #WWE10-18-215
WWE10-18-215TC Electric Motor 10hp, 1800rpm, 215volt, TC
WWE15-12-284T Electric Motor, 15hp, 1200rpm, 234/60volt, TEFC
WWE2-18-145T Electric Motors #WWE2-18-145T
WWE2-18-145TCRD Electric Motor 2 Hp, 208/240/460/3 1800 RPM, TEFC, 145TC
WWE30-12-326T Electric Motor, 30hp, 1200rpm, 234/60volt, TEFC
WWE5-18-184T Electric Motor 5 Hp, 1800 RPM, 184T frame, TEFC, #WWE5-18-184T
WWE7.5-18-213T Electric Motor 7-1/2 Hp, 1800 RPM, 208/230/460 VAC, TEFC
WWES15-12-284T Electric motor 15hp, 1200rpm, standard T frame #WWES15-12-284T
WWHT15-18-254T Electric Motor 15hp, 1800rpm, 230/460 dual voltage, 254T frame
WWHT7.5-18-213T Electric Motor 7.5hp, 1800rpm, 230/460 dual voltage, 213T frame
X-779489-001 14 – 02 MC Aluminum #X-779489-001
x-779489-002 10-03 MC Aluminum # x-779489-002
X70370596030 Trane electric motor, 1.25HP, 1140 RPM,460 VAC, 56Y Frame, MOT12636 # X70370596030
XBTGT7340 Square D Magelles Touch #XBTGT7340
XCE061105N-15HP240V 15 Hp, 230 Volt, 37 FLA, Adalet x-proof enclosure. Combination starter, stop, start, reset buttons. #XCE061105N4-15HP240V
XCE061105N4-3HP240V 3 HP, 240 Volt, 7.8 FLA, Adalet x-proof enclosure. Combination starter, stop, start, reset buttons. XCE061105N4-3HP240V
XCE061105N41HP 1HP enclosure custom control Box
XCLIBIPL-WNT Epix XCLIBIPL-WNT Software libraries
XFCover210 Bell Housing cover for explosion-proof electric motor with screws #XFCover210
XFSA3223N4 Manual Motor Starter ADALET. Start and Stop
XLS160K-A0-V 460 Volt, 200HP, 3 pole
XLS30K-E0-QN 3-Phase Full Voltage, Across the line AEG starter NEMA Size 2, 600 Volt, 3 Pole, Open, 50 Amp, 460 volt coil #ELS30K-E0-QN
XLS37-RN0-E Starter NEMA #2, 460 VAC Open, 3 Phase Full Voltage-Across the Line, 460 Volt Coil Adjustable Overload Relay #XLS37-RN0-E
XLS37K-E-RN Starter NEMA #2, 460 VAC Open, 3 Phase Full Voltage-Across the Line, 460 Volt Coil Adjustable Overload Relay #XLS37K-E-RN
XLS55-TM0-E Starter NEMA #2, 460 VAC Open, 3 Phase Full Voltage-Across the Line, 460 Volt Coil Adjustable Overload Relay #XLS55-TM0-E
xls55k-a-sn #3 starter #xls55k-a-sn
XLS55K-E0-TM 3-Phase Full Voltage Across the line Starter NEMA 3, 600 Volt, 3-Pole, Adjustable Overload Relay #XLS55K-E0-TM
XN1E-BV402MR Idec E-Stop 30mm Non-Illuminated #XN1E-BV402MR
XN4E-BL413MR E-stop switch, padlock, non-illuminated, 44mm mushroom
XN5E-BV402MR Idec E-Stop 30mm Non-Illuminated #XN5E-BV402MR
XN5E-LV404Q4MR E-stop, flush bezel, illuminated led, 24vAC/DC, 40mm mushroom
XP 1040 8M 20 Timing Belt Bando #XP 1040 8M 20
XW1E-BV402MR E-Stop Button
XWWE10-18-215TC Explosion proof 10HP,215TC #XWWE10-18-215TC
Y400T SMC Bracket used to assemble Watts FRL Combo, P/N Y400T
Y44-N03 SMC Porting Lock, P/N Y44-N03
Y535 Electric Vector Motor Marathon #Y535 1 Hp 230 Vac, 56-C frame 1800 rpm
Y592 Electric Vector Motor Marathon #Y592, .25 Hp, 230 Vac, 56-C frame, 1800 rpm
YEI Sun Manifold, Aluminum Body 3000 psi, 5 gpm, SAE 6 ports, cross pilot, 3 port, #YEI
YF50A-SPL Boston Spur Gear, Steel, 50 Tooth, 20 PA, 10 DP, 1.25 Face, Special Bore 2.626 (TS1050) #YF50A-SPL
Z-15G-B7-K Limit Switch Pin Actuator 4 Amp, 250 Volt, #Z-15G-B7-K
ZBG12002 Red Lion encoder
ZCK E05 Telemecanique Limit Switch Head #ZCK E05
ZCK J1 Telemecanique Limit Switch Body #ZCK J1
ZCK Y49 Telemecanique Limit Switch Roller #ZCK Y49
ZCK Y59 Telemecanique Limnit Switch Lever #ZCK Y59
ZCKY11 Telemecanique Limit Switch #ZCKY11

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